A Snapshot of Food in America

Percentage of households in America that are “food insecure”:


Percentage of food in the country that goes to waste:


Amount the average American household spends on food each week per person:


Amount companies spend advertising food, beverages, and candy in one year:


Percentage of Americans who grow a vegetable garden:


Percentage of food and beverage sales that are organic:

less than 3%

Percentage of 12-17 year olds who say they eat dinner with their families at least 5 times a week:


Percentage of Americans who regularly watch TV while eating dinner:


Average number of miles produce travels before it is sold:


Number of calories the average American eats per day:


Number of calories the average Guatemalen eats per day:


Adult obesity rate in 2008:


Adult obesity rate in 1971:


Percentage of school cafeterias that cook “less than half” of their food from scratch:


Percentage of school cafeterias that serve restaurant-branded fast food:

Click on hyperlinks to see sources for statistics. All other statistics from the 2009 World Almanac and Hungry Planet by Peter Menzel and Faith D’Aluisio

This is part of a New Urban Habitat series: Snapshots of America:

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  1. Those are some scary statistics but they sure explain a lot.

  2. Thanks for sharing these statistics; always good to be reminded, and they never cease to be amazing.

  3. Linked to this today.


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