Do Camellias Want Ericaceous Soil? (Sure, this is why)

There are some primary necessities for the Camellia flowering plant, and there are a lot of other ways to take care of it. Whereas it prefers mild shade, Camellias grows effectively in ericaceous soil, composed of acidic vitamins. Ericaceous soil consists of a big focus of acid, and sure forms of crops desire to develop … Read more

Causes Why Your Calathea Ornata Leaves Are Curling (With Options)

Calathea crops are lovely crops with colourful foliage; nonetheless, they’re additionally temperamental and expressive crops that won’t fail to indicate when they’re sad. A technique they protest unfavorable circumstances is by curling their dramatic leaves, thus signifying that one thing is flawed.  Why do Calathea Ornata leaves curl? The leaves usually curl due to dehydration. … Read more

Why is My Ixora Plant Dying? (3 Widespread Ailments)

A Chicago panorama supervisor lately requested me, “Why is my Ixora plant dying?” He was involved about illness points and wished to start a spraying program. His plant is off-color, has spots, and hasn’t bloomed properly in a very long time. These are a number of the frequent illnesses that Ixora crops are inclined to. … Read more

15 Companion Crops For Swiss Chard (And Crops To Keep away from!)

Swiss chard (Beta vulgaris L. var. cicla) is a cool season member of the beet household. It’s well-known for its massive tasty leaves and colourful stems. The edible stems develop in a wide range of colours, like purple, white, and purple. The colourful stems add a pop of coloration and enhance dietary worth to any recipe. Swiss … Read more

How Lengthy Do Parsnips Take to Develop?

Parsnips are a sort of root vegetable, and so they develop in the same option to carrots. They’re cream-colored and usually bigger and fatter than carrots. They’ve a rosette-like prime, and the plant grows a taproot on the base. When they’re mature, the vegetable portion of the plant is about 5 to 10 inches broad. … Read more

How Lengthy Does Spinach Take to Develop? (Answered)

To begin rising spinach, you must plant the seeds after the final frost. However how lengthy are you able to count on Spinach to develop? Right here’s what I discovered: Spinach takes 5 to six weeks from the time you sow the seeds to harvesting. Nevertheless, totally different spinach cultivars are sown and harvested at … Read more