how to get rid of red ants in the garden

how to get rid of red ants in the garden

Ants supply many advantages to a backyard however they can be damaging. From defending aphids to inflicting stunted plant development, there are good the reason why you’ll wish to eliminate ants in your backyard.

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Nonetheless, eradicating these tiny critters will not be as simple as simply spraying pesticides; you could use strategies that can trigger the least hurt to the natural world in your backyard. Learn on for tips about the way to take care of an ant drawback in your garden.

Instruments for eliminating ants within the backyard

The instruments and provides you will want to eliminate ants in a backyard embrace:

  • Ant repelling important oils similar to citrus, peppermint, cloves
  • Borax powder
  • Diatomaceous earth
  • Backyard spray bottles
  • Nematodes

The best way to Get Rid of Ants In Backyard

If ants are doing extra hurt than good in your backyard, attempt these concepts to eliminate them.

1. Use an important oil pesticide

Use an essential oil pesticide
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Important oils, specifically, citrus, peppermint, and clove include pure substances which are poisonous to ants.

Citrus oil accommodates an ingredient generally known as d-limonene, which kills ants and eradicates pheromones, the chemical scent path produced by ants to speak with their colony members.

Cloves include the chemical compound eugenol, which eliminates ants and repels them from constructing nests in your backyard.

Lastly, there may be the minty ingredient in peppermint, which works as an insecticide and eliminates the ants’ scent path, forcing the ants to immigrate to a different location.

To make the important oils pesticide, you will want:

  • Backyard spray bottle
  • 10 tablespoons of water
  • 10 tablespoons of liquid cleaning soap
  • 10 tablespoons of witch hazel
  • 2 teaspoons of liquid cleaning soap
  • 40 drops of peppermint important oil
  • 40 drop of citrus important oil
  • 40 drops of clove important oils

Comply with these steps to organize the pesticide:

  • Combine all substances within the spray bottle
  • Find the ant nest and spray the pesticide on this location. You must also spray alongside ant trails within the backyard

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Professional tip: Watch out when utilizing important oils round cats. These are largely secure for people and home animals however cats don’t react properly to the oils. To be on the secure facet, after spraying the pesticide, maintain cats away from the backyard for a couple of hours.

2. Lay a Borax lure

Borax is a naturally occurring mineral salt that’s extremely poisonous for ants. Once they ingest the chemical compound, the ants’ digestive system collapses they usually finally die.

To put a borax lure, you’ll first should entice the bugs with their favorite meals. Combine the borax powder with the meals and lay out the lure alongside the ant trails in your backyard. A greater possibility is to find the supply of the ants and place the borax lure there.

As soon as the employee ants find the meals and convey it again to the nest, the queen will devour the poison and die. By eliminating the queen, it’s only a matter of time earlier than you’ll be able to eliminate the remainder of the ant inhabitants.

Borax is efficient in killing any kind of ants that could be in your backyard whether or not you might be coping with fireplace ants or carpenter ants or any of the hundreds of species of ants. To get essentially the most from the lure, use a mix of liquid and strong borax baits.

By utilizing liquid and strong traps, you’ll be able to goal each grownup ants, which might solely digest liquids and larvae, which digest strong meals and convert it into liquid kind for the queen of the colony to eat. Liquid and strong traps will allow you to eliminate all the inhabitants.

Professional tip: Strive to not kill the native ants in your backyard, as these are an vital a part of the ecosystem. Killing them will create an imbalance and appeal to extra ants into your backyard. To focus on the damaging ants, place the lure as near the nest as potential and permit the employee ants to move the toxic meals again on their very own.

3. Apply Diatomaceous earth

Apply Diatomaceous earth
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Diatomaceous earth is a powder product of fossil stays of a class of algae generally known as diatoms. The contents of the powder are sharp sufficient to chop the outer layer of ants. As soon as the particles pierce it, the insect turns into dehydrated and finally dies.

