how to get rid of pigeons in my garden

how to get rid of pigeons in my garden

Let’s face it; pigeons have acidic waste, bullying angle in the direction of different birds, and the tendency to hold illnesses. It seems like they only like to roost in each open spot round your backyard.

However all the pieces shouldn’t be misplaced; if you wish to learn how to do away with pigeons – you might be in the correct place. Listed here are the best pigeon management strategies that you could implement in your personal house proper now.

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1. Use an ultrasound pigeon repeller

Birds have an ideal sense of listening to, permitting them to listen to sounds that human ears can not detect. They should have sharp ears to listen to the calls of different birds.

This helps alert them to meals, a possible mating companion, and hazard. Use this to your benefit and do away with pigeons with sound.

The Chook-X Balcony Ultrasound Chook Repeller may help take away pigeons out of your property by emitting chook misery calls and sounds that predators make. It has a number of settings that let you combine a number of pre-recorded sounds, making it seem extra pure.

bug deterrent

This may be heard by birds inside a 1-acre radius. Maximize the sound by putting in the gadget in a excessive space. Pigeons that hear it will assume that your house is harmful and can keep away.

Other forms of pigeon management gadgets that use sound to do away with pigeons use frequencies that may solely be heard by these birds. It’s at a frequency that’s decrease than could be detected by human ears however sounds irritating to pigeon ears.

Observe that sound-based pigeon management strategies might not work instantly. Consistency is essential. Go away it on for hours every single day and for weeks to guarantee that each time a pigeon visits your house, it hears the sounds. This fashion, it is going to be taught to affiliate your house with hazard.

2. Set up a “scare-pigeon”

Pigeons are meals for raptors resembling falcons and hawks. Sadly, these highly effective birds of prey can’t be employed to scare pigeons away from your house, however there’s a good various: scare-pigeons.

Having a scare pigeon that’s as life-like as potential is what retains pigeons away. It’s greatest to get one that’s 3D, life-size, and makes erratic actions or emits the raptor sounds.

However irrespective of how actual it seems and acts, pigeons will ultimately get in on the joke if it stays solely in a single place. Transfer scare-pigeons from place to position to trick the birds into pondering they’re actual.

owl decoy

If you wish to cease that pigeon in its tracks, you would possibly need to go for the Dalen Gardeneer Photo voltaic Owl. It is a real looking owl figurine that makes use of photo voltaic vitality to rotate its head.

It’s eerily just like how an actual owl would scout its surroundings-making it good for scaring away these pesky birds. This scare-pigeon is light-weight, so you will have to safe it in order that it doesn’t get knocked over by the wind.

You are able to do this by placing sand contained in the determine by the opening on the backside. Then seal it with the plug that comes with the figurine. Alternatively, you may insert a 1 ¼” PVC pipe and safe that to a picket board or something heavy.

3. Use reflective surfaces to discourage pigeons

Determined to maintain pigeons off the balcony? Have you ever obtained pigeons on the roof pooping throughout your house? If you wish to do away with birds round your own home with out spending so much, simply search for something that displays gentle.

Birds, basically, don’t like vivid flashes of sunshine. Avian eyes react to the prism impact, leaving birds feeling disoriented.

The nice factor is, this precept could be utilized with quite a lot of issues mendacity round your house or going for affordable in your native division retailer. Previous CDs, small mirrors, aluminum foil strips, foil balloons, or outside reflective tape are some standard decisions.

pigeons flying

Dangle them from a string and place them wherever you see pigeons hanging out. As they transfer with the wind, these catch the sunshine and scare pigeons away.

If you’re going for comfort and low upkeep, strive the De-Chook Reflective Scare Tape. That is among the many hottest chook deflectors as a result of it catches the sunshine very effectively and crackles loudly within the breeze.

A single roll carries 350 ft of tape so it might probably cowl a big space. It’s greatest to chop out strips 16-18 inches lengthy. Tack them on vertical surfaces close to the place pigeons wish to roost, or else grasp them from a string and allow them to flap within the wind. They final for months, however you may simply change them by chopping one other strip.

4. Set up anti-roosting spikes

If you wish to shield your ledges from pigeon roosting, anti-roosting spikes are a great possibility. By minimizing areas the place they’ll get a foothold, you make your house a much less viable possibility for pigeons to hang around in.

