how to get rid of earwigs in the garden naturally

how to get rid of earwigs in the garden naturally

Having earwigs in your house might be an unenjoyable expertise. Fortunately, there are issues you are able to do to stop them from being there within the first place. When these pests invade, you possibly can get rid of them utilizing extra environmentally and family-friendly pest management merchandise.

What are Earwigs?

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Earwigs are nocturnal, odd-looking nuisance insect pests that may make their manner into your own home seeking meals, moisture, and harborage, much like silverfish and firebrats. Earwigs are discovered everywhere in the United States, and there are over 20 earwig species within the U.S. alone. On the plus facet, earwig infestations are uncommon.

What do Earwigs Look Like?


Earwigs are elongated and slender, with pincers (forceps) extending backward from their abdomens. They measure between ¼” to 1” lengthy. They’ve a pale brown to black or reddish-brown physique. Some have darkish markings. Earwigs have six legs and two skinny antennae. In addition they have leathery-looking wings (back and front) that fold again snugly round their our bodies.

Are Earwigs Harmful?

Some earwig species produce a foul-smelling liquid used as a protection.

Earwig forceps look harmful, however these pests aren’t toxic, nor do they unfold illness. There’s a long-lived wives’ story about how earwigs burrow into individuals’s ears whereas they sleep. That is false and their pincers are primarily used for self-defense to combat off aggressive earwigs. They will pinch pores and skin when picked up or agitated, nevertheless it hardly ever breaks the pores and skin.

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Earwig infestations are problematic due to the dimensions of their inhabitants. These pests dwell collectively in giant teams each indoors and out of doors. Some species feed on younger vegetation, which might stunt their progress.

Difference Between Earwigs & Silverfish

Can Earwigs Fly?

Some earwig species fly, however those who do solely achieve this in brief, sporadic bursts. On the bottom, they’re very fast-moving.

What Do Earwigs Eat?

Pile of leaves

Most earwigs eat decaying vegetation together with vegetation and leaves. Others might eat dwelling vegetation, particularly seedlings. This will trigger issues for the vegetation by hindering their progress. Some earwig species might feed on small pests like aphids and mites.

The place Do Earwigs Stay?

Earwigs seek for locations they’ll discover meals, moisture, and shelter. They like to dwell exterior in areas which are cool, damp, and undisturbed. If circumstances not go well with their wants, they’ll migrate into properties. Listed here are a couple of locations earwigs are recognized to cover:

  • Underneath Leaves & Yard Particles
  • Mulch & Soil
  • Holes in Bushes
  • Basements
  • Bogs
  • Kitchens
  • Laundry Areas
  • Patios & Porches

Stop Earwigs

Eliminating circumstances which are favorable to earwigs will help forestall an infestation. Take a look at a couple of tricks to hold earwigs out of your yard and residential.

  • Eradicate Moisture Construct-Up: Ensure your gutters aren’t clogged and that water drains away out of your basis. Water your yard or backyard within the morning to make sure it dries earlier than earwigs develop into energetic at night time.
  • Eradicate Yard Particles: Eradicating leaves, grass clippings, and different yard particles will assist get rid of potential hiding spots.
  • Create a “Dry” Zone Round Your Basis: Preserve the perimeter of your basis (between 6 and 12 inches) freed from mulch, useless leaves, or some other damp natural materials. The dryness will hold any outside earwigs away out of your basis.
  • Trim Branches: Trim tree and shrub branches that contact the facet of your own home. This will help hold the perimeter of your own home dry and freed from shady areas that might appeal to earwigs.
  • Handle Exterior Lights: Change outside mild bulbs to yellow lights to draw fewer bugs.
  • Seal Entry Factors: Study the outside and inside of your own home for any cracks or gaps. Restore window and door screens in addition to climate stripping. Add screens to your vents. Caulk cracks, crevices, and different entry factors to maintain pests from sneaking into your own home.
  • Use a Dehumidifier: Including a dehumidifier to areas with moisture build-up, like basements, will help to stop earwigs.

Get Rid of Earwigs

Taking the time to implement preventative measures is step one in eliminating earwigs. Ensure to maintain issues dry and reduce potential hiding spots for these pests. Along with these actions, you should use pest management merchandise which are extra environmentally and family-friendly.

What Kills Earwigs?

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Yard Bug Spray & Home Bug Spray

Spraying the perimeter of your own home with a plant-based insecticide spray, like our Yard Bug Spray, will help hold your house freed from earwigs. It kills earwigs and different pests which are near the inspiration of your own home, whereas additionally making a repellent barrier. Ensure to spray out to three ft away from your own home for the simplest management. Don’t overlook to spray mulch beds too.

Our Residence Bug Spray can be utilized to discourage and management earwig infestations indoors. For preventative therapy, you possibly can spray widespread entry factors on the skin of your own home. It’ll additionally kill earwigs on contact.

For long-lasting residual safety in opposition to earwigs and different crawling pests, use an efficient insecticide mud. Our plant-based Spider & Insect Mud and our mineral-based Mattress Bug Killer mud will help. Mud ought to be utilized in areas you could have noticed bugs together with:

  • Attics
  • Basements
  • Utility closets
  • Behind and alongside baseboards
  • Beneath home equipment
  • Inside wall voids
  • Drawer wells (house beneath the underside drawer of cabinets)
  • Underneath cupboards, sinks, & tubs
  • Cracks & crevices

When is the Finest Time to Spray for Earwigs?

Spring and summer season are the perfect instances to use pest management merchandise to stop and get rid of earwigs. Most therapy for earwigs with pest management merchandise ought to be performed exterior with the applying across the basis (perimeter therapy). Additionally, give attention to flowerbeds, mulch areas, and turf inside a few yards of the construction, in addition to within the crawl house areas indoors.

Examine Out Our Technique Information for Controlling Earwigs and Different Indoor Pests right here

What are your go-to strategies to assist forestall and get rid of earwigs? We need to hear from you! Go away a remark under.

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