how to fill a garden bed

how to fill a garden bed

After getting assembled your Vego natural gardening raised beds, the subsequent process is filling the raised backyard beds earlier than planting. Some of the widespread questions we get from new gardeners is the right way to fill a brand new raised mattress and nonetheless get monetary savings. There are various totally different strategies on the market that work properly! From our expertise, the Hugelkultur methodology is the best and most cost-efficient methodology to make use of.


Hugelkultur is the method of layering natural backyard waste contained in the raised backyard mattress, earlier than including soil to avoid wasting on prices, along with attracting and preserving moisture. Of German origin, hugelkultur interprets to “mound or hill tradition.” It’s particularly relevant in areas the place soil retention and drainage are poor, which is typical of soils present in city areas.

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The supplies used embody massive rotting logs, sticks and different particles which might be layered with grass clippings, espresso grounds, compost, and different natural matter. As the fabric breaks down, it creates a flourishing setting for helpful fungi and microbes that mimics the pure panorama of a forest. There are various benefits to the Hugelkultur methodology, together with soil high quality enchancment, minimal upkeep, and water retention.

The Hugelkultur Methodology to Fill Raised Backyard Mattress Soil

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To create a bountiful backyard mattress, natural matter resembling rotted hay, plant waste, and compost is added to the soil. Wooden particles decomposes slowly, making it a steady supply of natural matter. The optimum type of wooden used is one that’s beginning to rot, which could be obtained from branches minimize from a useless tree or logs from an deserted wooden pile. This natural matter will decompose over time, and plant roots will journey deeper into the raised backyard mattress soil to acquire the vitamin. It’s going to additionally work as an enormous sponge, and retain water to take care of a great moisture degree.

Within the Hugelkultur methodology, the massive items are laid on the backside as they are going to take the longest time to decompose. Within the image above, the piling logs might take as much as 5 years earlier than the bottom sponge breaks down into wealthy, great raised backyard mattress soil. The smaller items are positioned on high of the bigger items to fill house, resembling branches and sticks, after which grass clippings, leaves and kitchen scraps. Compost and topsoil are on the highest two layers to your raised backyard mattress so you can begin planting because the natural matter beneath decomposes.

Some Concerns When Utilizing This Methodology

  • Pests: One thing to pay attention to are termites, particularly for those who dwell in a wooded space with a excessive termite distribution, which could be interested in the massive quantity of buried wooden. Nevertheless, most termites are likely to dwell in useless bushes which might be nonetheless standing, quite than buried logs present in hugel beds. Garlic could be grown for pest management. Be sure that to be vigilant towards pests resembling slugs, snails, and tablet bugs. You should utilize natural pest management resembling beer traps if slugs turn out to be an issue.
  • Numerous Hugelkultur Strategies: The traditional methodology requires you to dig a deep trench round 2 meters and fill it with massive logs, including progressively extra logs till it turns into mound-shaped. Most gardeners dig a shallower trench that’s about 1 meter. Vego raised backyard beds present a handy different that solely requires you to fill the container on the bottom with the suitable contents. They supply structural integrity by means of an enclosed terrain that’s simple to handle and can final for a few years, making it the proper framework. That approach, you don’t must spend time digging a trench or inserting a fence round it, which could be burdensome and labor intensive. Moreover, it’s extra aesthetically interesting than only a mound on the bottom, which is unpleasant to some.
  • Wooden Sort: The appropriate kind of wooden is necessary to contemplate. Hardwoods are really helpful as they break down extra slowly and maintain water longer. Nevertheless, softwoods are additionally acceptable. The woods that work greatest embody birch, alder, maple, cottonwood, willow and oak. Keep away from allelopathic bushes like black walnut, purple oak, and sycamore, as they comprise chemical compounds that inhibit plant development, in addition to rot resistant bushes like black cherry and black locust.
  • Preparation: You’ll want to add a recent layer of compost on high previous to planting. The mixed layers of natural materials above the wooden ought to be as deep because the wooden base. This implies a 30″ mattress can have as much as 15″ wooden in it, whereas a 15″ mattress may have 6″ wooden to permit sufficient house for the rising medium.
  • Moisture Ranges: Sustaining moisture is a crucial facet of hugel backyard beds, as dryness is a generally reported situation. Subsequently, it is very important shift the soil into crevices to remove any dry pockets. One approach to accomplish that is to repeatedly water the mattress throughout building to ensure there are not any gaps. You also needs to use high quality natural combine soil, which improves water retention.

