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Dodge transmission fluid change: This process is demonstrated on a 2019 Ram 1500 5.7L Hemi with an 8-speed transmission.

Nevertheless, these Ram 1500 transmission fluid and filter procedures additionally apply to the next Ram fashions:

  • 2013 – 2022 Ram 1500 5.7L 16V with 8-Velocity ​​Computerized Transmission
  • 2013 – 2022 Ram 1500 3.6L 24V V6 with Computerized Transmission 8-Velocity
  • ​​2014 – 2022 Ram 1500 3.0L 24V V6 Diesel with 8-Velocity ​​Computerized Transmission (EcoDiesel)

The Ram 1500 8-speed transmission is manufactured by ZF. This model of ZF 8-speed transmission was additionally utilized in numerous different Chrysler, Dodge, Ram, and Jeep fashions. Relying on the precise mannequin you might be performing this service on, there might be slight visible variations across the drive tray areas. Nevertheless, the final steps and procedures for altering the transmission fluid, filter, fluid fill, and leveling course of or sequence will nonetheless apply to those different fashions with 8-speed transmissions.

Ram 1500 Computerized Transmission Fluid Change Interval

How typically ought to the Ram 1500 transmission fluid be modified? The beneficial service interval for altering Ram 1500 transmission fluid in 8-speed transmissions is each 60,000 miles. This consists of the transmission fluid and filter.

Ram 1500 fashions that have extra aggressive driving kinds or are used within the business supply business and contractor trades are usually subjected to heavy metropolis site visitors or trailer towing that generates excessive warmth on the transmission. House owners who topic their automobiles to all these extreme driving situations ought to contemplate changing the transmission fluid and filter extra steadily, resembling each 40,000 miles or 50,000 miles.

Why ought to I alter the automated transmission fluid within the Ram 1500?

Why change the ATF and transmission filter in your Ram 1500? Your transmission has lots of of shifting elements. Over time, these inner elements mesh with one another, start to put on down, and create effective steel particles. These effective metallic particles contaminate your automobile’s transmission fluid and clog the transmission filter. This contamination impacts your transmission’s effectivity and long-term efficiency, inflicting extra friction and put on on transmission elements.

Having common Ram 1500 transmission fluid and filter service intervals will simply lengthen the lifetime of your transmission. With clear ATF and a brand new transmission filter, it’s going to present clear lubrication and correct filtration to your transmission. This crucial upkeep interval will assist a long-lasting, well-lubricated and guarded transmission, minimizing the probabilities for pricey transmission repairs and issues.

Ram 1500 ATF 8-Velocity ​​Sort and Specs The

  • beneficial Ram 1500 transmission fluid sort appropriate with the Ram 8-speed transmission requires specification 68218925AA.
  • RAVENOL and Eurol 8HP fluids meet or exceed unique Ram 1500 transmission fluid half numbers 68218925AA, 68157995AB; 68339073AA, 68157995AA, 68157995AB used on 8 velocity transmission.

8 Velocity ​​Computerized Transmission Fluid Capability

  • Ram 1500 transmission fluid dry fill capability is 8.3 quarts (8.5 liters
  • )
  • 2013-2022 transmission fluid fill and drain capability is 6, 4.5 quarts (0 liters)

Instruments Wanted to Change Ram 1500 Computerized Transmission Fluid

  • 10mm Hex Bit and Wrench
  • T-40 Torx Socket and Ratchet
  • 16mm Socket and Torque Wrench
  • Fill Pump Instrument Transmission Fluid
  • Protecting Rubber Gloves
  • (Non-obligatory) Diagnostic Scan Instrument to measure transmission temperature, may also use Car Data System inside Digital Instrument

Cluster BLAU Ram 1500 Fluid Filter Change Kits computerized transmission

Our BLAU transmission fluid change kits embody every little thing needed for this transmission fluid and filter change. Kits embody a transmission pan with a built-in filter and gasket, {hardware}, and the correct quantity of premium ATF that meets the required ZF 8-speed transmission fluid specs. Plus a price efficient fluid pump for transmission aspect fill.

