DVI Most Decision and Refresh Charge

It’s difficult determining DVI’s most decision and refresh price as a result of there are three sorts of DVI: DVI-A, DVI-I, and DVI-D.

Every of those DVI requirements has completely different bandwidth limits. To make issues much more difficult, there are DVI single-link and DVI dual-link.

After spending ages researching the DVI video port and connectors, I lastly have a agency grasp on how they work.

Keep in mind, every connector sort has bandwidth limitations. Because the decision will increase, the refresh price will decrease. It’s as much as you to seek out the candy spot.

DVI Most Decision and Refresh Charge

DVI-D dual-link has a most decision of 3840 x 2400 at a 30 Hz refresh price.

At 2560 x 1600 decision, DVI-D twin hyperlink can help 60 Hz. Reducing the decision even additional to 1920 x 1080, and DVI-D twin hyperlink can help a refresh price of 144 Hz.

DVI-D single hyperlink has a most decision of 2560 x 1600 at 30 Hz. To succeed in 60 Hz on a DVI-D single hyperlink, set the decision to 1920 x 1080 or decrease.

Keep in mind, the utmost output decision will rely upon the gadget creating the sign. Graphics playing cards can often output a variety of resolutions, with the older fashions being restricted to 4K.

Nevertheless, if the DVI port is related on to your motherboard, the decision output could also be a lot decrease. The utmost output can even be affected by the standard and size of the DVI cable.

In a while on this put up, I’ll stroll via the utmost resolutions, refresh charges, and bandwidth limits of every sort of DVI.

What’s DVI?

DVI (Digital Visible Interface) is a kind of video port principally discovered on PCs. It appears just like VGA however with three rows of pins and a flat pin. The precise format varies relying on the kind of DVI getting used.

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First launched in 1999, the DVI video port was designed by an organization referred to as Digital Show Working Group as an try to switch analogue VGA cables.

Though the video port is dated, it’s nonetheless discovered on many electronics similar to; motherboards, graphics playing cards, screens, and TVs.

DVI makes use of a mix of analogue and digital alerts. The oldest sort of DVI, DVI-A, is proscribed to analogue alerts solely and has been principally phased out at this level.

At the moment, DVI-D twin hyperlink is the most typical connector, adopted by the DVI-I twin hyperlink.

When you don’t have to know each specification of every sort of DVI, it’s essential to grasp the fundamental format of every one.

Kinds of DVI:

I’ll clarify the chart in additional element under. Ensure that the cable you purchase matches the identical connector DVI model in your gadget!

I made the error of shopping for the fallacious adapter twice as a result of I didn’t learn about all of the various kinds of DVI.


As talked about earlier, DVI-D is the most typical sort of DVI as we speak as a result of it carries solely digital alerts, very similar to HDMI. It has 3 x 8 pins, for a complete of 24 on the principle part.

For that cause, it’s very simple to transform DVI-D to HDMI (and the opposite means) as a result of all you should change are the bodily connectors.

DVI-D to HDMI adapters value a couple of kilos.

Twin Hyperlink

DVI-D Twin Hyperlink, as seen within the image, has three rows of eight pins and a flat pin on the facet. It’s the most typical sort of DVI present in computer systems and screens as we speak. DVI-D twin hyperlink has the best bandwidth restrict of all sorts of DVI.

DVI-D twin hyperlink may even help 4K, though solely at 30 Hz. It’s nearly twice as quick as a DVI-D single hyperlink.

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Single Hyperlink

DVI-D single hyperlink has the identical core design, besides it’s lacking six pins within the centre of the connector. It solely has 18 pins in whole.

For that cause, the one hyperlink has decrease information switch speeds, and due to this fact can’t help particular resolutions.

That’s okay as a result of most electronics these days don’t help DVI-D single hyperlink.

DVI-D Bandwidth

DVI-D twin hyperlink has a most bandwidth of 9.90 Gbit/s. The bandwidth of a DVI-D single hyperlink is 4.95 Gbit/s.

DVI-D Most Decision and Refresh price:

  • 3840 x 2400 at 30 Hz
  • 2560 x 1600 at 60 Hz
  • 1920 x 1080 at 144 Hz


DVI-I is now not frequent, however it will possibly nonetheless be discovered on outdated electronics. The DVI-I connector is attention-grabbing as a result of it carries a mix of analogue and digital alerts. The format is similar as DVI-D however with 4 pins surrounding the flat pin. The 4 pins are used for analogue alerts.

DVI-I is suitable with digital and analogue screens. Since DVI-I can carry each analogue and digital alerts, you possibly can simply join it to an analogue monitor by utilizing a passive adapter (one thing like this DVI-I to VGA adapter).

What’s attention-grabbing is a DVI-D cable will work with a DVI-I port and vice versa. Nevertheless, for those who use the identical cable with completely different ports, all of the pins received’t be related, so that you received’t get the analogue alerts from the 4 additional pins on the DVI-I port.

Nevertheless it’s unlikely that you simply’ll want these anyhow. In brief, you don’t want to fret about shopping for a selected cable for every sort of DVI.

Having a DVI-I output in your PC makes it doable to attach an outdated monitor or TV that solely helps analogue alerts over VGA. On that notice, check out our DVI vs VGA article.

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It’s also possible to join DVI-I to an HDMI monitor by utilizing an adapter as a result of DVI-I additionally carries digital alerts.


In the case of specs, DVI-D and DVI-I are virtually the identical.

The bodily connectors of DVI-D and DVI-I are barely completely different (DVI-I has 4 pins across the flat pin for analogue alerts) however the most decision and refresh price are the identical as a result of they each have the identical variety of pins.

DVI-I Most Decision & Refresh Charge

The utmost decision of DVI-I is similar as DVI-D:

Twin Hyperlink

  • 3840 x 2400 at 30 Hz
  • 2560 x 1600 at 60 Hz
  • 1920 x 1080 at 144 Hz

Single Hyperlink


DVI-A is a really outdated video port and it’s even rarer than VGA. DVI-A solely helps analogue alerts, it will possibly’t carry digital alerts. It has 12 pins on the principle part and 4 surrounding the flat pin.

Can DVI Help 4K?

DVI can help 4K at 30 Hz via a DVI twin hyperlink connector. To succeed in the usual 60 Hz, the decision must be lowered to 2560 x 1600.

Typically, it’s higher to make use of HDMI or DisplayPort for 4K decision as a result of they’ve increased bandwidth limits.

The Backside Line

To summarize, the technical specs of DVI are slightly difficult.

The quick model is DVI can help a decision of 3840 x 2400 at 30 Hz or 2560 at 1600 at 60 Hz with the twin hyperlink port.

DVI-I and DVI-A help analogue alerts, so you should utilize a bodily adapter to attach them to a VGA port, and vice versa.

The utmost decision of analogue alerts is dependent upon various elements, for extra info learn VGA max decision. 

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