The Chook-X Chook Spikes Package is standard as a result of it has protrusions that make it tough for giant birds to sit down.

The plastic polycarbonate materials is sturdy, long-lasting, and requires little to no upkeep. It’s additionally clear-colored, making it tough to note from a distance. This fashion, it doesn’t hamper the aesthetics of your house.

bird spikes

You’ll need to measure the areas the place you intend to put in it to know what number of kits you will have. Every equipment comes with 10 items of 1-foot lengthy spike segments that may cowl 5-10 linear ft of ledge area relying on how broadly you area them aside.

You could decide to make use of the particular adhesive glue that comes with the equipment, or you may connect it utilizing nails, screws, or tie-downs. It is a good method to hold pigeons away from horizontal surfaces, however notice that these birds are good.

They are going to be taught to keep away from the locations the place the spikes are put in. When it’s positioned alongside horizontal surfaces beneath a roof or towards one other wall, there’s a risk for birds to make use of these to make nests. Due to this fact, pigeon spikes are greatest put in on ledges which are open to the sky.

5. Apply a pigeon repellent gel to roosting areas

If you’re scratching your head over learn how to do away with pigeons in your roof, do not forget that you have to make it much less enticing to them. You are able to do that by making their roosting areas untenable with pigeon repellent gel.

Chook-X Chook Proof Repellent Gel is among the many hottest in the marketplace. This is available in three caulk tubes that every can cowl an space of about 10-12 ft.

Load the caulk tube into your caulk gun and apply simply in strains or in dots. Birds that land there’ll notice the floor could be very sticky and go away instantly.

five pigeons

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It is a non-toxic petroleum-based gel that stays sticky for weeks in numerous climate situations. Because it’s a transparent gel, it’s barely noticeable. Use this to maintain pigeons off the roof and different locations that people and pets don’t frequent.

Not the most effective thought to make use of this to do away with pigeons on balcony or on any railings, window sills, or landings that folks contact, because the chook repellent gel could be very sticky and tough to take away.

It is a secure method to do away with pigeons with out hurting them, however following directions correctly is essential. Keep away from closely smearing a whole floor with the gel as birds can get caught and damage themselves.

6. Set up a motion-activated sprinkler

If you wish to know learn how to eradicate pigeons out of your yard and cease the pigeon poop from raining down your backyard, think about using a motion-activated sprinkler. An surprising spray of water is among the many most humane and non-toxic methods to do away with pigeons.

The Orbit 62100 Yard Enforcer is a motion-activated sprinkler designed to assist hold your backyard well-watered and well-protected from pests. It makes use of a mixture of water, sound, and motion to scare pigeons and different undesirable friends away.

water sprinkler

This has a variety of settings so you may modify in accordance with your pigeon pest management wants. The sensor could be adjusted upwards for birds and is ready to detect motion from 40 ft away.

The spray protects 1600 sq. ft of area, though you can also make the vary of movement extra slim to keep away from backyard paths and different belongings you wouldn’t need to be watered. It has a wise sensor that may inform if the motion is from an animal or from the wind. It can solely get triggered by the latter.

Plus, you may customise the settings such that the sprinkler will solely work in the course of the day, or solely in the course of the evening, or 24/7. Simply connect it to a hose as you’d a standard sprinkler, and bury its dual-step spike into the soil. Regulate the settings, and also you’re good to go!

7. Take a look at out a chook shock tape

An environment friendly pigeon removing technique is to ship a shock to make the birds fly off. A simple and comparatively cheap approach to do that is to make use of chook shock tape.

Make Em Transfer Shock Tape is a 50-foot roll of clear tape that has the flexibility to conduct electrical energy. It’s ready to take action as a result of it has three metallic leads working by its size.

Like your typical faculty provide tape, all you want is to peel it off the roll, stick with the floor of your selection, and smoothen it out.

Cost it with a regular 110-volt charger or a photo voltaic charger. As soon as charged, this turns into a formidable pigeon management gadget. The birds don’t notice that there’s tape on the ledge on account of its clear coloration.

As they land and perch, their ft contact the deterrent strips. Instantly they’ll obtain a small and quick electrical shot. The pigeons are actually jolted out of the place by the electrical present. A pair extra situations of this and they’re going to be taught to keep away from your house.