  • 1 Computerized Transmission Oil Pan, Gasket and Filter Unit (unit consists of 2 built-in magnets and a filter for the valve physique seal)
  • 6 liters of Artificial Computerized Transmission Fluid (ATF) developed and designed particularly for transmissions of 8 velocity used on this automobile. Fluid meets or exceeds the 68218925AA ATF specification required for this automobile. Authentic shade ATF tinted inexperienced.
  • 13 Transmission Pan Mounting Bolts
  • 1 Fill Plug with O-Ring Seal
  • 1 Polypropylene Switch Pump Dispenser (operated by hand with a transparent dispense hose used to switch transmission fluid. This cost-effective instrument suits you need to use as a substitute of costly particular transmission pumping instruments). Ram 1500 8-Velocity ​​Computerized Transmission Fill Port)

Step-by-Step Directions for Altering Ram 1500 Transmission Fluid

How To Step 1

Start by confirming that the transmission temperature is beneath 86°F. Transmission temperature could be monitored utilizing the digital instrument cluster by accessing the automobile data system or through the use of a diagnostic scan instrument. If the transmission is above 86°F, enable the transmission to chill earlier than starting the fluid change.

In case you begin when the ambient temperature is above 90°F, when performing the following leveling and filling procedures for the transmission fluid, it’s probably that the utmost fluid degree of 122°F might be exceeded.

How To Step 2

To correctly change the transmission fluid within the Ram 1500, the automobile have to be off the bottom and on a LEVEL . We suggest lifting the truck utilizing an SAE accredited automotive raise. That is essential to entry the underside of the transmission and carry out the proper steps of the leveling and fluid fill process.

To substantiate that you’re lifting the automobile accurately, you’ll be able to consult with your manufacturing unit proprietor’s handbook for correct automobile jacking level places and security procedures.

Easy methods to Step 3

Find and loosen the transmission fluid fill plug. It’s situated on the passenger aspect, to the rear proper of the transmission and above the exhaust.

Earlier than draining the transmission fluid from the Ram 1500, loosen and take away the fill plug counterclockwise utilizing an 8mm hex socket and ratchet. This may affirm that you’ll have a strategy to refill the transmission with fluid if the fill plug is caught or can’t be eliminated.

Step 4

Utilizing a 10-millimeter hex key and a wrench, loosen and take away the drain plug from the transmission pan in a counter-clockwise path. The Ram 1500 drain plug is situated on the rear of the tray. The hex bit and wrench idea works nicely as a consequence of exhaust clearance points. As you take away the drain plug, drain the previous transmission fluid into an acceptable used oil drain pan.

Be aware: Some newer Ram transmission pans could not embody a drain plug, relying on the precise yr. If this is applicable to your mannequin, you’ll be able to drain the fluid throughout a later process (Step 6).

Easy methods to Step 5

As soon as the fluid drains are full, reinstall and hand-tighten the drain plug, turning it clockwise. Utilizing a rag, wipe any extra fluid from the exhaust and drain plug space. This may decrease fluid dripping whereas working below the Ram 1500 transmission pan space.

Step 6

Utilizing a T-40 Torx socket and ratchet, evenly loosen the 13 transmission pan mounting bolts. Working in direction of the again of the pan.

The three rear transmission pan bolts are greatest eliminated utilizing a 5- to 6-inch lengthy Torx T-40 socket. This permits for higher instrument angle and clearance across the drive crossmember.

Take away all however two transmission pan mounting {hardware}, leaving one on all sides of the pan hand tight to carry the pan till it’s eliminated.

Be aware: In case your mannequin doesn’t have a transmission fluid drain plug, as talked about in step 4, you’ll need to permit the transmission fluid to empty slowly over the rim of the pan throughout this course of. You will have an acceptable waste oil drain pan in place and prepared whilst you carry out transmission pan elimination.

