Backlight Bleed vs. IPS Glow: What is the Distinction?

When researching monitor opinions, you will have seen the reviewer point out backlight bleed or IPS glow.

It’s straightforward to confuse these two points as a result of the impact seems very related however they’re not the identical.

On this article, I’ll clarify the variations between backlight bleed vs. IPS glow and how one can scale back the consequences.

Understanding the distinction is vital as a result of one is a defect whereas the opposite is a traditional subject.

Backlight Bleed vs IPS Glow

Backlight bleed is a defect that happens on ageing LCD screens which seems like the sunshine is creeping across the edges of the show.

IPS glow is a matter distinctive to IPS panels. It seems like sure areas of your display screen are glowing white, often within the centre or corners. IPS glow can even change relying in your viewing angle.

Backlight Bleed vs IPS Glow Comparability

  Backlight Bleed IPS Glow
Affected by Viewing Angles: No Sure
Repairable: No No
Defect: Sure No
Look: Edges or sides of the display screen Normally within the middle and corners of the display screen
Everlasting: Sure Sure
Seen on New Screens: If noticeable, a refund is really useful. Sure. Regular on IPS shows.

Backlight Bleed

Backlight bleed is a defect with LCD shows and it’s often everlasting. Sadly, it’s quite common, and it will get worse with time.

Backlight bleed

It occurs because the liquid crystals in a show begin to break down and may now not filter colors from the backlight.

The velocity of decay will depend on the standard of the panel and the way typically it’s used.

You could discover extreme backlight bleed on previous laptop computer screens, TVs, screens, and even telephones.  It might vary from barely noticeable to extraordinarily noticeable.

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You possibly can solely barely scale back the impact by decreasing the brightness of your show. Adjusting viewing angles received’t have an effect on the backlight bleed subject.


The excellent news is backlight bleed doesn’t imply your monitor is nearing its finish of life.

A show can proceed working for a few years with backlight bleed. It’s largely a distracting visible defect, clustered across the edges of the display screen.

To check in case your monitor has backlight bleed, open a picture that may be a stable black color.

In case your monitor has a backlight bleed, you’ll discover sure vibrant spots on the perimeters of your display screen. Naturally, when you drag one thing into the corners, the colors will look very light.

After all, backlight bleed shouldn’t be noticeable on a brand-new monitor.

In case your monitor has a big quantity of backlight bleed, I like to recommend returning it for a alternative.

It’s also possible to use this Backlight Bleed Take a look at web site.

IPS Glow

IPS glow just isn’t a defect. IPS glow is a novel subject to shows utilizing IPS panels and it’s unavoidable.

It seems much like a backlight bleed and is most noticeable with a black background.

Nevertheless, the glowing clusters across the corners of the show are affected by viewing angles. It seems extra like clouds or splotches of white.

In different phrases, when you have a look at the monitor from completely different angles, the glow will disappear.

If the glow doesn’t disappear, it’s doubtless backlight bleed.

Sadly, each IPS panel can have some degree of IPS glow. IPS glow can be much less noticeable on high-quality IPS panels than on finances panels.

It’s one of many sacrifices the IPS expertise makes as a way to ship high-quality colors.

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IPS glow is extra noticeable when your monitor is in a darkish room and cranked to the very best brightness settings.

Can You Repair Backlight Bleed?

More often than not, you may’t repair the backlight bleed. The one method to repair the backlight bleed is to have your entire LCD panel changed.

Sadly, that’s typically costlier than shopping for a brand-new monitor.

scale back the backlight bleed impact:

  • Scale back the monitor’s brightness (round 20-30 % brightness appears to be the candy spot)
  • Hold a light-weight on
  • Set up LED lights behind your screens to distract you
  • Barely loosen the screws on the show (the backlight bleed could possibly be attributable to uneven strain)
  • Problem an RMA if below guarantee
  • Gently rub the affected areas with a microfiber material (much like fixing lifeless pixels)

Does Backlight Bleeding Get Higher?

An previous monitor with a backlight bleed that’s lengthy handed the guarantee window received’t get higher with time.

In some instances, the backlight bleed impact on new screens can get higher.

There are a number of reviews from individuals who swear the backlight bleed on their screens obtained higher with time.

One Reddit thread describes the scenario intimately.

The explanation for that could possibly be as a result of the strain on the panel is highest when it’s contemporary out of the manufacturing unit.

Monitor producers could have tightened the screws an excessive amount of, creating uneven strain on the panel, resulting in backlight bleed and distortion.

Over time, with common use, the warmth generated from the monitor could scale back the strain and remove backlight bleed.

You could possibly additionally barely loosen the screws on the monitor panel. Nevertheless, some screens have difficult panels which can be troublesome to take away.

There’s additionally a threat you can also make the issue worse. To not point out tampering with the screws will void your monitor’s guarantee.

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To your peace of thoughts, it’s often higher to request an RMA on a brand new monitor that has a big backlight bleed.

Can You Repair IPS Glow?

No. IPS glow is a matter with the IPS expertise and can’t be fastened.

The one answer is to attempt to scale back the consequences by decreasing the monitor’s brightness, putting in ambient lights, or altering the viewing angle.

If the IPS glow in your IPS monitor is simply too intense, I like to recommend swapping the monitor for one which has a unique panel.

Are you in search of a brand new gaming monitor? Check out our greatest monitor panels for players. 

Scale back IPS Glow

  • Scale back Brightness
  • Set up Ambient Lights or LED lights behind your show
  • Modify brightness, color, and gamma utilizing software program (e.g. Nvidia Management Panel)

Does IPS Glow Go Away?

No. IPS glow is everlasting and distinctive to IPS panels. The excellent news is it often received’t worsen with time like blacklight bleed.

The Backside Line

To summarise, backlight bleed and IPS glow are usually not the identical. Backlight bleed is a defect with LCD panels and will get worse over time. IPS glow is exclusive to IPS panels and there’s no avoiding it.

Earlier than shopping for a monitor, it’s a good suggestion to check the monitor with a black background to see the extent of IPS glow in particular person.

In case your model new monitor has blacklight bleed, take into account requesting an RMA on it. It’s thought of a defect.

Picture credit score:

“Samsung SyncMaster S27A850T backlight bl” (CC BY-SA 2.0) by Shepard4711

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