how to get rid of possums in the garden

how to get rid of possums in the garden

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1. Block or cowl entry factors to your private home particularly the roof, vents, chimney, damaged tiles, eaves, and so on.2. Apply a chemical odor repellent to backyard areas equivalent to Poss Off or D-Ter3. Set up an Ultrasonic Possum Deterrent to frighten the possum away from an area4. Seize possums utilizing a humane possum lure. Notice: a allow or licence could also be required as possums are a protected species. Contact your native state authority for extra data on permits and rules concerning the trapping of possums.5. Set up spikes to fences to discourage possums from strolling alongside and accessing your yard.6. Set up a nesting field in a close-by tree to create another residence for the possums


Possums are an iconic Australian fauna. They’re a small nocturnal marsupials benefiting from their silky easy fur and leather-based.

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There are 23 recognized species in Australia, and of these there are two largely more likely to be working alongside your roof at evening.

Bushtail PossumThese are a nocturnal, semi-tree dwelling marsupial. They’re indigenous to Australia and are the scale of a home cat, they’re the second greatest possum in Australia.

The Brushtail Possum has a pointed face and a pink nostril with lengthy oval ears and a bushy black tail. In Tasmania there are three color variations: silver gray, black and gold. Possums that inhabit denser wetter forests are typically darker in color.

Ringtail PossumThey’re an Australian marsupial. They reside in varied habitats and eat a wide range of crops, flowers and fruits. They’re the scale of a small cat and primarily gray with white fur on the tip of its tail, behind its eyes and on its stomach. They’ve orange brown tinges on its tail and limbs.

They are often gray to darkish gray in color and havr purple or orange tinged legs and stomach. The underside of its coiled tail is bare, however furry on prime.

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A feminine possum is known as a ‘Jill” a male is known as a ‘Jack” and the younger are referred to as ‘Joeys” A gaggle of those possums are referred to as a passel.


Possums are largely non-aggressive animals. There are a number of methods to do away with them and most easily contain making the surroundings much less interesting.

Cowl OpeningsCowl all vents or open accesses to your private home. Guarantee attic vents and chimneys are coated with a grid display. Restore or cowl holes in decks, window screens and or door screens. Make sure you cowl or lock pet door at evening.

Movement Activated Ultrasonic UnitsPlace the movement activated gadget close to the issue space the place possums most frequent. Movement activated units are triggred as soon as the possum crosses the sensor, the gadget will then energetic and activate which in flip might frighten many possums away.

Smells and MealsUnfold one thing that smells potent. Possums are inclined to flee from smells equivalent to Ammonia, mothballs and garlic. Apply a chemical repellent. These might be utilized to gardens, flowerbeds, or the bottom of a construction.

Take away Meals SourcesPossums are interested in yards and houses the place meals is simple to acquire. By eradicating the meals sources you’ll make your property dramatically much less interesting. By no means deliberately present meals for possums. Possums fed by people will steadily lose their worry of people and should turn into aggressive if meals just isn’t given.

Hold possums from rubbish bins by ensuring the lids are shut tight. Feed pets indoors if attainable or clear up meals and water from outdoors as soon as pets have been fed. Hold BBQ’s clear together with grease traps.

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When you have fruit bushes, choose up fruit that has dropped or attempt to keep away from the fruit dropping utilizing netting.

Keep away from scattering chicken seed in late afternoon. Attempt to do it late morning or mid afternoon and solely or use chicken feeders and transfer them within a night.

Outside coverings and hiding locationsMow tall grass particularly round homes and buildings. Take away piles of wooden, clippings and branches. Additionally objects like overturned planter or barrels are interesting to cover.

TrappingUtilizing a humane reside lure to seize possums with out hurting or killing them. Arrange lure in an space the place the possum frequents. Be sure you use acceptable bait equivalent to fruit, berries, greens, peanut butter which is able to appeal to the possum into the certain you monitor the lure. After you have captured the possum, transfer lure to a fairly spot and canopy till you might be able to realease it.

Be sure you use thick gloves or a protracted pole to stop your self from getting scratched. When releasing the possum level the cage within the route you need the animal to run off into.

Or rent knowledgeable to launch the possum for you.

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