Step 7

Most Ram 1500 fashions have a deeper transmission pan, which requires the rear of the transmission to be raised about 1 inch to permit extra clearance between the pan and the exhaust. This permits the pan to clear the valve physique as it’s eliminated. Some fashions could have a shallow pan and don’t require the transmission to be raised to take away the pan. You have to to substantiate your tray sort and proceed as needed.

For this text and as proven within the video above, to realize entry we raised the rear of the transmission by first loosening and eradicating the three transmission mounting nuts situated on the underside of the crossmember.

Utilizing a 16mm socket, loosen and take away the three nuts in a counter-clockwise path.

Utilizing a licensed stand below the hoist, start elevating the transmission by lifting the metal space of ​​the Ram 1500 transmission mounting bracket. Raise till about 1-inch clearance is seen between the transmission mount and the crossmember.

Step 8

Loosen and take away the final two bolts holding the transmission pan in place. Tilt the entrance aspect of the tray down, permitting the strainer to disengage from the valve physique.

You may slide the pan off, permitting any remaining fluid to empty into an acceptable used oil drain pan.

Utilizing a lint-free rag, clear the Ram 1500 transmission pan gasket mounting floor of all oil residue, particles and corrosion that might adversely have an effect on seal high quality.

Easy methods to Step 9

As a result of torque wrench clearance points with the exhaust, affirm that the transmission drain plug is tightened to eight newton torque specification earlier than set up.

Lubricate the brand new transmission filter o-ring with contemporary new Ram 1500 transmission fluid. This may decrease harm to the o-ring throughout set up and guarantee it seals correctly to the valve physique.

What’s a transmission fluid change or flush?

Altering the transmission fluid is the confirmed course of laid out in your proprietor’s handbook whenever you request transmission service. Your mechanic drains the fluid from the transmission, replaces the filter, after which refills the transmission with contemporary, new fluid. Altering the transmission fluid permits your mechanic to get a detailed have a look at the transmission pan and filter. This could reveal the presence of steel particles or different particles, which may point out a bigger downside that must be mounted earlier than it will get worse. This makes altering the fluid a great preventative upkeep process.

The transmission flush course of makes use of a machine to exchange the fluid in an computerized transmission. Many automobile restore retailers personal these costly machines. Outdated fluid, filth and sludge are compelled out below strain and changed with contemporary fluid. Flushing normally prices rather more than a fluid change, as a consequence of the price of the machine. Many retailers have a tendency to cost the process for top income.

What ought to I get, a transmission fluid change or a flush?

The flushing course of doesn’t require the tray to be eliminated or the filter to be modified, thus the diagnostic and preventative advantages of seeing what’s within the tray and altering the filter are misplaced. Moreover, many automobile producers don’t suggest or require transmission cleansing to be included as a part of their automobiles’ beneficial upkeep schedule. So why do it? Comply with with the transmission fluid change laid out in your proprietor’s handbook.

Nevertheless, in case your upkeep schedule particularly requires a flush, or your transmission fluid has been ignored for too lengthy and has picked up steel particles or different contaminants, a flush is the best way to go.

What are the signs associated to transmission fluid issues?

In case your transmission fluid or filter turns into clogged, chances are you’ll discover the engine revving when you find yourself not accelerating the automobile; that is referred to as transmission slippage. In case you discover this, have your automotive serviced instantly because the harm will solely worsen.

Altering the transmission fluid (and filter, if outfitted) is usually a upkeep merchandise and ought to be completed on an everyday schedule. In some automobiles, flushing the transmission is a part of the upkeep schedule; in any other case, a flush is barely wanted if particles is detected within the fluid.

Can I drive with a transmission fluid downside?

