how to deter chickens from garden

how to deter chickens from garden

All summer time, I’ve been debating letting my chickens free-range, however I’ve a single query; How do I hold my chickens off my porch and deck? So I discovered the highest 10 methods to maintain chickens off a deck, patio, or cement block.

10 Methods To Preserve Chickens Off Your Porch!

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  1. Determine What attracts your chickens to the porch
  2. Transfer Your Rooster Coop Away From Restricted Areas
  3. Preserve feedings away out of your deck and porch
  4. Elevate the stakes or perching choices
  5. Prepare chickens to remain off your porch
  6. Use movement activated sprinklers to maintain chickens off the patio
  7. Use pretend predators
  8. Use a coaching animal
  9. Fence off restricted areas
  10. Use spices and vegetation to repel chickens

These steps could sound straightforward, however a few of them take much more time to implement than others. Preserve studying and I’ll talk about the time and effectiveness of every step.

Determine The Attraction to The Porch

Chickens have primary instincts and often, it’s an intuition that drives your chickens to your patio. The three primary instincts of a rooster are survival, consolation, and meals. Survival consists of copy. Chickens have many causes for in search of out your porch or deck.

Decks are nearer to human exercise and so chickens are sometimes higher protected against birds of prey and different predators when they’re on the patio. Your deck could provide a shaded place for a number of hours a day.

One more reason is that chickens shortly understand the place their meals comes from. Even when you have free-range chickens that solely have to be fed throughout colder months, they know that you’re the supply of their meals.

Plus, the optimum perching choices that decks and porches often have. Take into account the chairs, rails, BBQ grill, and different excessive locations that chickens can perch. When you’ve recognized seemingly causes that your chickens love your porch, you can begin to handle the issue.

  • Porches provide excessive perching
  • Safety from predators
  • Shade
  • Shut proximity to people
  • Safety from the weather

Transfer Your Rooster Coop Away From Restricted Areas

Even free-range chickens must be cooped up at night time to assist shield them from predators. Within the nation, these predators vary from weasels and minks to raccoons, foxes or coyotes. Within the metropolis, rooster predators are sometimes neighborhood cats or canine.

Based on Jennifer Cook dinner, the small acreage administration coordinator at Colorado State College Extension, free-range birds want 10 sq. ft of area per fowl to forage.

That signifies that when you have 5 birds, you want 50 sq. ft of area to your ladies and when you have 12 birds, you want 120 ft. In case your coop is nearer to forbidden areas than that, will probably be loads more durable to maintain your ladies away.

In fact, chickens wish to roam and the extra comfy they get with a particular space, the farther they’ll go. But, it helps to maintain your coop away as will probably be practically unimaginable to maintain them off your porch in case your coop is in shut proximity to it.

  • Preserve your rooster coop not less than 10 sq ft per rooster away from the home and dwelling areas

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Preserve Feedings Away From Your Porch

It may be tremendous tempting to coach your chickens to return operating once you come exterior or once you concern a particular name.

However, when you prepare your chickens to return to your name, then they’re much extra more likely to search the locations that get them nearer to you. Which means they’re extra more likely to search you in your porch, in your storage, and in your deck.

It is important that you simply restrict feeding your chickens to locations away out of your deck and porch. This trains your chickens to go to particular areas for meals as an alternative of in search of you out. Chickens are naturally social so they’ll need to search you out anyway.

Don’t encourage them to flock round your dwelling areas by feeding them as quickly as you get exterior except you don’t care about them gathering, perching, and pooping in your deck and patios. It’s extra handy than holding feed close by, however it is going to prevent hours of cleanup within the months forward.

One other word; Don’t provide canine or cat meals in your porch or deck both. This can appeal to your chickens as properly and make it exhausting to maintain them off.

  • Preserve meals off the porch. This consists of rooster meals, edible vegetation, and different animal meals.

Elevate The Stakes, er Perching Choices

Chickens like to compete for the best perch and the perfect view. Roosting excessive up helps your chickens be careful for predators and get vantage level. Even domesticated chickens like to roost excessive up.

Your chickens could also be interested in your porch as a result of it gives the perfect perching choices. That usually means perching in your fruit timber, in your porch, or atop your automotive. Make these issues much less interesting by providing your chickens higher perching choices nearer to the coop.

If you have already got a perching drawback in your deck rail, then provide a greater perch near the deck. Step by step transfer the perches away from the deck and near the coop.

This helps to coach your chickens to perch on one thing aside from your patio rails or bike. Mix this with efforts to make your porch rails much less engaging. Hold vegetation off your rails or add different decor to take up area in your rails.