The Chook Barrier Chook Shock Charger is a method to cost your chook shock monitor. It powers round 200 ft of monitor. Place 2 D-cell batteries in, connect it to your monitor, and that’ll be sufficient to energy it for as much as two months.

8. Set up a weatherproof string

A weatherproof string is one other method to deter pigeons from roosting close to your house with out hurting them. These high-quality, virtually invisible items of string are stretched taut over favourite perching spots.

When the birds swoop in to hang around in your own home, they seize the ledge with their claws and discover themselves reeling at an surprising shock. They’re caught off-balance due to one thing they can not see correctly and grow to be cautious of roosting in that spot.

Who would have thought that such a easy technique could possibly be so useful in pigeon proofing your house?


This precept of utilizing a chook deterrent wire will work with any rope or thread, but when you don’t want to be inconvenienced by changing it over and over, it is best to go for a weatherproof string.

Because the identify implies, it might probably stand up to the weather. It’s also designed to be robust sufficient to withstand the pressure of a pigeon swooping into the land.

Simply tie the string such that it’s an inch or so above the floor you are attempting to discourage pigeons from perching on. Be certain that it’s taut and tied up effectively on both finish. Test it each couple of weeks to ensure it’s nonetheless standing.

9. Eradicate meals sources

There are some situations when a pigeon infestation refuses to go away, even in case you strive a number of strategies of pigeon deterrence.

Regardless of what number of chook deflectors for home windows you put in, irrespective of how liberally you douse your house with pigeon repellent spray, irrespective of how usually you climb up the roof to do away with pigeon nest, they only hold coming again.

Oftentimes, this occurs as a result of they’ve a robust sufficient cause to. So if you wish to discover out one of the best ways to do away with pigeons in your house, you must first perceive what they’re doing there within the first place.


The presence of meals is a robust sufficient motivator for pigeons to return to your house and ignore all of the pigeon deterrent gadgets and pigeon deterrent sprays.

These birds are strongly interested in berries, seeds, grains, beans, and fruits. Earthworms, snails and different bugs make for an occasional snack. In city settings, pigeons can grow to be scavengers, congregating round trash bins with human meals in them.

Observe the pigeons in your house. Are they congregating round sure bushes or bushes? Is there one thing on the bottom they’re pecking at? Do they hover across the trash? Dedicating a few minutes every single day to observing their habits can inform you a large number about learn how to do away with them.

10. Seal off ALL the entrances

Pigeons wish to nest in corners the place they’ll get safety from the solar, the chilly, and predators. Take a stroll round your house to pinpoint locations that pigeons would love. Stopping entry to those areas is a useful approach of eliminating pigeons.

There are a number of methods to do that utilizing gadgets discovered within the house enchancment part and {hardware} shops. You should utilize silicone caulk to fill in small openings.

Use {hardware} material if you wish to cowl an even bigger space. Chook or pigeon nets could be hung across the area above rafters to forestall them from making their house there.

house with a green yard

Birds love attics, so it’s good to pay particular consideration to that half. Prune the tree branches that graze your partitions, as this could encourage roosting and nesting close to your house.

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When you’ve had pigeon nests in your house earlier than, it’ll be a lot simpler to know the place to focus. Clear out the previous nests and waste, and seal off that space with pigeons netting.

That is greatest carried out along side different pigeon management strategies. Making your house untenable for these birds is step one to eliminating them.

11. Take away the chook bathtub

You might have put out a chook bathtub to draw lovely birds into your backyard, however you’ll must take away it in case you’ve obtained pigeons close by.

Pigeons aren’t water birds, however they do get pleasure from a great bathtub. They do it to take care of good feather situation and to chill down throughout sizzling days.

However as soon as your chook bathtub has been invaded by a flock of pigeons, you could be certain they’ll bully different birds away so solely they’ll use it.

bird bath

On this case, it’s time to empty out the chook bathtub. These solely make your house extra enticing to those pests.

Consistency is essential right here, so be sure that it stays empty by eradicating water after it rains. With the pigeon bathtub gone, it’s one much less cause for them to remain.

Additionally, examine round your property for issues which may function a chook bathtub. Shallow containers of water uncovered by a lid or a shallow gap within the driveway the place water puddles type can also function chook baths.

12. Set up a pigeon internet

If you notice the backyard harvest you’re employed so onerous for has been devoured by pigeons, it’s straightforward to grasp why you need to do away with pigeons with poison or something that may trigger them ache.

