how to get rid of ants in your vegetable garden

how to get rid of ants in your vegetable garden

Natural Ways to Get Rid of Ants

To this point, we’ve offered gardeners with humane tricks to clear their vegetable gardens of undesirable rabbits, squirrels, and cats. Strategies ranged from ultrasonic units to bodily obstacles. Nevertheless, ant infestations are a distinct beast of an issue. Too small to be restrained by fences and too quite a few to be relocated, we’ll enable you to deal with your ant difficulty by offering non-toxic strategies used efficiently by different gardeners.

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If you happen to can see the anthills, pouring boiling water over them a number of days in a row is an effective way to scale back or remove an ant colony. If you happen to can’t see their hills, learn on.

Floor cinnamon

Whereas not the most cost effective methodology, sprinkling floor cinnamon alongside the perimeter of your backyard (or any floor space, for that matter) will repel ants, however not kill them. Create a thick line that may power ants to climb over and watch each crimson and black ants refuse to take action. Cinnamon will even cut back the quantity of ants in your compost pile if they’re bothersome.

If you happen to scout for offers, you’ll find 1-lb bulk baggage which might be cheap.

Diatomaceous earth is an excellent insect killer

Diatomaceous earth

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Created from the crushed shells of fossilized diatoms to kind a fantastic powder, this substance truly consists of extremely sharp edges that may penetrate an ant’s physique, inflicting it to die of dehydration inside two weeks.

Though extremely deadly to bugs, diatomaceous earth won’t hurt people or household pets. Make sure you use 100% meals grade diatomaceous earth in your vegetable backyard. Costs are cheap on, with a 5-lb bag at a low value.

Combination of cornmeal, borax, and honey

Cornmeal is a reasonable methodology to scale back (learn: not remove) the ant inhabitants, however will take a while to work. It’s additionally utterly protected to your vegetable crops. Nevertheless, in case you combine cornmeal with borax (a family chemical compound present in toothpaste or cleaning soap), you’ll see outcomes way more rapidly. Borax is extraordinarily deadly to ants when ingested and in addition harms their outsides.

Add a contact of honey to masks the style of borax and to draw ants. Place the combination the place there’s a heavy focus of ants: you’ll be able to even go away it within the mixing bowl. Ideally, the sticky substance shall be taken again to the colony and kill the queen as effectively.

You could find borax right here, and cornmeal right here.

Use useful nematodes

These worms can repel ants, beetles, moths, flies, and fleas. How can a worm do all of this? These microscopic creatures enter host our bodies and excrete micro organism from their digestive tract that proves deadly inside 24-48 hours.

Nevertheless, nematodes can solely be utilized to backyard soil that’s between 42-90 levels Fahrenheit. As well as, you need to be sure that the air temperature is not less than 45 levels Fahrenheit. Helpful nematodes might be bought at nurseries or on-line. You could find them right here.

Orange guard

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If you happen to can’t discover the supply of the colony, you’ll be able to not less than goal the ants themselves. Orange Guard is a liquid spray that features solely pure substances (the principle ingredient is orange peel extract, in any other case often called d-Limonene). This product isn’t dangerous to backyard soil or surrounding atmosphere and is EPA-registered. Since all substances are meals grade, it additionally gained’t harm your crops.

A majority of shoppers attest that this $8 product (32 oz) does what it claims, however one buyer warns that the important oil in d-Limonene isn’t utterly protected for cats, so bear this in thoughts in case you determine to buy.

Present strategically positioned lure or repellent crops

Scented marigolds sometimes repel ants, though some gardeners have truly skilled ant attraction. Both approach, ants might go away your vegetable crops alone. Different crops which have been recommended to repel ants? Artemisia, catnip, pachypodiums, adeniums, optunias, chrysanthemums, garlic, spearmint/peppermint, and tansy. Plant these round or in your backyard to assist cut back crop destruction from ants.

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What strategies do you employ?

Natural Ways to Get Rid of Ants in Your Vegetable Garden

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