  • Provide higher perching choices and transfer it away from the deck over time
  • Present deterrents for chickens who nonetheless need to roost on the porch rails

Prepare Your Chickens To Keep Off The Porch

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Chickens will be skilled to remain off the porch or cement. There are numerous methods to coach a rooster, however two very efficient methods to coach a rooster to keep off of one thing.

This coaching will be by means of adverse penalties or constructive penalties.

Holding your feedings away out of your porch and deck are a method of offering constructive reinforcement. However it could not remedy your entire drawback. There are a couple of secure methods to offer chickens with adverse reinforcement to remain off your porch.

  • Water spray
  • Yelling and scaring them away
  • Different preventing visuals

Chickens will be skilled, nevertheless it takes time and consistency. Should you solely sporadically present the motivation to go away your porch, then you’ll be “coaching” your chickens ceaselessly. Because of this it’s essential to keep residence and obtainable to coach your chickens for the primary short while. You have to hold a watchful eye in your girls and reply promptly.

How do you prepare a rooster? Determine the boundary that you simply need to hold your chickens away. This could possibly be the cement patio, it could possibly be the underside step of your deck, or it could possibly be the flower beds round your porch. Selecting a particular boundary is vital as a result of it helps you keep constant.

Preserve a hose close to your porch, or deck, and each time a rooster crosses the boundary, spray them and say “keep off my porch!” When chickens get the constant response of water, it trains them to remain off the porch. Typically, with consistency, the older hens will begin holding youthful chicks away from the forbidden space.

Scaring them away is one other methodology of coaching. This includes yelling and waving your arms to shoo them off the deck everytime they get on it. You need to use a brush that you simply wave (with out hitting them) or a big vivid material to frighten them.

This methodology takes a little bit extra time than water since you bodily should chase them off the deck, nevertheless it retains your patio from getting soaked. As you chase them away, hold the command constant equivalent to “shoo!” or “Get Off!”

Ultimately, it is possible for you to to command them off and can have the ability to persuade them to hang around some other place.

Use Movement-Activated Sprinklers To Preserve Chickens Off Your Porch

Should you don’t have time to coach your chickens or the will to take action, contemplate a movement activated sprinkler to do the job for you. Movement activated sprinklers use infrared mild to detect movement. You’ll be able to set them up on the base of your porch steps or alongside the perimeter of your deck. The draw back to movement sprinklers is that something will set them off.

This consists of folks and different animals.

After your chickens are solidly skilled to avoid the patio space, you can begin deactivating the sprinklers for extra comfy human use.

  • It should hearth at people additionally so that you’ll have to remain off the deck or manually man the deck when you find yourself out

Use Pretend Predators Preserve Chickens Away

Owls, snakes, and hawks are frequent predators to chickens so chickens have a pure aversion to them. Nonetheless, merely putting a plastic owl in your porch isn’t more likely to hold your chickens away long run.

Chickens are good and can shortly be taught that the owl isn’t actually harmful. That’s why many rooster homeowners buy mechanical predators to scare chickens away. To be efficient, you have to to vary the place of your preditors, the quantity, and placement. This retains your birds from turning into as accustomed to them. It additionally takes a while and dedication your birds alert.

However as a aspect profit, these predators will help to maintain different actual predators away out of your chickens. You may also purchase rubber snakes and transfer them round numerous places.

Additionally, you will discover that various kinds of chickens are extra flightly than others. Consequently, you should have various success with decoy predators to scare away your chickens.

Leghorns and Buttercups are extra flighty and can seemingly avoid a pretend predator. Cochins or Brahmas are much less flighty and extra more likely to understand that the predator isn’t actual after which ignore the warning.

  • The number of chickens will affect how flighty they’re when encountering pretend predators
  • Predators will have to be moved round and repositioned for effectiveness

Use owl decoys to scare chickens away

Use One other Animal To Preserve Your Hens In Test

You need to use different animals to maintain your chickens away.

In some circumstances, a rooster will help to maintain your ladies near the coop. Roosters are typically protecting and will help herd the flock nearer to residence. In fact, you could want to coach your rooster to remain near the coop for this to be efficient.

A guard canine may also be used to maintain your chickens off the porch. Select a canine that gained’t kill or eat the chickens. As a substitute, prepare your canine to frighten the chickens away anytime they get close to the deck or porch.