Generally, it isn’t beneficial to drive a automobile that has handed the producer’s specified service interval. The automobile is secure to drive, however skipping upkeep can price you rather more in the long term. In case you’ve gone over your scheduled upkeep mileage, you must get your automotive checked out as quickly as potential.

If the automobile has a transmission downside that’s inflicting drivability issues, or any of the signs listed right here, the automobile ought to be towed to a restore heart for analysis.

How typically ought to transmission fluids get replaced?

Altering the transmission fluid is normally a scheduled upkeep merchandise. Nonetheless, transmission issues can happen at any time. It’s extra frequent to see excessive mileage automobiles in poor situation as a consequence of lack of upkeep. Performing manufacturing unit upkeep on time is one of the simplest ways to assist forestall transmission failure.

Ought to Your Mechanic Flush Transmission Fluid?

First, it’s useful to grasp the function transmission fluid performs within the operation of a automotive. Transmission fluid helps hold mechanical elements cool and lubricated, whether or not the gearbox is computerized or handbook. Over time, inner transmission elements put on and tiny particles contaminate the fluid. This might doubtlessly result in harm.

Eliminating this soiled liquid is sensible, proper? Whether it is acknowledged within the service handbook, go forward and let your mechanic do the work.

“This shouldn’t occur typically, as a well-functioning gearbox wouldn’t have steel shavings contaminating the fluid for a brief time frame,” says Ibbotson. “If that’s the case, it’s probably an indication of an even bigger, extra difficult downside.”

“There’s additionally a distinction between merely draining and refilling a transmission versus purging the system with energy,” he says. “In a high-mileage automotive, flushing the transmission fluid can dislodge sludge and different particles, resulting in clogs even after you’ve added the clear fluid.”

Once more, one of the best recommendation is to analysis your automobile and know precisely when it is strongly recommended to empty (or flush) your transmission. Doing both choice too typically is a waste of money and time. 

Does a handbook transmission want fluid too?

Sure, even a handbook wants transmission fluid. Nevertheless, the kind of fluid can fluctuate from automotive to automotive. Some manuals require typical motor oil, and others work higher with computerized transmission fluid. So be sure to put the desired fluid to your automotive. Failing to take action can rapidly have an effect on your efficiency and the longevity of the gearbox.

CVT automotive house owners can even wish to pay particular consideration to the wants of their automobile. In contrast to a conventional computerized transmission that has a set variety of gears, a CVT typically depends on a belt or pulley system to function an infinite variety of gear ratios. You’ll want to use a CVT-specific fluid otherwise you’ll threat main complications (and restore payments) down the street.

How have you learnt if the transmission fluid must be modified?

Checking transmission fluid isn’t at all times simple. In lots of circumstances, it’s essential to have a mechanic put your automotive on a raise to look at it. Some vehicles have a transmission dipstick or reservoir within the engine compartment, so verify below the hood first.

Whereas the fluid ranges could seem right, it could be tougher to inform if there are contaminants or small steel particles within the fluid. “In case your automotive wants routine upkeep, have your mechanic verify your transmission fluid,” says Ibbotson.

Separating transmission upkeep from breakdowns is extra difficult. In a malfunctioning computerized transmission, gear modifications can turn out to be extra abrupt and happen at awkward intervals. For a automotive with a handbook gearbox, the texture and motion of the gear stick can turn out to be stiffer and tougher in regular each day operation. A lot of these issues in all probability point out an issue with the gearbox. In case you expertise any of them, inform your mechanic instantly.  

Is altering transmission fluid a simple DIY job?

It may be an advanced and messy activity for the common automotive proprietor. “Entry to the transmission requires ramps, jack stands, or a raise,” says Ibbotson. “Even then, attending to the filler cap could require a higher diploma of persistence and dexterity than is required for a typical engine oil change.”

Many trendy vehicles have transmissions which might be principally hermetically sealed or require a vendor service pc to learn temperature or different parameters, making them practically not possible to work on for the common DIYer.

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