A Taste of Spring

I’ve had to check the calendar several times in the last few weeks to make sure it’s really February, because in Eugene, Oregon, we’re seeing a whole lot of this…

and this…

and these….

It’s a little unsettling that everything’s blooming so early, since we undoubtedly have many gloomy, rainy, frozen days ahead.

But it’s impossible not to be uplifted by scenes like this one…

This post is for Steady Mom’s Thirty Minute Blog Challenge.

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  1. Wow! So green and pretty there. Enjoy it.

  2. This gives me hope for spring here in MN someday.

    We played in melting snow yesterday (40 degrees).

    Woke up to new snow (10 degrees).

  3. I love the pictures. Here in Seattle we are seeing the same things and I feel like I was cheated for a whole season this year. My daughter keeps asking for when it is going to snow. I just hope there will be some snow left for her i Norway when we go to visit there in a few months so she gets her share of winter wonder.

  4. Oh, my heart is aching to see this! We are still covered in smog tinted ice around here.

    But you give me hope!

  5. WOW! I am SO jealous. Everything is still brown and dead and dreary here in Oklahoma with no signs of life in the near future. Thank you for these lovely, hope-inspiring shots!

  6. So pretty and vibrant! How nice to get a glimpse of spring!

    I live in NW Arkansas and a few years back we had an early bloom as well…unfortunately we got a frost and everything got zapped. 🙁 Hopefull you get to enjoy this for the long haul!

  7. Your blooms are beautiful. You can’t help thinking that you have made it through another winter and spring is almost there!!!

  8. These beautiful photos definitely light up my day! 🙂

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