CHF 11s energy steering fluid

CHF 11s energy steering fluid: Pentosin CHF 11S is a excessive efficiency artificial hydraulic fluid for lifetime functions in fashionable automobile aggregates. Pentosin CHF 11S is specifically designed for hydraulic methods within the automotive trade with the best technical necessities, similar to: energy steering, stage management, shock absorbers, hydropneumatic suspension, stability and traction management, hydraulic methods for convertible tops, central locking methods, and so forth. It’s appropriate for all excessive circumstances and ensures full efficiency from -40 levels Celsius to over 130 levels Celsius system temperature.

Right here’s how to decide on the proper energy steering fluid to your automobile 

Energy steering is a fluid pushed by a pump that provides fluid beneath strain to our steering rack. This permits us to show the steering wheel that turns the entrance wheels effortlessly. Those that have pushed an older automobile with out energy steering will know the way wonderful this easy expertise might be.

Older energy steering methods are fairly easy. It consists of a steering rack, strain hoses for the switch of pressurized fluid, a pump that pressurizes the fluid, and a tank to watch the standing and stage of the fluid. Like another fluid, energy steering fluid breaks down over time and might change into soiled and stuffed with contaminants.

These contaminants come from the interior elements of the system, metallic to metallic contact ultimately causes put on and the fluid picks up small metallic particles. Because the fluid circulates all through the system, all of those soiled particles can discover tiny crevices and ultimately trigger leaks or start to trigger irregular put on in your energy steering pump bearings. To forestall this and lengthen the lifetime of the system, we propose changing your energy steering fluid as soon as each 2 years or 24,000 miles.


Earlier than the NXX household of automobile engines, ATF DEX III was utilized by BMW as unique gear fill oil within the energy steering system. This was true of all automobiles besides these geared up with lively steering or hydraulic suspension. Automobiles that used lively steering or hydraulic suspension had been specified as CHF11S.

Presently, all unique gear catalogs have been up to date to indicate CHF11S as the one possibility for all the BMW lineup. When you have an older automobile and blend CHF11S it is going to shorten the lifetime of your system. You may convert an older system to make use of CHF11S, however you will need to fully flush the system a number of occasions.

A great time to do that is in case you have leaking hoses, and you’ll be changing them together with the reservoir. Oh, you say your hoses don’t leak? They’re going to! It’s an ordinary characteristic that none of us BMW house owners have signed up for. Notice that the reservoir has an inside filter that isn’t usually changed through the lifetime of the system. Once more Lifetime doesn’t imply it is going to final without end.

Is the P/S cap leaking? In fact it’s! It is usually a typical characteristic of just about all BMW energy steering methods. Your substitute cap will now solely specify the usage of CHF11S fluid no matter software. So in case your previous restrict mentioned it’s essential to use ATF now, it is going to say to make use of CHF11S. The engineers lastly mentioned that it’s cheaper to make use of the CHF11S brand on the cap than to make two totally different caps with 2 totally different half numbers.

In case your BMW was stuffed with crimson fluid from the manufacturing unit or belongs to automobiles produced earlier than 2006, it is going to nearly all the time have ATF DEX III stuffed within the energy steering system. The one time CHF11 shall be used earlier than that is when the automobile is supplied with hydraulic suspension. Don’t fear, only a few of those automobiles made it to the US If you happen to’re unsure what kind of fluid your automobile ought to use, don’t hesitate and name our service group at (860)388-9001

. We provide a top quality ATF DEX III fluid right here:

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High Tec ATF 1200 (1 Liter) – Liqui Moly

In case your automobile had lively steering, hydraulic suspension, or was 2006 or newer, you almost certainly have CHF11S in your system. energy steering.

We provide CHF11S and Liqui Moly central hydraulic system oil:

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1 liter Liqui Moly central hydraulic system oil

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The earlier era of Mercedes automobiles was geared up with energy steering fluid primarily based on the 236.3 specification. This was a fluid that had properties much like transmission fluid and was yellow in coloration. Most Mercedes automobiles produced earlier than the yr 2000 used this fluid. Half No. 001 989 88 03 10. In case your automobile was made within the twenty first century, it’s extremely doubtless that the fluid used was CHF11S.

