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Automobile fluid colour chart: A automotive is a fancy piece of equipment that makes use of many fluids to perform correctly. Whereas any of those fluids can leak every now and then, the colour and texture may also help establish which fluid is leaking. When your automotive leaks fluid, you might must make an appointment together with your mechanic so that you’re not caught on the facet of the street ready for a tow truck and an unwelcome and disturbingly excessive restore invoice. With that in thoughts, listed here are among the figuring out traits of the fluids that preserve your automotive operating easily.

What the colours of your automotive fluid imply

In the event you see a fluid leak underneath your automobile, you may generally inform the place the leak is coming from by the colour of the fluid. Right here’s a chart of automotive fluid

colours Coolant Colours – Coolant Leaks Are Most Frequent

Coolant colours fluctuate by automotive producer and mannequin yr. They vary from conventional inexperienced as a common coolant to blue for Honda, purple for some late mannequin Chrysler merchandise, orange for GM automobiles, purple or pink for Toyota, pink for a lot of European automobiles, and yellow as a common coolant G -5. 

The place You Will Detect Coolant Leaks

Coolant can leak from the radiator (on the ground underneath the grill space), the hoses (from the grill space to the engine), the coolant reservoir (normally positioned on the left facet or proper facet of the engine compartment), heater core (which might escape from the automobile via the condensation drain underneath the heater housing), or the water pump (underneath the automobile close to the entrance of the engine).

How coolant feels between your fingers

Coolant has a barely oily really feel, however not as slippery as motor oil. It has a candy scent. It has a really skinny, nearly watery consistency

Fluid Colours

Most transmission fluids begin out vibrant purple. As they age, the tint fades to a pink colour. If the transmission overheats, the fluid burns and turns a darkish brown with a foul odor.

The place You Will Detect Transmission Fluid Leaks

The transmission can leak from the axle shaft seals immediately underneath the transmission or from the transmission cooler line connections on the transmission or radiator (the transmission oil cooler normally It’s contained in the radiator).

How Transmission Fluid Feels Between

Your Fingers Transmission fluid is a light-weight oil and can really feel slippery between your fingers, though not as viscous as motor oil.


New brake fluid is honey coloured, whereas outdated brake fluid could also be brown or darkish brown

. Will Detect Brake Fluid Leaks

Brake fluid can leak from the brake caliper or from the wheel cylinders positioned at every wheel. In the event that they do leak, you’ll usually discover moist spots on the within of the tires and wheels or puddles on the bottom underneath every wheel.

Nonetheless, if the brake strains have rusted and failed, you might even see puddles alongside either side of the automobile in addition to underneath every wheel.

How Brake Fluid Feels Between Your Fingers

Brake fluid feels very skinny and barely slippery. No odor


New engine oil is honey in colour. Because it ages, it turns greyish after which darkish brown.

The place You’ll Discover Engine Oil Leaks

The engine normally leaks from the valve cowl gasket, oil pan gasket, timing cowl gasket, or rear fundamental seal. So you will note the leak both on the engine or on the bottom immediately under the engine.

How motor oil feels between your fingers

Slippery. It could have a gasoline odor.

Steering Fluid Shade

Automobile producers use a standard purple transmission fluid or a transparent energy steering

The place You’ll Discover Energy Steering Fluid Leaks

Energy steering fluid can leak from the steering rack which is usually mounted behind the engine immediately under the brake pedal. Nonetheless, energy steering fluid also can leak from the ability steering pump on the entrance of the engine or alongside both of the 2 energy steering hoses.

How does energy steering fluid really feel between your fingers?

It has a slight oily/slippery really feel to it. If the fluid is towards the brown facet, it might have a burning odor.

Clear liquid on the ground underneath the fan motor space

That is water condensation out of your automobile’s air-con. It drains from the AC evaporator coil and falls to the bottom, normally forming a big puddle after parking. It’s odorless and looks like water between your fingers. It’s completely regular if you run your air conditioner

Tips on how to inform what’s leaking primarily based on the colour of the fluid

There’s nothing extra disconcerting than strolling away out of your automotive that seems to be in good situation, solely to return to find a puddle of mysterious fluid accumulating beneath of the . This doesn’t bode nicely on your automotive and is normally an indication of a fluid leak. Whereas the fluid may be something from motor oil to energy steering fluid, at Oxmoor Toyota we created this detailed listing that will help you establish precisely what’s leaking out of your automotive.

