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In recent times, we’ve turn into increasingly self-sufficient, rising most of our recent produce at dwelling, leaving sufficient to protect for winter. The one plant we develop purely for pleasure (and due to this fact obtain vital gluts of) is tomato.

Planning for the yr forward means realizing what number of tomatoes to anticipate per plant, and the identical with courgettes, cucumbers, potatoes, and many others. Nevertheless, tomato yields fluctuate with totally different varieties, rising strategies, and the ever-changing rhythm of the seasons. On this article, we’re going to have a look at learn how to develop a few of the hottest varieties for greater yields, and what to anticipate from every.

What number of tomatoes per plant?

A standard mistake when planning tomatoes is to plan based mostly solely on the expansion behavior (ie. cordon or bush). Cordon (determinate) and bush (indeterminate) tomatoes of comparable varieties will crop at a reasonably related price, with a median of 10-30 kilos of tomatoes per plant.

For cherry tomatoes, which means a harvest of roughly 100 tomatoes from a single wholesome tomato plant, however for beefsteak tomatoes grown as cordon, 30lbs may be as few as 10 tomatoes.

What number of tomatoes do you really want?

Earlier than planning the kind of tomato vegetation you need to develop, take into consideration the way you’ll use them, and what number of tomatoes you want. A household of 4, consuming spaghetti bolognese each evening of the yr will want round 2lb of tomatoes each evening (730lb over the yr if cooked and preserved). However, that might imply rising someplace between forty and sixty tomato vegetation (and possibly some critical well being implications from the unvaried food plan!).

When you simply need recent salads via summer time, two or three bush cherry tomato vegetation in a tomato develop bag is greater than sufficient. For sauces, select plum tomatoes. They yield much less fruit, however bigger, and thicker fleshed fruit, which fits additional in cooking.

What number of kilos does one tomato plant produce?

Based mostly on tomato kind

Cherry tomatoes yield round 10 kilos of fruit, however some high-yielding sorts like Romello can crop up nearer to 15lb of zingy purple tomatoes. 

Salad tomatoes, or slicing tomatoes, are the juicy-centered, thin-skinned sorts (Tigerella, Cash Maker, and many others.) and produce enormous crops proper via summer time, and into late fall in hotter areas. They have a tendency to crop for longer, as cordon salad tomatoes will proceed fruiting till they die from chilly. Typically, this implies bigger yields, however much less helpful fruit.

Plum tomatoes are essentially the most helpful tomato for cooking, with thicker flesh, and even distribution of taste. Their skins peel away simply too, making them extra sensible for sauces and preserves. Plum tomatoes fluctuate lots of their yields, however the common plum will produce roughly 20lb when planted in good compost and fed usually via summer time.

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Beefsteak tomato yields are very affected by pruning. Take away pointless branches, and follow the 5 truss rule, that means your plant focuses power on just a few huge fruits, moderately than many smaller fruits. Beefsteaks are enormous tomatoes that work properly for sauces, salads, or simply grilled, and could have a heavier yield when you deal with fewer fruits. Purpose for round ten tomatoes per plant and you will get over 30lb from a extremely good beefsteak like Azoychka.

Tomato yields, based mostly on selection

The desk beneath provides an summary of common yield for the most well-liked tomato varieties, together with particulars of whether or not they need to be grown outside, or in a greenhouse (indoors), and learn how to prune them (cordon or bush):

Tomato selection Yield Sort Cordon or Bush Indoor or Outside
Black Krim 10lb Beefsteak Cordon In
Azoychka 25lb Beefsteak Cordon In
Pink Ponderosa 15lb Beefsteak Cordon In
Brandywine 20lb Beefsteak Cordon Out
Marmande 10lb Beefsteak Cordon Out
Black Cherry 6lb Cherry Cordon In
Pear Drops 12lb Cherry Bush Out
Purple Cherry 10lb Cherry Cordon In
Gardener’s Delight 15lb Cherry Cordon Out
Tumbling Tom 12lb Cherry Bush Out
Roma 25lb Plum Bush In/Out
Banana Legs 25lb Plum Bush In/Out
Tremendous Mama 30lb Plum Cordon In
San Marzano 20lb Plum Cordon In
Amish Paste 28lb Plum Cordon Out
Tigerella 30lb Salad Cordon In
Cash Maker 25lb Salad Cordon Out
Inexperienced Zebra 26lb Salad Cordon In
Zlatava 18lb Salad Cordon In
Indigo Rose 12lb Salad Cordon In / Out

The best way to enhance your tomato yield

An important issue to rising your tomato yield is regularity. Not pruning, fertilizer, and even selection, however regularity. Planting tomatoes on the proper time, watering them at common intervals, and opening and shutting greenhouse vents on the similar time every day units a rhythm that vegetation reply to. 

However that doesn’t imply you possibly can overlook every thing else! Fertilizer, pruning, and selection make a distinction, so take a look at a few of our extra in-depth articles for tomato care, and some of our favourite suggestions beneath.

The best way to prune tomatoes for the next yield

Pruning any tomato to restrict the quantity of fruit is actually a alternative between numerous small fruit or fewer huge fruits. For bush cherry tomatoes, there actually isn’t any motive to prune out trusses, as they are going to develop irregularly all through the season, providing you with a continuing harvest via summer time. For many cordon-type tomatoes, pruning to 4 or 5 trusses will assist obtain bigger fruit, or longer trusses, with extra fruit hooked up.

