how to deter magpies from your garden

how to deter magpies from your garden

Magpies are birds with a poor fame, however they’re truly misunderstood creatures. Individuals love and hate these cheeky, chatty birds. They will little question be a nuisance to your own home and backyard, that means that you could be be questioning shoo them away for good.

do away with magpies by scaring them? You possibly can do away with magpies by scaring them with decoys or scarecrows. Shiny and reflective objects may scare and deter them out of your panorama. Nevertheless, one of the best methodology to maintain magpies away is to take away meals and water sources so that they don’t come round within the first place.

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All through this text, you’ll additionally study a few of the following details about magpies:

  • What magpies are and the way they received their title
  • determine magpies and their lookalikes
  • Why you’re not allowed to kill magpies
  • What makes magpies aggressive
  • Strategies to maintain magpies away

What Is a Magpie Fowl?

There are a lot of species of magpie birds all all over the world. Magpies belong to the genus Pica, they usually eat fruit, nuts, seeds, bugs, small rodents, and even eggs of different small birds. The scientific title Pica originates from medieval Latin, referring to the fowl’s fame for consuming something.

The black-billed magpie (Pica hudsonia) is without doubt one of the commonest and resides within the western United States. Magpies are family of acquainted crows and jays. In response to the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Companies, magpies reside in arid grasslands and sagebrush plains, sometimes in open areas as an alternative of dense forests.

What’s a Group of Magpies Known as?

A group (or flock) of magpies is known as a “tiding” or “tittering.” This title could also be as a result of their noisy tendencies. Magpies appear to profit from their group residing. Analysis on tidings of magpies has proven that residing in bigger social teams is related to elevated cognitive efficiency.

Why Is a Magpie Known as a Magpie?

Someday through the seventeenth century, the prefix “magazine” (quick for Margaret) was mixed with “pie,” and the magpie was born! Earlier than incomes this twofold title, the birds had been merely known as “pies,” although language specialists nonetheless debate the explanations for the nickname.

The origins of the title “magpie” could be traced again a number of centuries. Margaret is a colloquial female title related to somebody who’s chatty. As a result of the magpie fowl is noisy, it additionally earned the chatterbox designation related to the nickname “magazine.”

Earlier than incomes the “magazine” prefix, these birds had been referred to as “pies,” as had been their family – crows and ravens. This might check with the black and white feathering of magpies and the similarities to medieval pies, or it may check with the tendency for magpies to eat no matter they may discover.

Why Are Magpies So Noisy?

Magpies are so noisy as a result of they’re extraordinarily clever and have communication skills just like primary human language, together with telling if one other magpie is mendacity. Due to this, chatter is each loud and fixed. The group social construction of magpies additionally contributes to their noise stage.

In response to a College of Western Australia researcher and professor, magpies are extra vocally complicated than some other songbird on the planet. Females have been discovered to make extra calls than males and to take action at increased frequencies. Total, magpies can attain decibel ranges similar to a lawnmower.

What Does a Magpie Look Like?

Magpies have lengthy tails and shortened, rounded wings, a distinction that simply separates them from crows, in response to Jean M. Linsdale of U.C. Berkeley. Magpies are identified for his or her tail that’s sometimes so long as their physique and their black and white coloring sample. The magpie’s lengthy tail typically makes them seem bigger in measurement than they really are.

In response to the Montana Subject Information, female and male magpies are comparable in look and are sometimes distinguished by their measurement variations.

What Does a Younger Magpie Look Like?

Younger magpies have shorter tails than adults. In addition they have variations in eye shade, against adults’ black eyes, and their feathers look much less “shiny” than adults. Grownup magpies have brilliant white plumage, whereas feathers on younger magpies look off-white or grey, seemingly “soiled” by comparability.

What Do Magpie Eggs Look Like?

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Magpie eggs seem like blackbird eggs, normally a greenish-gray or blue-green shade with brown speckles. Eggs are small and take about 16 days to hatch. Magpies lay eggs of their dome-shaped nest, which normally has two entrances and a cup-shaped space lined with mud and grass to guard the eggs.

Birds That Look Like Magpies: Identification Information

There are a lot of comparable species to magpies, which may trigger some confusion when making an attempt to determine the birds.

Some frequent lookalikes embody:

  • Frequent raven – these birds are bigger, have a thicker invoice, and no white coloration.
  • Canada jay – smaller than magpies, a lot smaller invoice, shorter tail, and are grey in shade fairly than jet-black just like the magpie.
  • Clark’s nutcracker – these have a brief tail and lengthy, pointy beak. Their coloration is generally grey, they usually don’t have a white stomach and again just like the magpie.
  • American crow – the crow is all black with out the white markings of a magpie. In addition they have quick tails and thicker our bodies.

Are Magpies Protected by Regulation?

Magpies are protected by legislation. In response to federal and lots of state laws, magpies are a protected species of migratory birds. That implies that they can’t be hunted, harmed, or killed with out a allow to take action.

