9 Ways to Help Your Team Beat End of Summer Blues

Are you or your team members feeling those end-of-summer blues?

It’s normal.

The summer is a glorious time of vacations, relaxed work days, warmer weather, and fun outdoor activities. When it comes to an end, it’s normal to feel a bit blue or bummed emotionally. Once workers return from extended time off and fun times, it can be hard to get back into the groove of work.

But it doesn’t have to be a total bummer. In fact, you can make it enjoyable for your workers coming down from their vacation high by giving them something to look forward to upon their return.

Here’s a look at how employers can get their staff to reframe their mindset around the end of summer.

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13 Tips for Building a Positive Team Culture

Every company culture is uniquely created because of its leadership and the employees that make up the company. While every company’s culture looks different, there are some tell-tale signs yours is fulfilling and joyous.

Signs you have a positive team culture:

  • Laughter happens daily on the job
  • Candidates eagerly await job openings
  • Employees are regularly engaged and excited
  • Workers feel more like family than employees

So how do you build a positive team culture?

Gallup research shows that employees who feel cared for by leadership perform better. Forging solid relationships by making time to authentically connect is just part of the equation. Several qualities contribute to a positive team culture that gets team members excited about work. Below, we dive into those.

Here are 13 tips for building a culture your employees all love:

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Best Practices for Wellness Technology Security

How do you ensure your employees’ wearable technology protects their data and personal information? Here are some best practices you can apply. One challenge many organizations face when it comes to health and wellness programming is employee participation. Participation rates remain low despite the known benefits and accessibility of corporate wellness programs for employee health … Read more

Ways to Boost Employee Morale: A Comprehensive Guide

Employee morale refers to a person’s sense of satisfaction, confidence, and joy in the workplace. It covers their attitude and outlook toward their role, colleagues, managers, and the company as a whole. While it is generally common for employees’ motivation to ebb away at some point, all organizations must strive to keep their people happy … Read more

Why Pandemic Anxiety Has Made Workplace Re-entry Hard for Many

People who have never experienced anxiety before were introduced to it in a forceful way during the pandemic that started back in 2020. The virus and its trickle effect caused increased stress for many who were forced to isolate and changed the way they connected with others.

As the pandemic evolved and stretched on, the impact on mental health became quite clear —the World Health Organization reported a 25% increase globally in anxiety and depression. The lack of socializing impacted everyone from children to avid business travelers and everyone in-between.

Now, in the post-pandemic world, social anxiety, depression, and even OCD symptoms may be impacting your workers more than you know when it comes to re-entry back into the workplace. As the virus evolves and continues to infect people — even the vaccinated — again and again, these issues of mental health can’t be ignored.  

Here’s a look at how post-pandemic anxiety could be impacting your workers as they make their way back into the workplace on a more permanent basis.

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The Top 10 Primary Duties

Wellness programs improve the health, wellness, and productivity of company employees. If you want to implement effective wellness programs in your organization, you need to establish programs that target the health challenges of your employees. A wellness program administrator can assist you in this effort. The primary job of a wellness program administrator is to … Read more

5 Smart and Healthy Office Policies Worth Trying Out

Office policies can make or break a company. Making smart and healthy ones can ensure your employees thrive.

So, where does your own workplace stand when it comes to wellness policies?

Having several focused on health and well-being makes it clear that it’s important to your organization and culture to keep employees well. Popular ideas may include no smoking policies and related cessation programs or even a daily movement experience for everyone in the office to participate in.

If you aren’t sure where to start, below we outline five office policies worth trying that are focused on improving the health of your employees.

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Ways To Promote High Job Satisfaction

In the last couple of years, there has been a mercurial shift in traditional working environments. The COVID-19 pandemic taught us how change is inevitable and why it’s acceptable to walk away from companies that aren’t willing to adapt. In light of that, this article talks about ways to promote high job satisfaction. Employees no … Read more

How Wellness Programs Increase Employee Retention in the Workplace

Health and wellness have a significant impact on employee retention in the workplace. Wellness programs increase employee retention by targeting their physical, emotional, mental, financial, and social wellbeing.   A 2018 Forbes article posted statistics from various sources regarding the connection between wellness programs and employee retention. Here is what they discovered: 87% of employees … Read more

Financial Wellness Programs In The Workplace: A Comprehensive Guide

You’ll come across plenty of discussions that focus on mental and physical health, but what about financial health? Here’s a comprehensive guide for financial wellness programs in the workplace. A major part of the workforce is facing a financial crisis in light of the pandemic. The rising cost of living, exorbitant medical bills, uncertain job … Read more