how to get to consumed king’s garden

how to get to consumed king’s garden


Click on the map to make it bigger, and you’ll want to take a look at all of our Darkish Souls 3 maps.

Learn how to get there

Begin your journey to the backyard proper on the Dancer of the Boreal Valley bonfire. Go up the ladder and instantly flip left — it is easy to overlook, however that is the beginning of a model new, elective space and a path that ultimately results in three bosses.

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Dark Souls 3: Consumed King's Garden walkthrough Seize the Soul of the Weary Warrior with out aggroing (getting the eye of) the knight enemy. Be at liberty to slide previous him instantly as he is not blocking the door, and run onto the elevator to set off it.

Word that you should use the elevator trick right here: Stroll again onto the contraption to ship it again up, then run ahead into the brand new zone — the Consumed King’s Backyard. That is useful as a result of when you die, you may merely run again from the bonfire and instantly seize the elevator once more with out having to attend for it, avoiding the knight solely on repeated runs.

Alternatively, it’s also possible to roll off the entrance whereas the elevator is descending onto the ledge in entrance of you and get the Dragonscale Ring. Proceed to the bottom degree, however watch out for the poisonous floor beneath you. This standing impact is crippling and may overcome you in seconds. To keep away from it, tread calmly and run to the closest space of stable floor, then await the debuff meter to expire. Do not trouble equipping or losing objects to do away with it. The bonfire is so near the boss that you just’d be getting into crippled anyway, having used any therapeutic objects.

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If you wish to heal poisonous, you should use the Blooming Purple Moss Clump and Divine Blessing objects or the Caressing Tears miracle.

Run beneath the temple-like space proper in entrance of you to seize a Shadow Masks, Shadow Garb, Shadow Gauntlets and Shadow Leggings armor set, in addition to a Black Firebomb and a Claw. Word that enemies on this zone do a ton of injury even to endgame characters. These hulking monstrosities patrol forwards and backwards and have a small aggro vary, so ready for them to cross after which reserving it’s the most suitable choice if you wish to keep away from a struggle. In case your select to struggle them, although, pyromancies and fire-infused weapons inflict most harm.

If you happen to’re inquisitive about sheer progress, this space is deceptively temporary, so heading immediately reverse of the elevator shaft and down the stairwell will lead you to a fog door housing the boss — Oceiros, the Consumed King.

Oceiros, the Consumed King boss struggle

Quick model: Attempt to continually get behind him and slash his legs.

Ways (first section): Oceiros is a really chatty boss, so it is easy to get sidetracked. Flip off subtitles when you desire. You additionally do not really want to emphasize, as he follows the identical fundamental patterns as loads of the bigger enemies within the Souls collection, in that he is cumbersome and hits laborious — however not usually. A significant factor to notice is that those that depend on shields may have a far simpler time right here, as he does not hit so laborious that it breaks by means of most guards. Maintain your defend up, transfer behind him and between his legs to keep away from lots of his assaults. Simply preserve a watch out for when he raises his arms.

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That is your sign to roll out of the telegraphed zone, which is able to clearly spotlight blighted floor in a round sample. Merely keep a medium distance (about 4 characters price or size) and await the assault to dissipate. Then roll or run again beneath his legs. Going too far out will make sure that he costs you for a number of hits, nevertheless.

Ways (second section): When he modifies his animation, he’s coming into the following section, which needs to be moderately temporary. At this level, his tail assault ought to deter you from going anyplace close to him, so aspect assaults are finest. Repeat this course of till he goes down.

Alternatively, it’s also possible to summon an NPC on the staircase earlier than the boss and use a lightning-based weapon to inflict extra harm. Oceiros is a magic-based boss and as such is proof against magic harm.


Dark Souls 3: Consumed King's Garden walkthrough Head to the top of the corridor, gentle the bonfire, then open the double doorways to the following zone. It is a tunnel that results in an open room, with a lone bandaged enemy patrolling it. You took down the Consumed King, so you shouldn’t have any hassle dispatching this plain foe.

Seize the Path of the Dragon gesture as a reward (you may use this later to get into Archdragon Peak), and the 2 chests (one to the left, the opposite on the prime of the steps), each of which offer you Titanite Scales. Slice the wall behind the latter chest to open up an entrance to a model new cave space.

Welcome to the Untended Graves.

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