how to deter pigeons from garden

how to deter pigeons from garden

Pigeons in the street

Pigeons could cause a serious downside in your well being and high quality of life. Nesting pigeons will go away droppings and pigeon poop is doubtlessly dangerous to people, in addition to pets or different animals. The noise that pigeons trigger, significantly throughout instances of the 12 months after they breed, can be very annoying – and causes sleep disturbances for individuals. In consequence, fowl proofing is a well-liked type of pest management.

There are a number of approaches to discourage pigeons, in addition to different bigger or smaller birds. You possibly can select to scare pigeons by manipulating their pure responses or repel them with issues they dislike. Hen repellents make areas much less fascinating for pigeons to nest or perch and fowl scarers cease them from getting into engaging areas. Each approaches assist with pigeon proofing photo voltaic panels and different areas.

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Nesting birds will naturally concentrate on window ledges, balcony areas and locations close by a fowl desk or different meals supply. As specialists in reliably offering skilled options to manage birds, and different kinds of pests, we will suggest how you can deter pigeons successfully. Lots of the strategies we talk about are attainable to strive your self – however for knowledgeable consequence please be at liberty to contact us for a quote.


The next strategies of deterring a pigeon group from roosting or nesting might be efficient in opposition to feral pigeons, wooden pigeons and lots of different kinds of birds. Some are helpful particularly for pigeons and huge birds however will nonetheless enable different much less problematic fowl species to make use of an area, fowl desk or feeder.

The perfect deterrents will manipulate the physiological or psychological nature of a pigeon – and whereas some could cause slight misery this record is humane and hurt free.

The next are one of the best methods to discourage pigeons:


A roll of aluminum foil isolated on white background

The reflective surfaces of mirrors or different shiny objects will set off a pigeons flight response. In consequence, having a reflective floor on a window sill or balcony rail can simply deter a pigeon from roosting or perching there.

The next are some methods to discourage pigeons by utilizing reflective surfaces:

  • Aluminium foil: You possibly can place a layer of shiny aluminium foil over a window sill and balcony rail very simply. With cautious wrapping, it’s solely attainable to create an undesirable perching house that does nonetheless seems to be good.
  • Mirrors: For a bigger house, comparable to a roof or the sides of photo voltaic panels, mirrors are a very good possibility. A mirror will replicate gentle very effectively and supply an efficient deterrent for pigeons. Small mirrors can work on a window sill.
  • Outdated CDs: When you’ve got a fowl desk or feeder that you simply wish to deter pigeons from then hanging an previous CD is an easy house treatment to strive. They’re small and utilizing string may help them transfer within the wind for extra reflectivity.

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Selecting reflective surfaces to discourage pigeons will reap the benefits of their pure responses, however it doesn’t trigger any misery. Reflective surfaces are extra of a confusion to a pigeon – and can end in them merely nesting elsewhere.


Plastic owl

Pigeons can not inform the distinction between an actual owl in a tree and a false one. In consequence, mock owls or different static objects will be efficient pigeon scarers. You possibly can simply place fowl scarers at strategic factors which are significantly problematic.

The next are some suggestions for scaring pigeons away from a nesting space:

  • Brightly-coloured balls: The spherical form of a ball will trick a pigeon into believing it’s the eye of a predator. You possibly can strive putting previous tennis balls on sticks or on the tip of fence posts to scare them away from the realm.
  • Predator decoys: Pigeons are sensible however, from a distance, they cannot inform the distinction between an actual predatory fowl or a decoy. You should purchase plastic fashions of owls, herons and falcons to warn off curious pigeons.
  • Ultrasonic sound units: Utilizing a machine that emits ultrasonic sound, that solely birds can hear, will cease pigeons from nesting in an space. Ultrasonic sound is much less of a scare tactic and extra of an irritant to birds.

Selecting fowl scarers is arguably much less humane than different approaches as a result of they trick the pigeons into pondering they’re in peril. Nevertheless, pigeons are resilient and can hunt down different nesting areas and scarers do no bodily hurt.


City pigeons in the street

There are lots of methods to make a pigeon fly away and discover one other roosting house or tree, one in all which is to utilize fowl gels. Hen gels create an ultraviolet gentle that resembles flames within the thoughts of a pigeon, so wards them off very effectively.

