how to care for a garden snail

how to care for a garden snail

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The best way to Take care of a Pet Backyard Snail

by Jane Lake

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A backyard snail is a small creature with easy wants. You’ll be able to hold pet snails in a small container, offering you take care of them correctly and ensure they obtain sufficient air, water, calcium and meals.

Right here, you’ll be taught fundamental ideas for housing and caring for pet snails and a few fascinating details about snails as nicely.

What You Will Want:

  • two or extra backyard snails
  • small container corresponding to a transparent glass jar or a small tank
  • a lid for the container or cheesecloth and a rubber band to make a canopy
  • small quantity of gravel
  • small quantity of potting soil, alone or with different substrate
  • tiny items of bark and dried leaves
  • some type of shelter (learn ideas beneath
  • cuttlefish, egg shells or chalk
  • water
  • meals provide
  • non-obligatory: small vegetation corresponding to moss, creeping thyme, creeping jenny or different low-growing floor covers

Put together the Snail Home

1. Wash and dry the container. Be certain that the container lid has vent holes massive sufficient to permit air inside, however sufficiently small to forestall the snails from escaping.

If you happen to don’t have a lid, fold cheesecloth or gauze right into a double layer then reduce an acceptable form to cowl the highest of your container. Put aside your lid or cowl for now.

2. Add a shallow layer of gravel to the underside of the tank for drainage. Prime the gravel with an inch and a half of soil or soil topped with one other substrate corresponding to spaghum moss, coir or peat.

3. Add a shelter in your new pets. A small plastic pot, positioned on its facet and half buried within the soil, works nicely. You would additionally make a miniature lean-to by leaning a chunk of bark in opposition to the container wall. Snails love this type of hideout.

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4. If you happen to like, tuck little vegetation, like creeping thyme and moss, into the soil. Add bits of bark and small dried leaves. Water the vegetation and soil till the soil is moist however not soaking moist. Basically, you now have a small terrarium that’s nearly prepared for its new inhabitants.

Transfer Your Snails Into Their New Residence

If you happen to haven’t already bought the snails, now could be the time to search out some. Backyard snails are plentiful in summer season. You’ll typically them on the underside of leaves or crossing the garden after a rain.

Gently decide up every snail by its shell and place it within the terrarium. A big mason jar can maintain two snails; a small tank, just like the one proven right here, which is about six inches lengthy by 4 inches deep and 5 inches excessive, is large enough for as much as 4 snails.

Add a Meals Provide

Add some meals for the snails. Supply as a lot selection as you possibly can. They take pleasure in many fruits together with apple, blackberries, kiwi, peach, pear, plum, raspberries and strawberries. Additionally supply greens like cucumber, tomato, a child carrot reduce in half lengthwise, lettuce, cabbage, kale, or dandelion leaves.

Observe snails outdoors and see what different leaves they take pleasure in consuming; chances are high, your pet snails would really like the identical lunch.

Small items of moist or dry cat or pet food, or tortoise meals, also can make good snail meals.

Snails want a supply of calcium and minerals to construct their shells, so place a chunk of egg shell or pure chalk within the tank as nicely. Cuttlefish from the pet retailer can be supplied.

Bear in mind to interchange the lid in your snail home after including meals. If you happen to’re utilizing cheesecloth or gauze, tie it down or fasten it with a rubber band. You don’t need snails escaping into your own home and hurting themselves or horrifying different individuals.

Housekeeping for Your Snails

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Change the meals every single day, eradicating uneaten leaves and changing with recent foodstuff. Each few days, wipe down the glass partitions of the terrarium with a sponge or paper towels. If the soil is drying out fill a clear spray bottle with water and mist the within of the tank (and the snails) with water till the soil is moist however not overly moist.

As soon as per week, take away the whole lot from the tank, wash and rinse it, then construct a brand new layer of substrate. Relatively than planting new vegetation, strive laying a mattress of dandelion leaves throughout the highest of the soil. The wilted dandelion leaves function a playground and as a plate for extra meals. In a day or two, when its time for clear up, simply take away the dandelions and any meals left mendacity on high of them.

Bear in mind to clean your fingers after dealing with your pet snails or after cleansing their terrarium.

Some Fascinating Details About Snails

Native snails can stay as much as 15 years. A pleasant factor about backyard snails is that should you can’t take care of them any extra for any cause then you possibly can simply launch them again into the wild.

Every species of snail has a shell sample that’s widespread to all its members.

Snails that stay in chilly areas construct up pure antifreeze of their blood to forestall freezing.

Snails can’t tolerate sudden temperature adjustments, however their our bodies modify nicely to gradual local weather change. Throughout hibernation, their heartbeats decelerate and the quantity of oxygen they devour is vastly decreased.

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