Top 9 Best GPS Trackers For Vehicles, Elderly, Kids, Pets & Hiking (2021 Reviews)


Best GPS Trackers

Most of us might have experienced at least once the need to track things or people. There may be a need to track your kid who often has an anti-behavior or an elderly family member with memory disorders.

This task might be impossible in the past, but thanks to technological advances, you now can do it with the help of the best GPS tracker. It has various forms, ranging from a watch-style tracker to the large one which comes with the power source of the vehicle.

Have you ever heard about GPS trackers? This article will give you all the essential information about this outstanding device and above all, the top 9 of the best GPS trackers you can find on the current market! We have examined thousands of products and come up with a list of top pros and cons.

List of Top 9 Best GPS Trackers 2021

1. MOTO safety OBD GPS Tracker – Best Car Tracking Device

Have you ever wanted to add more security to your vehicle? Perhaps you are worried if you have a teen driver as well. In such cases, you should choose the MOTOsafety GPS tracker. It has great accuracy in terms of speed, location, as well as traffic conditions thanks to the direct connection to Google Maps.

You can make use of its free mobile app to update the locations every minute. Besides, like some of the best GPS trackers above, it has customizable geofencing features giving you a notice when the vehicle is outside “your targeted area”.

It is particularly an excellent choice for parents of teenagers. It comes with Daily Report Cards which help your regular driving habits, such as braking, speed, and acceleration. Besides, it also monitors the gas tank, so it is unnecessary to worry about running out.

This tracker comes with a flexible payment plan. You do not need to pay for activation or cancellation.


  • Real-time reports
  • Customizable alerts from “safe zone”
  • Daily report cards to tell you driving habits


  • Confusing user interface

2. Spy Tec STI_GL300 Mini Portable Real-Time GPS Tracker –

Best Motorcycle Tracker

Most trackers give you updates every minute, but the Spy Tec STI_GL300 can update location every 5 seconds. That fast frequency is more suitable if you need to track fast-moving vehicles, such as motorcycles.

Its weight is around only 8 ounces and three inches long. Therefore, you can easily attach the tracker to your bike’s bottom. The recommendation is to get a waterproof case to maximize protection and prevent damage.

Like other trackers of our list, you can set a geofence and alerts will appear when the vehicle goes out of it.

Interval settings have a significant effect on battery life. However, with the motion-detecting accelerometer, it can work up to 2 weeks. When you move, it turns on automatically and once you stop, the battery powers down for saving.


  • Highly accurate
  • Fast frequency of updates up to every 5 seconds
  • Lightweight and small


  • Expensive monthly subscription

3. Spot Gen3 – Best Hiking Tracker

Almost all hikers dream of the Spot Gen3 as their ultimate GPS tracker. With a rugged outer shell, this tracker can perform effectively even in the harshest environments. It is resistant to impacts and shocks thanks to the rubber edge you find around its plastic exterior. This feature also contributes to waterproofing quality.

Besides its notable build quality, which makes the Spot Gen3 outstanding is its satellite phone system support. Many GPS trackers on the market use a cellular signal, but the Spot uses a satellite phone system. It means that the Spot can process location data even from areas where most cellular GPS trackers are not working.

When you step into the wild, it is essential to preserve your tracker’s battery life as much as possible. For this reason, while the Spot constantly updates your movement, it automatically ceases sending updates once you stop.

In terms of the frequency of sending updates, you can choose between 5, 10, 30 and 60 minutes. For extreme conditions, it is even possible to change the frequency up to every 2.5 minutes so that you can connect the outside world easily. Use frequency has a significant effect on battery life, but it is normal to work from 7 to 156 days.


  • Resistant to shocks, impacts, and water
  • Notable build quality
  • Satellite phone system for better support
  • Preserving battery well
  • Suitable for hiking


  • Not great at live tracking

4. Amcrest AM-GL300 – Best Luggage Tracking Device

Some of us have probably experienced losing a bag when we traveled. In such cases, a GPS tracker would be super helpful to get it back. With the size of a matchbox and water-resistant quality, there is no doubt that the Amcrest AM-GL300 is the best GPS tracker for checked luggage.

Its battery life can be up to 2 weeks, so you do not need to worry about how much time you have to wait for the airline to get it back.