Hulgelkulture Methodology Benefits

The Hugelkultur methodology has many benefits and has been proved to work nice for gardeners all over the world. In case you are searching for to chop down on prices, or in search of a sustainable gardening method, then this methodology is for you. The vertical nature of the mound helps maximize floor space, which is helpful in compacted, city areas. Subsequently, it’s a methodology that’s appropriate for farmers, gardeners, and owners.

  • Value Environment friendly: Shopping for baggage of soil from a retailer is kind of pricey, which may quantity to over 100 {dollars} for giant backyard beds. The Hugelkultur methodology turns backyard and kitchen waste into helpful materials for filling raised backyard beds, permitting you to avoid wasting a considerable amount of cash. You may as well repurpose fallen tree branches or useless branches minimize from bushes as an alternative of carting them away or burning them. The natural waste will decompose over time, enriching the soil and offering regular vitamin for crops to make use of.
  • Environmentally pleasant: When branches are burned, gasses and vitamins are launched into the environment, which contributes to world warming. By retaining them within the floor, they endure carbon sequestration, a course of that reverses CO2 air pollution and mitigates local weather change.
  • Water retention: Hugelkultur tends to carry water very properly because the backyard waste works as a sponge to carry moisture, releasing rainwater into the soil throughout dry seasons. This permits gardeners to avoid wasting on water prices by lowering the frequency of watering. As well as, you don’t have to fret about overwatering your crops to the purpose they turn out to be waterlogged, which is detrimental to root development and might choke out oxygen.
  • Soil temperature: Whereas compost is decomposed by micro organism, hugel beds are primarily decomposed by fungi. Because the natural issues decompose, they are going to warmth up and create a microclimate underneath the crops, and heat the raised backyard mattress soils, which could be very useful in colder climates.
  • Soil Enchancment: Hugelkultur additionally creates a mini biosphere consisting of microorganisms, fungi, and bugs, emulating the pure panorama of a forest, with its spongy, nutrient wealthy soil teeming with microorganisms. As a result of the soil is of course aerated, it employs a gardening method often called no-till gardening. Crops grown on this method are extra resilient to illness, pests, and environmental stressors. They’re additionally extra flavorful because of the ample vitamins.
  • Minimal Upkeep: Though the preliminary setup takes some effort and preparation, there may be not a variety of upkeep concerned in these backyard beds as soon as they’ve been constructed. You solely have to minimally preserve the backyard mattress by including a pair inches of compost and fertilizers to the highest to replenish it. It additionally requires minimal weeding in comparison with a traditional mattress.

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Beneath is diagram for Hugelkultur in our Further Tall 32″ Raised Backyard beds. You should utilize the identical idea to fill your 17″ tall backyard beds or every other beds.

steps to fill raised garden bed soil | Hugelkultur method | Vego Garden

You may construct the backyard in a sunny or shady location. Hugel beds are very versatile and might assist many forms of crops, together with greens, herbs, and fruits. Be sure that to match the plant to the suitable rising situations. Greens develop greatest when uncovered to full solar. Greens like lettuce and spinach and root crops like carrots and beets will tolerate partial shade. You need to attempt to plant all kinds of crops, together with each perennial and annual crops, as variety affords extra alternatives to reap and ends in a extra plentiful yield.

It is very important word that root greens resembling carrots might have issue rising in Hugelkultur beds because of the depth requirement of not less than a foot of soil. Tubers like potatoes can even disrupt the construction. For extra detailed info, seek the advice of plant tags and backyard catalogues for the local weather necessities of different crops you propose to develop in your Hugelkultur backyard.

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