how to get rid of blackbirds in the garden

how to get rid of blackbirds in the garden

I must set the scene, smallish backyard, clearly effectively saved and tended with love. Voluptuous beds, hardy perennials that flourish, fairly borders so alive with color and alluring to the bees.

Pots on the patio, ransacked and surrounded by mud. Onions and garlic within the vegetable patch dug up and destroyed. The chicken feeding station emptied, lopsided and seed strewn all throughout the garden.

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Silence fills the air, no melodious birdsong fills the air.

Is that this the identical backyard?

It seems like World Battle 3, although on a really tiny scale you perceive, has kicked off!

It doesn’t take lengthy to search out the culprits, there consuming the discarded seed are Three. Large. Blackbirds.

Blackbirds Like to Dig issues up!

These massive birds come into your backyard and throw their weight round. Devouring the contents of any feeders in minutes, leaving nothing for the smaller birds, horrifying them off with their intimidating presence and beady eyed stare.

They use their sturdy, lengthy beaks to dig by way of your pots and borders foraging for grubs and worms with whole disrespect for the laborious work you’ve put in.

A few of this occurred to me so I made a decision to arm myself, with info that’s, placed on my tin hat and go in to battle with these beasts!

Café Closed!

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Apparently, my backyard is an all you’ll be able to eat buffet to blackbirds. Berries on bushes, the moist soil within the well-watered borders and the incessantly replenished chicken desk and feeders means I’ll as effectively have a flashing neon mild saying Blackbirds Welcome Right here!

To start with I handled the chicken feeders, I invested in a few enclosed tube feeders. They’ve a transparent plastic casing across the tube with a spot simply huge sufficient for the smaller birds to fly in. The primary one I purchased wasn’t a lot use because the meals platform was too low down so the blackbird’s lengthy invoice may nonetheless attain the meals. My second try foiled him, meals increased within the tube.

The identical end result could possibly be achieved by wrapping your feeders in mesh and leaving a small gap I think about.

Weighted feeders work effectively too, the sensor detects when a bigger chicken lands and locks the meals door.

Not so large and difficult now

Then I hung my suet balls beneath the chicken desk, blackbirds have a concern of being trapped beneath one thing, so this was fast and efficient and the little birds may nonetheless negotiate with ease and outwit their rivals. A small board with an entire drilled in works effectively on feeders too, the blackbird won’t try and fly beneath it.

The apple CAN’T fall too removed from the tree

Slightly data goes a great distance I discovered, as soon as I realised that blackbirds are floor feeders I ensured that the apples on my tree have been picked earlier than they fell, those who I missed I gathered from the bottom rapidly. Rotten apple is a connoisseur dish to a blackbird it appears!

Blackbirds have meals preferences simply as we do, sunflower seeds, bread, wheat and corn are his favourites. By limiting these choices he ought to begin looking elsewhere, this didn’t work for me, no matter was within the feeders, he ate!

They’re additionally keen on pet food oddly, so when you’re an outside feeder, get that dish in as quickly because it’s empty.


Veggie patches entice blackbirds, notably when you develop alliums, onions, garlic, leeks and the like. Mr Blackbird is intelligent sufficient to know that the soil might be rife with earthworms round right here, breakfast lunch AND dinner for the household. He’ll use his highly effective beak digging for them, disturbing the bulbs and making a basic mess.

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Prevention is healthier than treatment I discover, you will have to cowl all the vegetation. Low cost, tremendous plastic mesh is available, stake it down at every nook. Fleece is offered for a similar job too however I discover this just a little ugly.

A pal of mine used a reel of black cotton entwined spherical and round a couple of small bamboo canes he’d sunk within the soil, it was virtually unnoticeable to the bare eye but it will need to have bamboozled the blackbirds as up popped an ideal crop of scallions!

This works effectively too with pots and planters with repeatedly watered soil, most of mine are near the home so not often do the blackbirds come so close to. If yours are extra brazen then strive tying a couple of outdated c.d.’s to a size of string and hanging them above your pots, sparkly tape works too. The mirrored mild dazzles and scares the birds away.

Hold Britain Tidy

Or at the very least your little little bit of it. Rotting leaf piles are a breeding floor for bugs and so virtually undoubtedly a spot to discover a blackbird rummaging for meals.

Sweep repeatedly and hold lids on composters and recycling bins.

Prune bushes and shrubs usually, these berries entice the blighters like moths to a flame!

Bye Bye Blackbird

This has total left me in a quandary. Firstly, the blackbird actually isn’t the worst chicken is it? It’s no feral illness ridden pigeon for positive! Nor do I thoughts that it enjoys consuming the slugs, bugs and caterpillars that thrive on decimating my backyard, nonetheless

I miss the little tune birds, fluttering from feeder to desk, singing and busying themselves with their infants within the chicken field. I get pleasure from watching them consuming the suet balls I lovingly put together for them, with little concern of intimidation from large brutes.

In order that’s my resolution made, salting the slugs is a small value to pay for a backyard stuffed with birdsong!

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