how to dry chives from the garden

how to dry chives from the garden

Drying chives is straightforward, and, like most herbs, you possibly can air dry, oven dry, or dehydrate them. Realizing methods to dry chives can are available actually useful as a result of the herb grows quick and in massive quantities.

Chives style greatest when eaten recent as a result of, in contrast to different kitchen herbs, they lose most of their aroma when dried. Due to this fact, freezing chives is at all times a very good choice to retain as a lot taste as potential. If, nonetheless, your freezer is full otherwise you need to dry them for one more cause, there are a number of simple methods to do it.

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Harvesting Chives

Drying chives
At all times use a pointy knife or sharp scissor for harvesting. That approach you received’t crush the fragile herb leaves, which may additional drain the herb of its aroma. (Photograph: CC0 Public Area / Pixabay – Couleur)

When to reap chives: It’s best to reap chives within the early morning, after the dew has dried. Like different herbs, that is when their taste is most concentrated.

How one can harvest chives: With regards to harvesting, the “how” is simply as vital because the “when”. Reduce the chives all the way down to 1 – 2 inches above the bottom. This may assist the chives regrow within the coming season.

Drying Chives

Drying Chives
Drying chives is straightforward, in the event you observe a couple of easy steps. (Photograph: CC0 Public Area / Pexels – alleksana)

Earlier than drying chives, rinse them in chilly water and take away all leaves which can be wilted or broken. Then fastidiously dab them dry with a clear material. Now you possibly can select from one of many following strategies beneath to dry your chives.

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1. Air dry chives

  1. Collect a handful of chives and bind them right into a free bundle utilizing twine.
  2. Take a paper bag and lower some holes or slits into the edges for air circulation. Place the chives within the bag and tie one other piece of twine across the bag together with the chives. This may maintain away mud and extreme daylight.
  3. Cling the bag in a cool and dry house and go away it there for about two weeks. Verify the chives for mould each few days.
  4. When the chives really feel dry and crumble simply, they’re prepared for storing.

Do you know? You can even dry basil virtually the identical approach.

Drying Chives
You don’t want a lot for air drying: a paper bag, a pair of scissors and a few twine and also you’re good to go. (Photograph: Utopia / Sharon Hodge)

2. Dehydrating chives

A dehydrator is an efficient possibility for drying chives as a result of it’s a a lot quicker technique than air drying them and way more energy-efficient than the oven. Right here’s the way you do it:

  1. Reduce the chives into 1/4-inch items.
  2. Cowl the chives with a dehydrating display screen or mat, in case your dehydrator comes with it.
  3. Dry the chives for roughly one hour at 90 levels F.
  4. Do the dried chives crumble between your fingers? Then they’re prepared.

3. Drying chives within the oven

This drying technique requires extra vitality and isn’t as environmentally pleasant as the 2 choices above. Though it’s a lot quicker than hang-drying and is a protected method to keep away from mould increase in the course of the drying course of, we nonetheless advocate selecting one of many different strategies.

  1. Preheat the oven to about 170 levels Fahrenheit or to the bottom temperature setting.
  2. Reduce the chives into 1/4-inch items.
  3. Unfold them on a baking sheet lined with parchment paper and go away it within the oven for 1-2 hours. Verify usually to verify the chives should not burnt.
  4. When the chives crumble between your fingers, they’re dry sufficient. Now you possibly can take the baking sheet out of the oven and let every part cool off.

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Observe: Attempt to dissipate dried chives inside six months of harvesting them. The extra time passes, the much less the lack of taste might be.

Storing Chives

Storage containers
It’s greatest to make use of containers manufactured from ceramic or brown glass for storing herbs, that approach they received’t be uncovered to an excessive amount of daylight. (Photograph: Utopia / Sharon Hodge)

After you’ve got dried chives utilizing one of many three strategies above, retailer them in an air-tight container that’s saved in a cool and darkish place. It will be important that the herbs are utterly dry earlier than doing this, in any other case they could get moldy.

Observe: Earlier than utilizing dried chives to refine your dishes, briefly soak them in water. This may make the aroma come out a bit stronger.

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