You should buy fowl gels and place them in areas your self, bear in mind the next suggestions:

  • Place gels within the direct neighborhood of pigeons: Pigeons have to be near fowl gels, which might make them tough to position on excessive ranges comparable to balcony areas or close to photo voltaic panels. Magnetic gel pots may help with placement.
  • Give birds the complete entry: Gels work by sight, scent and contact, every of which deters a pigeon – so ensure they’re seen, not masked by different out of doors smells comparable to bins and are in a location the place a pigeon can contact them.
  • Area them out evenly: Hen gels will work solely of their particular space, so in case you are hoping to maintain pigeons away from a bigger house utilizing this deterrent you then want a number of gel pots which are evenly unfold out.

Hen gels are constructed from pure oils, the scent of which pigeons additionally dislike. Once more, this technique manipulates the birds’ pure responses, so will trigger alarm – however causes no bodily harm in any way and is solely humane.


White naphthalene balls on white wooden background

If you’re seeking to strive a house treatment then making use of strong-smelling substances, one thing that pigeons hate, is an efficient possibility. Lots of the smells that pigeons dislike are from widespread home items, so they’re simple to strive at house.

Keep in mind the next when making an attempt to discourage pigeons with strong-smelling substances:

  • Combine with vinegar and water: Vinegar is a strong-smelling substance which you could mix with fiery peppers and spices – comparable to cayenne or cinnamon. This mixture will make for a stronger deterrent.
  • Use a twig bottle: Placing your combination into a twig bottle is a straightforward technique to coat the realm evenly. It is usually a lot simpler to maintain an present spray bottle at hand as a substitute of concocting a brand new combination every time you want it.
  • Strive mothballs: Apart from spicy smells, pigeons significantly hate mothballs – just like these you may use to guard garments. You possibly can strive putting mothballs at particular factors in n space, which eliminates the necessity for spray.

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When utilizing smells to discourage pigeons it is best to bear in mind to maintain making use of this scent to the affected space, as there might be a lack of efficiency over time. Pigeons merely keep away from the smells they dislike and there’s zero misery or bodily hurt.


Anti-pigeon netting

Selecting fowl netting is a really humane, low cost and immediately efficient method of retaining pigeons away from an space. Hen netting is especially efficient on a balcony or close to a fowl desk that’s solely meant for smaller birds.

The next are some advantages of utilizing fowl netting to discourage pigeons:

  • Weatherproof: When fowl proofing buildings climate can diminish the effectiveness of sure strategies, significantly those who depend on scent or sound. Hen netting may be very robust and can work year-round in all climate.
  • Helpful for all areas: If you wish to cowl a statue or different house, comparable to bin shops, netting is efficient as it’s attainable to put in it over any form or object – together with particular bushes and crops or air-con items, for instance.
  • Discrete: Selecting fowl netting is a discrete method of deterring pigeons, and the netting is sort of invisible even at quick distances. The mix of being discrete and highly-effective makes netting a very good all-round possibility.

Hen netting requires knowledgeable set up to work correctly, significantly when putting in at a excessive stage. In consequence, netting isn’t one of the best house treatment for deterring pigeons because it requires ability and security gear to hold out.


Bird and pigeon spike deterrents

Hen spikes may look domineering and scary, however they don’t hurt the pigeons. Birds can navigate into many very tight areas with none downside, and the spikes merely push them off of an space ought to they attempt to land.

Selecting fowl spikes is an efficient deterrent for the next causes:

  • Appropriate for particular areas: If you end up not masking a big house and easily have an issue space then fowl spikes are a beautiful method to offer a focused deterrent. Goal areas might embody fowl feeders for small birds.
  • Sturdy and long-lasting: Many deterrents lose their effectiveness over time, however spikes are normally constructed from chrome steel and have polycarbonate bases – so they won’t fall off and can work for a very long time.
  • Low-maintenance: There is no such thing as a further upkeep needed for fowl spikes as soon as they’re in place. You possibly can get pleasure from the advantages of fowl spikes for a few years in addition to all through every kind of climate.

The disadvantage to fowl spikes is that they require skilled set up and correct spacing for them to be efficient. If fowl spikes are too far aside then they are going to doubtlessly make the realm extra fascinating for roosting pigeons to construct their nests.


The above sections spotlight the highest suggestions of how you can deter pigeons, with minimal trouble and with one of the best outcomes. Lots of the strategies are appropriate for individuals to strive themselves and residential cures may fit in lots of instances.

We’re specialists in pest management and supply all kinds of fowl deterrent choices for our purchasers, so we now have the data to counsel the simplest strategies. If you want knowledgeable resolution for deterring pigeons please get in contact.

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