The Code of Federal Laws features a depredation order for blackbirds, cowbirds, crows, grackles, and magpies. There are exceptions to the laws, together with sure circumstances, akin to birds inflicting structural property harm or critical accidents to crops, posing a well being hazard, and different particular conditions.

Nevertheless, it’s best to all the time seek the advice of your native authorities to substantiate eligibility earlier than utilizing deadly management measures in opposition to magpies.

Why Do Magpies Maintain Coming to My Home and Backyard?

Magpies maintain coming to your own home and backyard as a result of they’re searching for meals, water, and shelter. Fruits and veggies can appeal to them, together with birdbaths or standing water sources. Magpies aren’t afraid of confrontation and can scare away smaller birds to get no matter bounty is in your yard.

Different meals sources, like your rubbish or bugs in your gutters, may appeal to these birds.

Are Magpies Aggressive and Harmful?

Magpies aren’t universally aggressive and harmful. Nevertheless, they’ve a little bit of a foul fame, as they’ve been identified to “swoop” on folks. However that is extra of a territorial response than aggression. Magpies are extra aggressive towards different animals than people.

Magpies could be seen touchdown on bigger animals to eat ticks from their fur, or you might witness them “bully” smaller birds and animals to maintain them from competing for meals.

Why Do Magpies Assault?

Magpies assault as a result of they’re defending their younger, and this sometimes solely happens through the mating and breeding season. Male magpies will patrol across the nest and swoop on potential predators if perceived to be threats.

How To Maintain Magpies Away From the Home / How To Scare Magpies?

One of the simplest ways to maintain magpies away from the home is to remove any meals and water sources that appeal to them within the first place. Which means that it’s best to do away with any birdbaths till you get the magpie downside below management and restrict the usage of any fowl feeders.

Maintain Magpies Out of Your Yard and Backyard?

You possibly can cowl fruit bushes and different crops with fowl netting to assist maintain them from feeding in your backyard. One other tip is to trim bushes to discourage nesting within the thick foliage.

One other strategy to maintain magpies away is by scaring them. You should utilize decoys like scarecrows to assist deter them from stopping by your own home, however magpies are sensible and should catch on to this trick in case you don’t transfer the decoys round typically.

How To Maintain Magpies Away From Fowl Feeders?

In case you have an issue with magpies, it might be a good suggestion to take away fowl feeders till you get the issue below management. Nevertheless, in case you don’t need to disappoint your different feathered mates, there are some issues you are able to do to maintain undesirable visitors away.

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A good suggestion could be to look into choosing up some squirrel-proof fowl feeders, which will also be efficient at maintaining magpies away. After all, this may even exclude some other bigger birds that you could be not thoughts sharing the seeds.

You may additionally strive hanging some reflective objects (like previous CDs) from the bushes close to your fowl feeders to discourage the magpies from approaching.

How To Maintain Magpies Out of a Hen Coop?

In the event you’re involved with sneaky magpies pilfering the nest in your hen coop, one of the best ways to maintain them out is to take away the meals supply. This includes gathering the eggs as quickly as attainable to remove the chance.

Close to the hen coop is one other space the place decoys might turn out to be useful. A scarecrow positioned close by could also be sufficient to discourage the magpie elsewhere, however you’ll want to maneuver it round for it to stay efficient.

You can too think about a catch-and-release entice which you would place close to the coop with some meals inside to lure the magpie into the entice. As soon as the thief has been trapped, you’ll be able to safely relocate and launch him.

Maintain Magpies Away From the Balcony?

To maintain magpies away from the balcony, you’ll be able to strive most of the strategies we’ve already described, like shiny, reflective objects or decoys. Just be sure you don’t have any flower pots or different containers gathering water or any potential meals sources laying round to draw them within the first place.

In case you have crops in your balcony, cowl them with fowl netting to maintain magpies from perching on them or consuming fruits or seeds. You also needs to look ahead to some other areas that the magpie perches and attempt to remove the touchdown zone.

Because the balcony is so near the inside of your own home, be sure you don’t go away sliding doorways or home windows open that would result in an uninvited visitor inside your lounge or kitchen.

Magpie Fowl Repellents: Greatest Manner To Scare Off Magpies

One of the simplest ways to repel magpies is by scaring them off. Decoys and reflective objects successfully maintain these birds away as a result of they don’t like how the sunshine appears to be like when it displays off a shiny floor.

Listed here are a few of the greatest repellents to scare off magpies:

  • Repellent Disks
  • Reflective Scare Tapes
  • Pretend Eyes
  • Decoy Owls
  • Reflective Scare Rods


Magpies are daring and social birds that don’t have any downside coming near properties and lawns. They could be a nuisance, however they aren’t inherently harmful.

Right here’s a rundown of the matters coated on this article:

  • Magpies are interested in meals and water sources which can be accessible round properties.
  • Use warning throughout breeding season as a result of magpies might swoop in the event that they really feel you’re too near the nest.
  • Magpies are protected, so solely non-lethal management strategies can be utilized.
  • The perfect methods to scare off magpies embody utilizing decoys and reflective objects to discourage them from coming into the realm.

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