There are two issues which can be required to be able to have a profitable backyard: seeds and topsoil. Every mattress can take 1 seed and 1 topsoil. A Deluxe Backyard Patch with 8 beds will due to this fact maintain as much as 8 seeds and eight topsoils. There are numerous various kinds of seeds, nonetheless, most of those seeds are usually not very helpful for the reason that crops are straightforward sufficient to assemble by a botanist or get hold of by means of a retainer. Gardening ought to due to this fact be used to crossbreed for seeds which can be uncommon to search out and even unimaginable to acquire in any other case.

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Other than seeds additionally, you will want topsoil when planting your backyard. There are three various kinds of topsoils, every with 3 completely different grades. The upper the grade, the stronger their results. When you can collect or afford Grade 3 soils, then there’s completely no cause to make use of Grades 1 or 2 of any soil sort.

The primary and most helpful sort of soil is Thanalan Topsoil which will increase crossbreeding probability and can be used more often than not. The second sort is Shroud Topsoil, which is used to extend yield amount. Shroud soil can be utilized to reap extra crops per seed and much more seeds per harvest (there are a couple of crops that Shroud soil is not going to improve plant/seed yield: Blood Pepper, Broombush, Glazenut, Jute and Thavnairian Onion). The ultimate soil sort is La Noscean Topsoil which is used to extend the chance of acquiring high-quality plant yields.

A majority of the time, crossbreeding can be concerned, so Grade 3 Thanalan Topsoil can be used probably the most. It may be obtained in Hammerlea, Western Thanalan, at 5AM Eorzea Time. The Topsoil Gathering web page will provide you with a full checklist of when and the place you possibly can harvest all soils.

Observe that Grade 3 soils of any sort can solely be gathered by a miner. A miner retainer may also be despatched out on ventures to carry again topsoil as nicely.

A profitable backyard additionally requires tending sometimes. An untended backyard will result in the lack of the crops. Crops must be tended at the least as soon as a day to make sure that they’re doing nicely, in any other case they are going to wilt (flip purple) and finally wither (die). A number of increased tier crops will want tended extra usually. When a plant is able to be harvested it should keep that method indefinitely so you possibly can maintain within the floor if you want.

You may as well fertilize crops which can scale back develop occasions by roughly one Earth hour (with some exceptions). Nevertheless, there’s a restrict to how a lot fertilizer you should use earlier than it turns into ineffective. Please see the Fertilizer Evaluation web page for an in-depth dialogue on the consequences of fertilizer on crops.


Now for probably the most attention-grabbing side of gardening. Crossbreeding is the mechanic of producing an in any other case unobtainable seed by planting two various kinds of seeds beside one another. It’s the mechanic that permits us to plant seeds and procure new seeds equivalent to Broombush, Royal Fern, Blood Pepper, Chive, Glazenut and extra. When a plant is able to be harvested, other than the plant itself you may additionally discover a crossbred seed.

You can not get hold of seeds by merely planting a seed and harvesting it. You might be required to crossbreed to be able to get hold of seeds.

The linked screenshot reveals most of the completely different crosses that can be utilized to acquire Broombush seeds. For instance, planting a Coerthan Tea seed subsequent to a Halone Gerbera seed (or vice-versa) can have an opportunity to yield a Broombush seed when harvesting both of the crops. The methodology for planting is defined intimately under below the Primary Crossbreeding part.

Additionally, you will discover a few of the crosses are highlighted. This means the cross is a loop which implies you possibly can crossbreed a seed with itself to acquire extra of the identical seed. On this instance, planting a Broombush seed subsequent to a Coerthan Tea seed can have an opportunity to yield a Broombush seed when harvesting both of the crops.

Confer with the Web site Documentation to know easy methods to learn the crossbreed information proven on the location.

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In most conditions a single backyard patch ought to solely be used to crossbreed for one particular seed. There are some exceptions which could be discovered on the Cross Diagrams web page. Assuming we have now a Deluxe Backyard Patch, and due to this fact we have now 8 beds, then solely 4 of every seed in a crossbreed pair can exist in a patch.

Crossbreeding happens the second a seed is planted. This implies the primary seed that’s planted is not going to produce a crossbred seed since there was nothing subsequent to it when planted.

The linked screenshot reveals probably the most fundamental approach to plant seeds to be able to get hold of a crossbred seed (view full dimension). It is normally known as the 4×4 cross and can be utilized in all crossbreed conditions. This particular cross reveals easy methods to get hold of Royal Kukuru seeds by crossing Previous World Fig and Mirror Apple seeds.

