how do i grow garlic in my garden

how do i grow garlic in my garden

When to Plant Garlic

Fall Planting

Plant cloves in mid-autumn in a sunny location with wealthy, well-drained soil. Set cloves root aspect down 4-6″ aside in rows 1-1/2 to 2′ aside, and canopy with 1-2″ of superb soil. Within the North, put down 6″ of mulch for winter safety. Garlic might start progress late in fall or early in spring.

Spring Planting

Plant cloves as early in spring as soil will be labored, about the identical time as onion units. Spring planted garlic needs to be put within the floor in the identical method as within the fall.

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After planting, lay down a protecting mulch of straw, chopped leaves or grass clippings. In cold-winter areas the mulch needs to be roughly 4 inches thick. Mulch will assist to forestall the garlic roots from being heaved out of the bottom by alternate freezing and thawing. A light-weight utility of mulch is helpful in milder climates to manage the expansion of winter weeds.

Spring Care

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When the leaves start to develop, it is very important feed the garlic crops to encourage good progress. A teaspoon or two of a high-nitrogen fertilizer that decomposes slowly, comparable to blood meal or Osmocote needs to be gently labored into the soil close to every plant. If the mulch has decomposed, add a layer to assist retain moisture and hold weeds beneath management. In late spring some garlic varieties produce flower stalks which have small bulbils. Minimize these stalks off. This can insure that all the meals the plant produces will go into the garlic bulb itself and never the clusters of bulbils. Within the month of June the garlic crops cease producing new leaves and start to kind bulbs. Right now you’ll take away any remaining mulch and cease watering. The garlic will retailer higher in the event you permit the soil across the bulbs to dry out.

When to Harvest Garlic and Correct Storage Strategies:

Harvesting GarlicYou’ll know when to reap garlic when a lot of the leaves have turned brown. This normally happens in mid-July to early August, relying in your local weather. Right now you might dig the bulbs up, being cautious to not bruise them. If the bulbs are left within the floor too lengthy, they might separate and won’t retailer properly. Lay the garlic crops out to dry for two or 3 weeks in a shady space with good air circulation. You’ll want to carry the garlic crops in if rain is forecasted on your space. When the roots really feel brittle and dry, rub them off, together with any free grime. Don’t get the bulbs moist or break them aside, or the crops will not final as lengthy.

Both tie the garlic in bunches, braid the leaves, or lower the stem a number of inches above the bulb. Dangle the braids and bunches or retailer the free bulbs on screens or slatted cabinets in a cool, ethereal location. You might need to put aside a number of the largest bulbs for replanting within the fall.

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In the course of the winter months it is best to verify your saved garlic bulbs typically, and promptly use any that show indicators of sprouting.

Every set (bulb) is made up of a number of sections known as cloves, held collectively by a skinny, papery masking. Earlier than planting, break cloves aside.

Garlic Harvesting and Storage

In late summer season, bend over tops to hasten yellowing and drying of tops. Then pull up the garlic crops and permit them to dry in solar a number of hours. Unfold out in a well-ventilated place till tops are completely dry (2-3 weeks). Minimize tops off 1-2″ above garlic bulbs, or braid tops collectively into strings. Retailer free bulbs in a dry, cool, ethereal place in baskets; grasp garlic strings.

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