Besides, it uses the 2G GSM network, providing GPS location in any place where you have a cellular signal. You can get the GPS location simply with the access of a smartphone or any mobile devices. Its updates can be every minute, depending on how often you want.

Geo-fencing alerts are also available in case your luggage is moved outside some specific areas.


  • Customizable geo-fencing setting
  • Long battery life
  • Small size and weight
  • Sharing features which allow many people to monitor at the same time


  • Need to buy a leather case to improve environment-resistance

5. Yepzon Freedom – Best Tracker For Elderly

It is essential to keep an eye on your elderly family members, but sadly, you cannot always be next to them all the time. For such reason, you can count on the Yepzon Freedom GPS tracker as the best choice. It is outstanding for an SOS alert and excellent tracking accuracy.

There is a wide range of networks for this device, such as GPS, 3G, or Wi-Fi to show the location of your elderly ones, improving the accuracy in both outdoor and indoor situations.

The battery life is lengthy and also available for checking through a downloadable app. Therefore, you can get information about its battery condition and avoid running out unexpectedly.

There is no need for an advance subscription and contract for this tracker. You pay for what you get and it is possible to cancel anytime. It is important to note that the 3G data cost is also included in the service.

What makes it suitable for elderly people is its versatility and you can wear it around their neck. In case they need your help, an alert will go to your phones immediately. Besides, the waterproof quality is helpful when they use it in a shower or pool.


  • Lengthy battery life
  • Excellent tracking accuracy
  • A great choice for elderly people


  • Lack of a panic button

6. Wonbo Kid Smart Watch – Best Kids Tracker

The Wonbo kid smartwatch which also serves as a GPS tracker is the ultimate option for any parents who are worried about the safety of their kids. Once you install the Wonbo app on your mobile phone, you can access the location of the watch anywhere with the help of GSM cellular connection.

Besides, the Wonbo watch allows parents to use text messaging or use the website instead of the app on mobile devices.

To maximize security, the Wonbo also permits kids to make a call to parents immediately from the wrist. There is an “SOS” button to contact with the first telephone number. In case they need another speed dial number, they simply press the number 2.

Interestingly, it is possible to set a security zone, which means the parents can consider a particular geographic area as secure. Then, if their kid goes out of that area, they will get an automatic alert.

In terms of the appearance, the Wonbo is attractive to kids with various colors and looks exactly like a high-tech watch from popular spy cartoon.


  • High-tech appearance with many colors
  • Multiple layers of security
  • Possibility to make a call


  • Limited working to 2G GSM network only

7. Whistle 3 GPS Pet Tracker & Activity Monitor – Best Pet Tracker

When your beloved pet usually roams further than some specific areas, then you need to think of their safety with a tracker. And the Whistle 3 GPS Pet tracker works perfectly for that purpose as it gets numerous reviews from pet owners.

Cellular technology is the main source of this device to indicate the location of your pet whenever you want to know. Besides, it is possible to know where they have moved during the last 24 hours.

There is a possibility to make automatic alerts to the phone in case your pet goes out of the “safe zone”. As a result, you can immediately catch up with the pet before it is out of your reach.

This tracker is lightweight, so it is suitable for most dogs’ collar. The battery life may last for around 7 days and its durability is excellent.

The main disadvantage of the Whistle is its quite high price, but compared to the qualities you get, it is quite reasonable. In addition, it takes only $6.95 for a monthly subscription plan.


  • Lightweight and durable
  • Easy to know where the pet is and has been


  • Quite high price

8. SPOT Trace Anti-Theft Tracking Device – Best Boat Tracker

You may notice that the SPOT trace anti-theft tracker is bulkier and costs more money than most other products of our list. However, it is a great option if you are worried about losing your vehicle or things.

It makes use of satellite technology, which means to have wider coverage than traditional cellular. There are different frequencies of updates you are free to choose, from every 2.5 minutes to an hour.

Furthermore, you can get alerts in the form of emails or text messages when the battery is low or runs out. It is important to note that with AAA batteries, you can expect to use it for 6 months.

This tracker is resistant to rain, showering, splashes, or any water exposure. But in case you want better security, you can get a waterproof case.


