how to freeze fresh garden cabbage

how to freeze fresh garden cabbage

Cabbage is a superb ingredient to maintain in your fridge’s crisper drawer. It’s crammed with nutritional vitamins, hardy, and fantastic in every little thing from salads/slaws to heartier braises or stews. With an superior crunchy texture when uncooked that yields to a velvety richness when cooked, cabbage is really an all-purpose veggie.

Nevertheless, it’s very easy to finish up with extra cabbage than you may feasibly use in a given week. Whereas cabbage has an ideal shelf life, it’s not infinite. Typically, after I’ve ended up with extra cabbage than I needed, I’ve questioned “are you able to freeze cabbage?” to assist prolong the shelf life whereas sustaining an ideal uncooked texture.

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a head of cabbage halved and ready to cut.

Are you able to freeze cabbage?

The reply is “Sure, you may completely freeze cabbage.” With a number of easy suggestions and methods, it’s straightforward to each freeze cabbage uncooked and in a blanched kind to increase the shelf life. Whether or not you need the very best texture attainable or the very best shelf life this text will break down the alternative ways to freeze your cabbage and get the very best outcomes to your recipes.

The Final Information To Freezing Cabbage!

Chopping and utilizing cabbage is comparatively easy. With a small central stem, cabbage is a principally usable vegetable with little to no waste. Whether or not you’re utilizing complete leaves for stuffed cabbage rolls, chopped or shredded cabbage for coleslaw, or large chunks of cabbage for braised corned beef or cabbage soup, it’s not exhausting to chop it into your required kind.

When freezing cabbage there’s actually one fundamental option to make and that’s, To Blanch or Not To Blanch. The most important impacting issue here’s what is your supposed use for the cabbage after you take away it from the freezer.

If you’re intending to make use of the cabbage comparatively rapidly and also you need the closest attainable factor to uncooked cabbage then not blanching goes to be your greatest guess.

Then again, if you would like the longest attainable freezer life out of the cabbage and also you don’t thoughts a barely cooked texture whenever you lastly thaw the cabbage to be used in a recipe, then blanching goes to be your methodology.

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Uncooked frozen cabbage will final ~8 weeks so when you plan on making a recipe with cabbage within the close to future, go forward and preserve it uncooked. Blanched cabbage however can last as long as 9 months, so when you don’t know whenever you wish to use cabbage subsequent, however you realize you wish to preserve it round for so long as attainable, go along with the blanched strategies.

freeze Blanched, Cabbage Wedges (one of the best ways to freeze cabbage)

Often, after I use cabbage at house, I’ll reduce the cabbage head in half and maybe quarters relying on how a lot I’m utilizing without delay. Typically I find yourself with unused cabbage 1/4s mendacity round my crisper drawer. Whereas they principally get utilized in salads or stir-fries, generally they don’t. To freeze any unused cabbage wedges merely observe these steps:

  1. Blanch the Cabbage Wedges by submerging them in boiling water for 1.5-2 minutes and shifting them instantly into ice water to cease the cooking course of.
  2. Drain the cabbage items of any extra liquid.
  3. Prepare the cabbage wedges on a parchment-lined cookie sheet and place it within the freezer.
  4. Permit the cabbage to freeze for 4 hours earlier than shifting the frozen cabbage 1/4s into an hermetic container like freezer luggage for long-term storage

By blanching the cabbage earlier than freezing you’re going to get the very best shelf life attainable. Whereas freezing cabbage in its uncooked kind does yield a barely higher total texture, the additional advantage of shelf life is greater than sufficient of a cause to go along with this methodology. It is a nice strategy to freeze cabbage for braised functions like corned beef or for cabbage soup.

flash freeze shredded cabbage.

Whereas blanched quartered cabbage lasts the longest out of the strategies described right here, I feel shredded cabbage could be simply as efficient, particularly when you prefer to cook dinner on the fly meals for simply 1 or 2 individuals.

By holding veggies like frozen shredded cabbage available you may put collectively straightforward to arrange pasta or stir-fries which can be stuffed with taste and hearty, wholesome greens. This course of entails shredding your cabbage thinly and freezing it unfold out in a single layer. This flash freezes the person cabbage strands rapidly creating an superior, virtually uncooked texture when thawed.