Crimson Fluid

There are two fluids utilized by your automobile which might be purple. These are automated transmission fluid and energy steering. Each are hydraulic fluids. You’ll wish to verify your proprietor’s handbook to see in case your automobile, like some others, truly makes use of automated transmission fluid in its energy steering system.

The colour of the ability steering fluid will likely be affected by time. If contemporary will probably be purple, however as time passes it would flip reddish brown earlier than turning vintage brown. You possibly can establish energy steering fluid via different attributes, reminiscent of its oily really feel and skinny consistency. It additionally has the scent of burnt marshmallows.

Computerized transmission fluid can be purple when new. Because the miles progress, it would change to a reddish-brown colour. It’s slippery to the contact and smells of petroleum. In the event you suspect your transmission fluid is leaking, you’ll must schedule a transmission inspection.

Mild Yellow

In the event you see yellow fluid leaking out of your automobile, don’t drive it. The fluid leaking out of your automotive might be brake fluid. When contemporary, brake fluid is mild yellow in colour, however darkens because it ages. If not maintained, it will possibly even appear like a darkish brown. In the event you contact it, you’ll discover its oily and slippery feeling. It additionally has a reasonably distinctive scent like fish oil. You will want to name your mechanic straight away in order that the brake system may be checked out. You could must restore and even change your brake strains.

Orange Fluid

Computerized transmission coolant and fluid could also be orange in colour. When the coolant is orange, it might be an indication that rust has constructed up in your automotive’s cooling system. In the event you scent one thing candy and really feel one thing slimy, the leaking fluid is most certainly coolant. One of many fundamental causes of engine harm is coolant loss, so if in case you have a coolant leak, you’ll must take your automotive to the mechanic as quickly as doable.

Your automated transmission fluid seems on this listing once more as a result of because it ages it will possibly additionally flip orange. In the event you’re undecided if in case you have an automated transmission or a coolant hyperlink, calling your mechanic to have it inspected might solely assist.

Pink, Yellow, or Inexperienced Liquid

In the event you discover a pink, yellow, or inexperienced leak, you’re witnessing a refrigerant leak. Coolant also can leak from a number of areas of your automotive’s cooling system. Ignoring a coolant leak just isn’t a clever selection, as it would finally trigger your automotive’s engine to overheat. As soon as the engine will get to that time, you’ll have a fairly hefty invoice to pay for repairs. It’s all the time way more worthwhile to take your automotive to the workshop to take preventive measures.

Blue fluid

There is just one fluid that’s blue and that’s windshield washer fluid. This skinny, watery liquid smells like your on a regular basis window cleaner. It may possibly are available in different colours, like inexperienced, and whereas a cracked washer fluid reservoir doesn’t sign the tip of your automotive’s days, it’s a good suggestion to name your mechanic so he can test it out for you.

Brown and Black

has a light-weight brown colour when first used and darkens every time it goes via your automotive’s engine, accumulating grime and combustion byproducts within the course of. If thick, slippery liquid builds up underneath your automotive and it seems to be brown or black, you’ve gotten a doable motor oil leak in your arms. In case your automotive is just experiencing a small leak, you may keep away from any issues by conserving your oil stage to max till you’ve gotten time to take your automobile in for an inspection, which we advocate doing as quickly as doable.


There are two totally different fluids which might be each clear, water and gasoline. When you have water leaking from the underside of your automotive, it is possible for you to to establish it by contact and a very good sniff as nicely. Fortuitously, if it’s simply water accumulating underneath your automotive, you don’t have to fret, because the condensation is most certainly merely draining out of your air conditioner.

Alternatively, a transparent fluid may be gasoline. Once more, you may belief your nostril right here to choose this fluid out of a lineup. Now, for those who can see a fuel leak out of your automotive, you’ll must name your mechanic straight away. Don’t drive the automobile till you’ve gotten been in a position to communicate to an expert.

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