However we should do not forget that there are methods to do away with pigeons with out hurting them. There’s no want for pigeon extermination and different deadly strategies to do away with these birds in case you can forestall them from touchdown in your vegetation at all-which is the purpose of pigeons netting.

bird net

That is the most effective pigeon deterrent that may shield the onerous work you’ve put in your backyard. It’s best to put in it on skinny rods as an alternative of thick planks of wooden, because the latter can function a roosting space.

Be certain that to go away an area of not less than 6 inches between the netting and the closest department or shrub to forestall birds from selecting at it by the mesh. Set up it at a steep angle in order that pigeons gained’t be tempted to land on them.

The De-Chook Heavy Obligation Chook Netting will work effectively towards bigger birds resembling pigeons. It’s product of polypropylene, a sturdy however light-weight materials that permits for simple dealing with and long-lasting safety. It’s proof against rot and may work by completely different climate situations.

13. Cap your chimney

The chimney deserves a separate point out as a result of it’s among the many prime bird-friendly locations in a home. They like to roost and nest on this space, which makes it tough for folks to get them out. Earlier than you cap your chimney, first guarantee that there aren’t any birds trapped inside.

If there’s, you may coax it out by placing a cardboard field inside the fireside, with its opening dealing with up in the direction of the ceiling. Be certain that it matches snugly to make sure that the pigeon gained’t have wherever else to go however contained in the field.

three chimneys

Pull it out simply sufficient as a way to insert a flashlight in. Shine it on the underside of the field and put it again in. The sunshine ought to appeal to the chook to fly down the chimney and into the field. It could take a while to do that your self. If it isn’t profitable, it’s best to name an knowledgeable.

When you’re sure there aren’t any birds or nests caught in your chimney, you may proceed to cap it. There are a lot of chimney caps in the marketplace that may match any house aesthetic.

Observe that caps with smaller mesh holes are more practical at maintaining animals out, however in addition they require extra upkeep. Ash, soot, and creosote can refill these areas shortly, so you will have to examine it once in a while to ensure it’s nonetheless clear.

14. Take away nesting supplies and pigeon droppings

Whether or not you intend to make use of pigeons netting over your backyard, use sprinklers as a pure pigeon deterrent, or grasp streamers of reflective tape throughout your own home, there’s one factor it is best to do earlier than making an attempt any pigeon management strategies: And that’s to scrub out all of the pigeon nests and droppings in your house.

Do not forget that pigeon poop is especially corrosive. It’s extremely acidic due to the uric acid content material. This enables it to destroy a special constructing and roofing supplies.

red roof

It can be a supply of zoonotic illnesses which are transferable to people. Remnants of pigeon nests also needs to be eliminated to make it simpler to put in deterrent gadgets resembling netting, shock tape, and different fixtures.

It’s best to moist pigeon droppings earlier than eradicating them to reduce mud. Put on a mud masks to be additional secure.

Use heat water by a hose or energy sprayer to take away them simply and to reduce contact. Cleaning soap can even assist loosen them up. If you’re cleansing poop off your roof, place a tarp on the bottom beneath to catch the waste.

15. Entice and launch

You would possibly think about trapping pesky birds and releasing them a good way away. Observe that this is probably not one of the best ways to do away with pigeons as a result of some species have a robust homing intuition. It can take an extended drive away from house to achieve success.

To efficiently lure pigeons, place the entice someplace they frequent, far-off from any pure pigeon deterrent or pigeon repellents that you just may need put in earlier than.

For not less than seven days, put chook feed inside and permit them to return and go as they please. Increasingly more birds will are available as they notice there are free meals and drinks. This may assist the flock assume that the realm is secure.

pigeons sitting on a roof

You’ll be able to catch them utilizing the Chook Barrier Pigeon Entice. That is designed particularly for trapping pigeons. It’s designed to accommodate 10 stay birds.

With a built-in drinker and a detachable cowl for shade, it minimizes hurt carried out to the birds from trapping to liberating within the wild. Entry is made straightforward with 4 openings, however escape is made close to unimaginable with the slanting partitions and robust mesh.

As soon as full, take the cage and drive to a location not less than 5 miles away (the farther, the higher). Open the spring-loaded door on the prime of the cage, and watch the pigeons fly off into their new house.


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