  • Satellite technology with wider coverage
  • Different frequencies of updates
  • Lengthy battery life
  • Resistance to water


  • Quite costly service plans
  • Tricky installation
  • Bulky size

9. Vyncs GPS Tracker

There is a wide range of applications for the Vyncs GPS tracker, from tracking location, engine diagnostics, maintenance needs, fuel levels, to unsafe driving practices.

One of the most outstanding features of this tracker is to assess your driving and provide a Tip Performance Index (TPI) score to reduce money on car insurance.

While most trackers have monthly deals, the Vyncs utilizes an annual plan to make you more committed and also save money.

Moreover, if you choose Vyncs Premium, you can get an excellent product with free roadside assistance in some countries. It may range from winching, fuel delivery to a lost key.

What can be its drawbacks? Some people find its user interface quite tricky to use.


  • Easy installation
  • Great accuracy
  • Multiple accounts


  • No monthly deals
  • Not available all around the world
  • Tricky user interface

Things to Consider Before Buying A GPS Tracker

No matter why you want to get a GPS tracking device, the first suggestion is to know your legal rights.

In case you want to track someone because you are worried about their safety, make sure that you talk to them before doing so. Otherwise, it can be an extreme violation of people’s privacy. The same principle goes to things.

Once you decide that it is proper to have a GPS tracker, you need to understand what to look for. Many people rush to the market to look for the best GPS tracker, but fast actions can lead to a waste of money and time.

Here are some factors that you should consider carefully before making a decision:

1. Usage

Considering what you use a tracker for is the most essential consideration you need to think first. Some trackers are perfect for vehicles, while others can be more suitable to help you monitor people. Depending on which circumstances you are going to use the tracker, you will find the best option among countless products on the market.

2. Tracking Device Types

For motorcycles or car, you can get trackers which use cellular networks. However, if you go hiking and prefer going to unexplored paths, or simply track a boat, satellite technology would be much more useful.

3. Connection Speed

Another factor to consider is connection speed. In other words, you start thinking about the frequency of getting location updates. For tracking a person or preventing theft, you can pay more money to get updates more frequently.

4. Sizes

Size is another essential aspect to consider, especially when you want to track something along with your travel. A GPS tracker should be compact enough so that you can carry it easily in that case.

Size also matters in many other cases and directly influences some professions, such as private investigators who need discreet surveillance.

5. Battery

Battery life has a significant impact on the way the GPS tracker sends its information. Therefore, you should choose the one that is suitable for your style. There are those which utilize minimal power when not moving. As a result, you can save the maximum battery for longer use.

6. Pricing

When it comes to buying an item, price is usually one of the most popular concerns for most people. The price of a GPS tracker varies greatly. It depends on their services, coverage, design, brands, or even battery life.

Typically, GPS trackers will need software service and cellular service, which means that you have to pay monthly service fees.


Is there any information you haven’t found in our reviews of the best GPS trackers? Don’t worry! Here are some frequently asked questions that will satisfy all of your inquiries!

Q. Do real-time GPS trackers tell your location exactly?

Most of the time. GPS trackers monitor the location as a result of the processing of sending and getting satellite signals. Like other mobile devices, GPS trackers can experience some impacts that make it less accurate.

Q. GPS tracker in my car indicates its movement but it’s not. Why does it happen?

Sometimes when there are many buildings around you, the signal of your GPS tracker may bounce off various surfaces, which results in false alerts. Yes, it is very annoying to receive false alerts, especially at midnight when you get informed of moving when your car is in the garage. However, it is absolutely normal to experience this.

Q. Are GPS trackers effective in rural areas?

When cell service is quite limited, the GPS coverage will become limited as well. However, it does not mean that your GPS tracker won’t work. It only means that you are likely to experience false alerts or inaccurate information about your location as a consequence of the lack of cellular towers around you.

Q. Do they work when I go outside the United States?

The answer depends mostly on which device you get. Most products we examined work only for use inside the United States, but some can work perfectly in other countries like Canada or Mexico.

If you are concerned about this issue, you can contact the manufacturer for more details.

Found GPS Tracker For Your Need?

Have you made your mind about what type is the best GPS tracker for you? We hope that our list is helpful to make your decision.

Let’s consider the use of GPS trackers carefully, especially when you intend to monitor someone. Make sure that action is legal and take all factors into consideration to get the most suitable one! Share and comment on your opinion as below if you have any different experiences or ideas.