Hopeful Weekend Links

Ruminants Make Excellent Weed Wackers – NPR (1 min. 33 sec. audio)

Why Some High Profile Professionals Are Ditching Their Cell Phones – ABA Journal

Two Is the New Magic Number – Slate.com

All Consuming – SEED Magazine

Tips for Green and Frugal Living – Natural Life Magazine

*DIY Emergency Survival Kit – Frugal Kiwi

(*Melanie @ Frugal Kiwi put together this excellent resource in response to the 7.4 magnitude earthquake that hit Christchurch, New Zealand on September 4.)

Thank you to everyone who sent me suggestions for this page over the past few weeks. Please keep them coming!

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  1. Sure wish someone around here rented out goats. Lots of rain this year = lots of weeds!

  2. Glad the Hopeful Weekend Links are back. Love the story on Goats. I want to raise goats soooo bad, but they have to be 300 feet from any dwelling which is impossible in the city.

    On a related topic, does anybody know if ducks are better about eating bugs in the garden while leaving the vegetables alone?

    RE the ABA article, I may take that plunge soon. For me it is the moral aspect (Warning: graphic image here: http://projectcongo.org/warinthecongo.html). On a related note, I’m not sharing this with friends or coworkers, because it’s a little embarrassing, but since none of you know me: I’ve got my secretary looking in to a way to block/filter all websites on my computer at work except for a half a dozen I need for work. Too much of a distraction and time waster.

  3. Thanks for including my Emergency Kit link. Everyone should have one, even if you don’t live in an Earthquake Zone.

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