For the older era we provide a Febi model

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For newer automobiles we provide CHF11S and Liqui Moly central hydraulic system oil:

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The earlier era of Volvo automobiles earlier than 1998 used DEX III fluid as the unique fill within the energy steering system. Sooner or later when the S80 got here out and entered the market, Volvo modified the fill spec to CHF11S. After a number of years round 2002 Volvo determined to vary the fluid to CHF202. CHF11S is artificial and CHF202 is partially artificial. These two fluids are interchangeable and might be blended.

For the older era we provide DEX III

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For the fashionable Volvo we provide CHF202, Rowe hydraulic oil and unique Volvo fluid

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The earlier era of VAG automobiles had been stuffed with less complicated fluids. Immediately with the development of expertise we have now 2 simply appropriate fluids. Many fashions from the early 2000s and later are manufacturing unit stuffed with CHF202. Most fashions produced between 1989 and 2005 can use CHF11S.

The excellent news right here is that each CHF11 and CHF202 are fully interchangeable and are the identical coloration (inexperienced). Most fashions produced earlier than 1989 have had their methods stuffed with DEX II transmission fluid. DEX III is completely positive to make use of. The older system might be transformed to make use of CHF11 or CHF202 solely by flushing all the system. Don’t combine ATF and CHF fluids.

For the older era we provide DEX III

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High Tec ATF 1200 (1 liter) – Liqui Moly

CHF11S is obtainable right here for contemporary VAG merchandise

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For the who want to use CHF202 we have now it accessible right here

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What’s Tractor Hydraulic Fluid?

Do you know that tractor hydraulic fluids are NOT the identical as different hydraulic oils? Please don’t use that additional bucket of hydraulic fluid or “303” fluid you’ve got within the store in your tractor. Tractor hydraulic fluids are particularly designed to serve a number of features together with transmissions, differentials, remaining drives, hydraulics, energy take-offs, energy steering, and moist brakes.

Tractor hydraulic fluids go by a number of totally different names, however all of them imply the identical factor. You could hear “torque converter fluid”, “UTTO” which stands for “Common Tractor Transmission Oils”, “Hydraulic Tractor Oil”, “UDT” which stands for “Common Dynamic Tractor Oil” and others.

Many alternative corporations make common tractor hydraulic fluids that may work for many farm and industrial tractors. At all times seek the advice of your proprietor’s handbook or name your seller for the proper specs. You can too test the THF specs to see in case your tractor is listed as appropriate. 

Additionally, do you know that the seller you bought your tractor from can not require you to make use of their merchandise/companies to take care of guarantee protection except they supply it freed from cost?  

THF is available in totally different formulations. A few of the choices that Schaeffer Manufacturing presents embrace biodegradables for environmentally delicate areas, low viscosity for colder/winter functions, standard, and semi-synthetics.

Utilizing any liquid labeled “303” can injury your gear! Previous to 1974, John Deere made and offered a THF known as the “JD 303”. John Deere discontinued manufacturing and the 303 designation has been out of date for over 40 years. Some producers and sellers of lubricants have been producing and promoting THF as “303” in vivid yellow buckets.

We’ve all seen them stacked in a outstanding place on the varied manufacturing and farm provide shops at an incredible value. This 303 THF doesn’t usually meet any producer’s specs, is constituted of inferior elements and isn’t appropriate to be used as a tractor hydraulic fluid. These mislabeled 303 fluids could cause injury, improve put on and tear, and injury your gear. A number of states have pending lawsuits pending in opposition to the producers and sellers of those merchandise. That $29 bucket is a awful funding.

We’ve got discovered the next quote to be right (so to talk) and we predict it bears repeating! 

It’s not smart to pay an excessive amount of, however it’s worse to pay too little. If you pay an excessive amount of, you lose a bit cash, that’s all. If you pay too little, generally you lose every little thing as a result of what you acquire couldn’t do the factor it was purchased to do. The customary regulation of commerce stability prohibits paying little and getting rather a lot; It can’t be executed. If you happen to cope with the bottom bidder, it’s good so as to add one thing for the chance you are taking, and should you do, you’ll have sufficient to pay for one thing higher.

It doesn’t matter what coloration or model your tractor is, shopping for and utilizing a high-quality THF will offer you many advantages. A few of these are decreased working temperatures, decreased system put on, elevated working effectivity, and probably longer service intervals.

We hope the article about CHF 11s energy steering fluid and the associated data is useful to you. When you have any questions, please allow us to one on our web site Auto Oil And Fluid!