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The best way to feed tomatoes for the next yield

One widespread mistake with tomato vegetation is to feed them immediately. Enable your vegetation to acclimatize to their new situations. If they’re seedlings, they don’t want fertilizer but. When you’re planting younger tomatoes within the floor, or into develop luggage, wait a few weeks earlier than feeding. 

When tomatoes have their first full branches, it’s time to begin feeding with a balanced tomato fertilizer, simply as soon as a fortnight. When flowers seem, steadily enhance feeding to twice per week. Proceed this till the final fruit has been picked.

The best way to water tomatoes for the next yield

Indoor and greenhouse tomatoes want a daily watering schedule. As younger vegetation develop taller stems and extra foliage, watering as soon as per week is usually sufficient, however twice per week is best in hotter states.

As flowers and fruit start to develop, enhance your watering according to feeding. Purpose to water your tomato vegetation deeply each two to a few days whereas fruit develops, moderately than a sprinkler every day, which places stress on roots.

The best way to area tomatoes for the next yield

There are two colleges of thought on tomato spacing for greater yields. One is that wider spacing provides higher airflow, higher plant well being, and extra alternatives for additional trusses. The second is to develop intensively as single-stem tomatoes. Each are equally proper and improper, so I choose to work someplace in between.

Each tomato has a set restrict to the quantity of fruit it may possibly produce, so area every plant round 1.5-2ft aside, in wealthy compost (or nutritiously mulched soil). Prune them judiciously, leaving the healthiest trusses and eradicating the weakest. This helps bigger fruit on more healthy vegetation, in an inexpensive, however not fully intensive area.

The 5 finest high-yielding tomato varieties, and learn how to develop them

Of all of the tomato vegetation we’ve ever grown, there are 5 that I come again to yearly; Roma, Azoychka, Tremendous Mama, Tigerella, and Banana Legs. Every has yields of over 20lb even in a nasty yr, and they’re all versatile tomatoes, which develop in related situations. 

1. Roma

Roma is the traditional Italian plum tomato, with a well-rounded, candy taste and a thick pasty flesh that binds different elements extremely properly. In a nasty yr, you possibly can anticipate to reap round 20lb of smallish fruit, however in an excellent yr, with first rate solar and a heat spring, you possibly can simply exceed 30lb.

2. Azoychka

The pasty flesh of those golden beefsteaks is scrumptious sliced, and cooked instantly on the grill, however works equally properly as a paste tomato. With fluctuating climate over latest years, our yield has been hit or miss with Azoychka, with yields extra like 15lb than 25lb.

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3. Tremendous Mama

Tremendous Mama is plum the dimensions of a beefsteak. Whereas it doesn’t produce wherever as many fruits as Roma, its particular person fruits may be two or thrice the dimensions, making for a considerably greater yield weight. 

4. Tigerella

Tigerella is the simplest salad tomato to develop on the planet. They will deal with chilly springs and fluctuating summers and can develop fortunately outside. However, for one of the best tomato yield develop Tigerella indoors or in a greenhouse the place you possibly can correctly handle their watering and prune them mindfully.

5. Banana Legs

And final however not least are Banana Legs, that are the highest-yielding plum tomato you possibly can develop outside in virtually each a part of the nation. These extremely pasty tomatoes are filled with zesty taste, and make beautiful pasta sauce, in addition to wanting gorgeous when jarred. Any gardener with out a greenhouse, polytunnel, or indoor rising area ought to think about Banana Legs because it is without doubt one of the few really dependable outside varieties for any backyard. 


Yield isn’t nearly measurement. Tomato yields are a balancing act of water, fertilizer, spacing, gentle, and pruning, however when you get it proper you possibly can develop greater than sufficient tomatoes in a small backyard to final you for a complete yr.

Maybe extra importantly although is knowing tomato yields per plant, as a result of there are fewer plant households the place the yield can fluctuate extra dramatically between totally different varieties. Select a high-yielding tomato for the most important harvest, and verify again for tomato yield averages at Tiny Backyard Behavior everytime you want.

Try these must-have gardening merchandise

You don’t want a lot to begin gardening, however some instruments and merchandise will make a distinction in how snug and efficient gardening may be for you. Listed below are my favorites:

  • Backyard Trowel.  backyard trowel will final you a few years. I really like how sturdy this hand trowel from WOLF-Garten is, the steel doesn’t bend and it has a pleasant grip.
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  • Dutch Hoe. Dutch hoes could seem old style, however there’s nothing like a fast sweep via the topsoil to do away with small weeds – no bending required. I really like WOLF-Garten’s choice: this dutch hoe coupled with their common deal with.
  • Develop Lights. These develop lights from Mars Hydro are tremendous sturdy, but dimmable, in order that they match each stage of progress. They don’t put out an excessive amount of warmth and are very economical.
  • Seedling Trays. There’s an artwork to picking one of the best measurement for seedling trays in order that it holds the proper quantity of water and provides the roots sufficient room to develop. These germination plugs are excellent when coupled with 1020 backside trays. 
  • Liquid Fertilizer. You’ll must feed your vegetation from the seedling stage, all the way in which to fruiting. This natural fish & seaweed mix is a really versatile choice. Use it half-strength for younger vegetation and full-strength for established vegetation.

Browse our listing of instruments, fertilizers & pesticides, indoor rising merchandise and seed store suggestions – we hope you discover our choice helpful and it saves you a while!