Hopeful Weekend Links

How to be a Car-Free Family – YES! Magazine

Brazil Asks, Is Happiness a Constitutional Right? – Komo News

The United States of Awesome – Washington Post

Oregon Couple Downsizes – USA Today

Slow Down and Really Live – Down to Earth

Celebrate Winter – FIMBY

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Abby Quillen writes fiction and magazine articles. Her articles and essays have appeared in YES! Magazine, The Christian Science Monitor, Colorado Central Magazine, and on Common Dreams, Nation of Change, Reader Supported News, The Daily Good, Truthout, and Shareable.net. You can find more of her writing at http://abbyquillen.com.


  1. The idea of happiness as a constitutional right is fascinating. I wonder how it would be measured or remedied if someone wasn’t happy enough?

    The Declaration of Independence, of course, says that life, liberty and the _pursuit_ of happiness are inalienable rights but it doesn’t guarantee that we will find that which we seek.

    Maybe this is what Brazil is actually striving for?

    • Abby Quillen says:

      Hi Lydia, Thanks for your comment! It is fascinating. I get the impression that the proponents of the bill hope Brazil’s government will focus on building the social structure that will make happiness the most likely for the biggest number of people – like good education and health care. I know some social activists here hope the U.S. will follow Brazil’s lead, so I think it must go much further than our Declaration.

  2. Thanks for the link love.

  3. I’ll keep an eye out for updates from Brazil, then. Good healthcare and education aren’t things I could argue against! 🙂

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