To flash freeze shredded cabbage observe these steps:

  1. Shred the cabbage to your required thickness
  2. Rinse the cabbage and drain away all extra water.
  3. Prepare the cabbage on a parchment-lined baking sheet.
  4. Place the baking tray within the freezer for two hours or till the shredded cabbage is totally frozen.
  5. Switch the shredded cabbage to an hermetic container like a freezer bag.

By laying the cabbage flat and permitting it to freeze fully you primarily flash freeze the cabbage getting the absolute best texture total. Then by transferring the cabbage to a freezer bag or air-tight storage container we will preserve the cabbage from freezer burn or oxidation serving to prolong the shelf life and taste.

When carried out appropriately you should utilize this cabbage in uncooked purposes like salad or coleslaw with out concern. This cabbage makes an ideal filling ingredient for egg rolls and I really like to make use of it in veggie stir-frys or pasta dishes!

freeze complete cabbage.

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Whether or not you’ve got a formidable backyard haul or just an ideal deal on the farmers market, if you wish to freeze a complete cabbage observe these steps:

  1. Soak the cabbage in a gallon of water and 1 cup of salt. This may assist do away with any bugs or pests within the interior cabbage leaves.
  2. Drain the cabbage totally and place it on a dish or tray lined with parchment paper.
  3. Place the tray into the freezer and permit the cabbage 8 hours to freeze earlier than eradicating it from the tray and transferring it to an hermetic container.

Cabbage frozen like this can preserve for as much as 8 weeks, if you wish to prolong that shelf life even additional you might blanch the cabbage by submerging it for 3 minutes in boiling water earlier than transferring it to ice water to cease the cooking course of. From there you’ll freeze it as regular from step 2 onward.

It is a nice strategy to protect extra cabbage from a backyard or from a neighborhood farm. It’s additionally in all probability one of the best ways to freeze cabbage when you plan on making cabbage rolls, particularly when you blanch it earlier than freezing. This may take away the blanching step in preparation and the cabbage leaves might be able to roll as soon as they’re thawed!

thaw frozen cabbage.

Now that we’ve dealt with the difficulty of “are you able to freeze cabbage”, let’s discuss the best way to greatest un-freeze that cabbage whenever you lastly wish to use it. One of the simplest ways to thaw any frozen vegetable and particularly frozen cabbage is within the fridge. Merely observe these steps and also you’ll have correctly thawed cabbage very quickly!

  1. Take away the specified quantity of frozen cabbage out of your freezer and place it in a bowl or dish.
  2. Cowl the bowl with plastic wrap and place it in your fridge.
  3. Permit the cabbage to sit down within the fridge till it has fully thawed. Relying on the scale of your frozen cabbage this may take as much as 2 days.
  4. Drain all the surplus liquid away from the thawed cabbage and. use it as wanted to your recipe!

You may thaw elements by operating them below cool operating water. I don’t advocate this with cabbage, particularly blanched cabbage as you run the chance of breaking the vegetable down because it thaws. If you happen to needed to you might use your microwave set to the timed defrost setting, but it surely’s greatest to let the cabbage thaw naturally within the fridge.

Cooking with frozen cabbage.

Relying on the way you selected to freeze your cabbage, you may cook dinner with it in numerous alternative ways, and generally you gained’t even must thaw it first.

Shredded/frozen cabbage is the simplest to cook dinner with and relying on the recipe, you may simply throw it into the pan uncooked. If you’re planning on making cabbage rolls, or braised cabbage with massive frozen items of cabbage, it’s in all probability greatest to thaw it earlier than cooking. This may assist keep essentially the most integrity and high quality to your cabbage dishes!

Ultimate Ideas.

Cabbage has a ton of taste and might add loads in the best way of texture and physique to numerous completely different dishes. Whether or not you’re making egg roll filling, a light-weight coleslaw, or a hearty braised corned beef and a cabbage, this versatile vegetable can do all of it!

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