Hopeful Weekend Links

UN: The World Is Healthier and Richer Than Ever Before — Salon.com

Recycling the Oceans’ Plastic Vortexes — Utne

Hot Trend: The Knitted BeardThe Stir

Why Public Transportation is Good For KidsGrist

Homemade Holiday Gift Ideas — Frugal Kiwi

Diamonds and Debt — Rowdy Kittens

(Happy Birthday to my dad, who is 60 years old today!)

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  1. Look at that sweet toddler head. What a great picture.

  2. The knitted beard post made me laugh. Thanks for the giggle and for pointing to my Homemade Gift Ideas post.

  3. Hi Abby, for some reason, the past couple “weekend links” posts, the links haven’t worked for me. This is only happening with your site and yet I see other commentors so I know the links must be working for other people. Any ideas?

    • Abby Quillen says:

      Oh no, Kika! I don’t know what could be going on. I just tried them all, and they worked for me. Is anyone else having problems with them?

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