Totally different crops have completely different rising occasions so you should use this to your benefit. For instance, Glazenuts take a day longer to totally develop than Apricots. When the Apricots are prepared full grown, harvest them and change them with extra Apricot Kernels. These kernels will finally yield Glazenut Seeds as a result of on the time of planting there ought to already be Glazenuts rising beside them.

The one time a mattress needs to be empty is when the complete patch must be ready to crossbreed a totally completely different seed. In any other case, changing crops as they’re able to be harvested will improve your charge of manufacturing. If all crops are able to be harvested on the identical time you possibly can harvest the 4 crops of the identical sort and replant subsequent to the opposite crops able to be harvested. Doing so will enable the newly planted seeds to crossbreed with the harvestable crops. You’ll be able to then harvest the remaining 4 crops and replant these seeds.


There are specific conditions the place you would possibly need to change up the best way you crops seeds relying on the supply and/or price of sure seeds. This can be a comparatively new idea which has been referred to as the 5×3 setup. There are two completely different setups related to this technique: the Poor Man’s Setup and Wealthy Man’s Setup.

The primary screenshot reveals the Poor Man’s Setup (view full dimension). The target of that is to realize attainable crosses using cheap/widespread seeds whereas minimizing the variety of costly/uncommon seeds.

This particular screenshot reveals easy methods to get hold of Royal Fern seeds by crossing Blood Pepper and Previous World Fig seeds. Discover how solely three Blood Peppers are wanted for this setup. As soon as the Blood Peppers are mature you possibly can go away them within the floor and simply proceed to replant Previous World Fig seeds.

This concept is constructed on the idea {that a} seed will ignore a useless cross and be compelled to cross with the opposite seed subsequent to it.


The second screenshot reveals the Wealthy Man’s Setup (view full dimension). The target of that is to realize attainable crosses whereas maximizing harvest/yield of the costly crop.

This specifc screenshot reveals easy methods to get hold of Curiel Root seeds by crossing Krakka Root and Mirror Apple seeds. Discover how solely three Mirror Apples are wanted for this setup. As soon as the Mirror Apples are mature you possibly can go away them within the floor and simply proceed to replant Krakka Root seeds. The shorter develop time of the Krakka Root permits for extra crosses to be tried since we have a fifth Krakka Root seed.

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This concept can be constructed on the idea {that a} seed will ignore a useless cross and be compelled to cross with the opposite seed subsequent to it.


Based on each FINAL FANTASY XIV: A REALM REBORN OFFICIAL COMPLETE GUIDE [March 2015, Japanese Lang.] and FINAL FANTASY XIV: HEAVENSWARD CRAFTER & GATHERER & GOLDSAUCER OFFICIAL GUIDE [March 2016. Japanese Lang.] that intercross of a plant is set in a hard and fast particular order (see under). Therefore, the intercrossing path is PREDETERMINED and never randomly chosen as beforehand thought. This additionally explains why beforehand intercrosses had been considered One-way and never Two-Methods.

Discover following a seize from the 2016 Information Gardening part.


With Eliza’s assist, from the Japanese neighborhood of FFXIV gamers. The next was translated:

“Within the case the place seed ‘C’ is planted in mattress (2) between plant ‘A’ and plant ‘B’, then ‘C’ will favor to intercross with plant ‘B’, except there isn’t any probability to intercross with ‘B’ then it should transfer to cross with ‘A’.

The style that the plant chooses which course to intercross with is as follows: Proper > Down > Up > Left

THE BASICSDetermine is a hypothetical backyard patch; Planted seed in centre will search adjoining plant to intercross with, beginning with 1 (proper), if the intercross is null, it should transfer to 2 (down), 3 (up), & 4 (left). It’s going to cease the place it should have an opportunity to intercross. Observe: proportion of success is set primarily based on Topsoil of alternative.

Additionally, you will must ensure you orient your backyard patch accordingly so you already know the place Mattress #1 is positioned. You’ll be able to verify this by deciding on a mattress. The dialog window will present you which ones mattress and patch you’re at (eg. 1st Mattress, 2nd Patch).

Particular because of Eliza Weisenberg (Aegis / Elemental DC) for translation and captures.

Instance State of affairs the place an [Old World Fig] seed can be planted between a [La Noscean Orange] plant, a [Pixie Plum] plant, and a [Honey Lemon] plant. The remainder of the empty beds are omitted. See following illustration.


The [Old World Fig] will first attempt to cross with the [Honey Lemon] (Proper). If there isn’t any [Honey Lemon] planted the subsequent precedence would be the [Pixie Plum] (Down). Lastly if there isn’t any [Pixie Plum] planted the subsequent precedence would be the [La Noscean Orange] (Left).

View the Intercross Precedence Path web page for detailed examples testing evaluation.

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