Listed here are a couple of ideas that will help you eliminate ants utilizing Diatomaceous earth:

  • Find ant trails and observe their path to establish the supply of the ants or their nest
  • Apply a skinny line of Diatomaceous earth powder alongside the paths and across the areas the place the bugs are gathered in massive numbers.
  • After a day or two, examine the handled areas to examine if the ants have gone. In the event that they haven’t, you’ll be able to reapply the remedy but when they’ve gone, clear up the world to take away any traces of pheromones to keep away from attracting one other group of ants.
  • If the remedy is washed away purchase backyard sprinklers or rain, you will want to reapply to completely eliminate the bugs.

4. Introduce helpful nematodes

One other pure technique to get rid of cussed ants from the backyard is to introduce helpful nematodes to eat up the ants. Nematodes are tiny, skinny worms that dwell in plant roots and leaves the place they assault and kill pests.

  • Nematodes supply a number of benefits. They’re secure to each people and pets, they’re light on the soil they usually can be utilized selectively to eradicate particular pests with out harming helpful natural world.
  • These microscopic worms are additionally cost-effective and they’ll come in useful if you’re treating a big portion of land. They’re additionally simple to use and can kill pests inside a couple of days.
  • As soon as launched into the backyard, the nematodes will find the ants, penetrate their physique and launch micro organism which are poisonous to the insect, immediately poisoning the ant’s blood. The ants will then die quickly after and change into meals for the worms.
  • The perfect time to use this remedy is in late summer time heading into early fall. Throughout this time of the yr, ants are usually small and the nematodes can simply pierce the ants’ pores and skin and launch poisonous micro organism into the insect’s physique.
  • It’s also greatest to use the worms in cool, wet climate, early within the morning or later within the day when the solar is setting. It’s because nematodes can simply die if uncovered to direct daylight.

Professional tip: Apply nematodes as quickly as you get them to maintain them from drying and dying too early.

5. Pour scorching water

Pour hot water
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Ants die immediately as soon as they get involved with scorching water. Find the anthill in your backyard and punctiliously pour boiling water inside.

This method won’t work instantly given than anthills may be fairly deep and reaching the queen may require a number of makes an attempt of pouring scorching water.

Additionally, take into account that ants construct their nests to face up to rain so you will want to pour boiling water on the anthill a few instances to wipe out the colony.

Prolonged Ideas

When ants infest your backyard, they are often fairly troublesome to eliminate. Here’s a enjoyable reality: There are greater than 10,000 sorts of ants and every responds to pest management remedy in another way. These bugs additionally know the way to adapt to outlive, which makes eliminating them fairly troublesome.

Your greatest wager is to forestall ants from stepping into your backyard or returning when you apply the remedy. Listed here are a couple of steps you’ll be able to take to discourage ants:

6. Plant ant deterring vegetation

Plant ant deterring plants
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Herbs are a pleasing addition to any backyard. Whereas most are secure for people and animals, some similar to fireplace ants are poisonous to pets. To stop the bugs from taking up your backyard, plant herbs similar to peppermint, cloves, tansy, lavender, rosemary, and catnip too.

7. Use deterring smells

If for some cause planting herbs will not be an possibility, think about sprinkling dried herbs whose odor will postpone the ants. Cinnamon, cayenne, and black pepper may be significantly disagreeable to ants. Sprinkle the dried herbs alongside ant trails and throughout the backyard’s perimeter.

8. Maintain vegetation in examine

Keep plants in check
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Ants generally enter the backyard from the home. Stop ants from climbing up from the home all the way down to the backyard by trimming tree and plant branches leaning in opposition to the partitions of your home. These bugs may also bore into the wooden construction of the home and trigger pricey harm.

9. Test for leaks

One other technique to forestall ants from shifting from the home to the backyard is to dam or restore any openings within the plumbing or broken weather-stripping.


In case you are like most gardeners, you wish to keep away from utilizing chemical pest killers. Strive a mix of any of those strategies now we have advisable to eliminate ants in your backyard. Simply you’ll want to apply remedy discriminately to keep away from killing helpful vegetation and animals.

Have you ever handled an ant drawback earlier than? What has labored and what hasn’t? Tell us within the feedback beneath—we’d love to listen to from you!

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