Do Potatoes Have to Flower to Produce Tubers?

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Having a crop within the backyard not set flowers could be regarding for brand spanking new and seasoned gardeners alike. Fortunately, potato flowers, or a scarcity thereof, aren’t any trigger for concern.

Potatoes don’t must flower to provide tubers. Flowers can usually be an indication that it’s getting shut to reap time. However, even with out the flower indication, you possibly can nonetheless have a bountiful potato harvest this season.

I’ll talk about the lifecycle of potato vegetation and methods to inform when potatoes are prepared for harvest with out flowers. As a bonus, I’ll additionally speak about whether or not it’s attainable to avoid wasting the seeds from potato flowers. 

Lifecycle of a potato plant

To get a greater understanding of how and why potatoes flower, it helps to first perceive the life cycle of the potato plant.

Spring planting

The lifetime of a potato begins within the early spring months about 3 weeks earlier than the final frost. Seed potatoes are planted into shallow trenches about 4-5 inches deep or in raised beds relying in your backyard setup. 

Tuber sprouting

Not lengthy after being planted, potatoes will begin to develop sprouts from their eyes. Potato eyes are small dimples or divots on the pores and skin of the potato. Typically, tiny sprouts might already be rising earlier than you plant. That is regular and gained’t have an effect on the well being of your plant.

For essentially the most half, sprout progress is happening underground so it’s not one thing we gardeners can see. 

Leaves emerge

After about 3 weeks from planting, the primary potato leaves will start to emerge from the bottom. At this level, it’s essential to make it possible for your vegetation are correctly watered and have satisfactory daylight of their very starting levels of life. 

The soil needs to be watered about a couple of times per week to maintain the soil constantly moist. Be certain that to not let the soil dry out fully however don’t water log the vegetation both. 

Flower manufacturing

Over the subsequent couple of weeks, your potato vegetation will proceed to develop and should start to provide flowers. These flowers could be white or purple and should even flip into small fruits. 

I’ll discuss some extra about these flowers and fruits afterward. 

Plant maturity

Your tubers ought to attain full maturity in about 90-110 days from after they had been first planted. You’ll discover that the leaves of the plant start to yellow and begin to die again. This can be a good signal that it’s time to reap!

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Harvesting potatoes is easy and enjoyable! All it’s good to do is somewhat digging. I like to make use of a digging fork for this half however you too can use a trowel or shovel for those who choose. 

After I harvest potatoes, I attempt to watch out to not knick or pierce the tubers as this harm might introduce rot afterward in storage. 

Do potatoes must flower to provide tubers?

Not like many different vegetation, potatoes don’t must flower to provide tubers. In reality, potato vegetation usually gained’t produce flowers. 

Whereas many vegetation flower as a option to make seeds and reproduce, this isn’t vital for potatoes as we don’t use their precise seeds to develop them. We plant new tubers which develop into potatoes through the lifecycle that I discussed above. 

These flowers can generally flip into little inexperienced fruits that appear to be tiny tomatoes. Some folks choose to take away the flowers and fruits as a manner to assist the plant put extra vitality into tuber manufacturing.

This has by no means made a lot of a distinction within the progress of my very own tubers however you might discover that that is fairly useful for yours.

If you do see flowers and fruits, you should utilize this as a sign that the plant is nearing the top of its life cycle. Fairly quickly the flowers and fruits will fall off the plant as the remainder of it begins to die again. 

As soon as the leaves die again, you possibly can count on your tubers to be prepared for harvest in about 2 weeks. 

When are potatoes prepared to reap?

When precisely your potatoes are prepared for harvest will depend upon the variability you might be rising. As I discussed earlier, it usually takes about 90-110 days for potatoes to achieve full maturity. That is about 3 or 4 months. 

Bigger potato varieties, like Kennebec or Norland, will take somewhat longer to achieve maturity than their smaller potato counterparts, like Satina.

Your seed supplier will be capable of offer you a extra actual time-frame to reap your potatoes. We even have a way more in-depth article all about when and methods to harvest your potatoes you could try right here. 

If you happen to’ve misplaced observe of what number of days have handed because you first planted your potatoes, then take note of the foliage. As harvest time will get nearer, the leaves will start to yellow and the plant will wither and die again.

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Typically, I additionally similar to to perform a little dig to test and see how the tubers are wanting underground as they get nearer to their harvest date. 

Are potato fruits edible?

In case your potato flowers do flip into fruits, don’t eat them! The tiny fruits are toxic and positively gained’t depart you feeling nice. They actually don’t style that good anyway. 

Potatoes are within the nightshade household together with different crops like tomatoes, peppers, and eggplants. All of those vegetation include a chemical known as solanine which could be dangerous when ingested. 

Fortunately, this chemical isn’t discovered within the components of the nightshade vegetation that we historically get pleasure from consuming. So long as you keep away from consuming any leaves or stems of those vegetation, in addition to the fruits of the potato plant, you’ll be simply nice. 

Are you able to save seeds from potato fruits?

Sure, it’s technically attainable to avoid wasting the seeds from the small fruits of the potato plant. The seed-saving course of is just about the identical as the method for saving tomato seeds. 

The simplest option to separate the seeds from the fruit is to mash the small fruits up right into a pulp. Place this pulp in a jar with some water in order that it makes a sort of slurry. Then, cowl the jar with a breathable fabric to maintain out any bugs or dander. 

This slurry might want to sit out for about 3 days to ferment. You’ll know the seeds have fermented after they sink to the underside of the jar and a skinny layer of mildew begins to kind on the floor of the liquid. 

Give the seeds a superb rinse and depart them out to dry earlier than placing them in storage for use.

Potato seeds vs. seed potatoes

Saving seeds from potato fruits isn’t very fashionable for two primary causes. First, there’s a superb likelihood the potatoes grown from saved seeds gained’t develop true-to-type that means they’ll probably develop to be a lot totally different from their mother or father plant. 

Secondly, beginning potatoes from true seeds takes considerably longer than simply beginning them from seed potatoes. Except you’ve sufficient area to begin the seeds indoors over the winter, it will likely be extraordinarily tough to get a superb potato crop going.

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Potato seeds and seed potatoes sound like the identical factor however they’re not. Potato seeds are in reference to the precise seeds that come from the fruit. Seed potatoes are the tubers most individuals are acquainted with planting within the spring.

In Abstract

Having flowerless potato vegetation isn’t any cause to panic. Your potatoes will develop simply nice with out them. Whereas flowers is usually a good indication that it’s virtually time to reap your tubers, you’ll additionally know they’ve reached maturity when your entire plant begins to die again. 

Simply be certain that to not eat the flowers or the fruits they could produce as these are poisonous. It’s possible you’ll even take into account eradicating them to assist promote the expansion of the tubers underground. Pleased potato rising! 

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