Fence Off Your Porch, Deck, and Patio

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You could have seen that older farmhouses have fences round the home, flower gardens, and deck. That’s as a result of fences are efficient at holding chickens out. Nonetheless, fencing off a porch or deck is usually undesirable for many individuals. There are numerous fencing choices. These embrace

  • Full fencing and rail
  • Rooster wire or wire material
  • Yellow ribbon
  • Hotwire or electrical fence

These choices have completely different advantages and disadvantages to them. Let’s go over your choices.

Full Fence: A full fence or rail possibility must be 5 ft excessive. Even chickens with their wings clipped can typically recover from a 4-foot fence if they’re decided sufficient.

In case your chickens have loads of roaming area, then a shorter fence will probably be more practical than in case your chickens are crowded. Fences will be fabricated from all kinds of supplies together with stone, wooden, or wire.

Rooster Wire or Wire Fabric: Rooster wire isn’t very robust, however will be efficient if you’re attempting to dam off a forbidden space. Wire material appears to be more practical and is extra fashionable for rooster homeowners.

Wire material can be utilized over the rooster wire or positioned on the bottom to maintain chickens from digging within the flower beds round your porch. A number of rooster homeowners advisable utilizing a brief fence, the peak of your hens, to discourage hens from crossing the border into your porch.

Hens would run into the fence and be discouraged from crossing the border. Nonetheless, it could be difficult to place the fence in the fitting place in order that chickens don’t fly over the fencing.

Yellow Ribbon: A yellow ribbon can be utilized in a lot the identical method as a brief fence. It’s used as a visible deterrent to the chickens. Nonetheless, you’ll in all probability should be diligent in coaching your chickens to remain on the fitting aspect of the yellow ribbon or they’ll quickly ignore it.

Scorching Wire: A scorching wire is an efficient technique to prepare chickens to avoid a boundary. The discomfort retains chickens from making an attempt to roost on the highest of the fence. It may also be used as a fence and technique of holding chickens out.

How to keep chickens off your deck

Use Spices or Herbs to Deter Chickens

Most chickens detest the robust odor of many spices and herbs. You’ll be able to unfold spices throughout your deck. You may also develop particular herbs or annuals that have a tendency to discourage chickens round your porch or patio.

Spices that deter chickens embrace:

  • Paprika
  • Curry powder
  • Black pepper
  • Garlic
  • Cayenne Pepper
  • Cinnamon
  • Salt
  • Citrus Peels

Along with the robust odor, many spices may even trigger discomfort to chickens who stroll throughout the spices. The discomfort doesn’t hurt the chickens however will hopefully trigger them to go away the offending space.

The principle issue of utilizing spices is that you’ll have to replenish them each time you water or it rains or snows. Should you reside in a windy place as I do, then additionally, you will should replenish the spices a number of occasions a day as a result of fixed wind or breeze.

Another choice is to develop vegetation that act as pure deterrents for chickens. Most perennial herbs have robust smells that deter chickens. Moreover, there are lots of annual vegetation with robust smells. Needless to say some chickens will forage even smelly vegetation for meals. Crops that assist to discourage chickens embrace

  • Oregano
  • Lavender
  • Chamomile
  • Lemon Balm
  • Mint
  • Thyme
  • Marigolds
  • Petunias
  • Alyssum
  • Impatiens

Needless to say wholesome, established vegetation will fare higher in opposition to chickens. Small seedlings could not have sufficient odor to discourage chickens and can simply fall prey to their digging and feeding.

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Associated Questions

How do I cease my canine from consuming rooster poop? Canine eat rooster poop for quite a lot of causes. It’s intuition for some breeds of canine, particularly smaller canine. It may well present protein, B1 nutritional vitamins, or potassium to a canine’s weight-reduction plan. Different canine could eat rooster poop out of boredom or to get a response from you. You’ll be able to restrict your canine’s publicity to rooster poop, deal with constructive reinforcements to remain away, and complement your canine’s weight-reduction plan with extra protein and nutritional vitamins.

How do I hold chickens off my cement? Holding chickens off cement includes a whole lot of the identical methods mentioned in holding them off a porch or patio. Preserve constant, contemplate a barrier, and take away all points of interest to the cement. Ensure that they’ve loads of sunshine, shade, meals, and perching alternatives away from the cement and by no means feed them or reward them for being on the cement.


Holding chickens away out of your porch could require the usage of a number of methods, particularly when you don’t need to fence off the world in query. Do not forget that chickens want area, security, and meals to thrive and provide these issues away from restricted areas. Constant reinforcement will make it extra seemingly that your chickens will avoid your deck. What concepts have been profitable for you that I haven’t talked about right here? [post-carousel id=”364″]

How to keep chickens off the porch

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