develop carrots in containers

Crunchy, nutritious and scrumptious, it’s no surprise why carrots are a few of the hottest greens to develop in residence gardens. When you’ve got questions on the way to develop carrots in containers, you’re in the fitting place!

In the event you’re working with a small yard, or only a patio, you might not assume you’ll be able to develop any carrots in any respect. The excellent news is that carrots are a straightforward going vegetable that may thrive in containers.

Carrots (Daucus carota) are a root vegetable, the domesticated model of a wild carrot native to Europe and Southwest Asia. Carrots are biennial however often grown as annuals. They’re typically orange however may be present in quite a lot of colours from white to purple.

If you consider a carrot, you almost certainly think about the colourful taproot — however the stems and leaves are additionally edible and can produce seed if allowed to flower.

There are good the reason why the taproot is our favourite! It’s tasty, versatile, may be saved for lengthy intervals of time, and comprises a excessive quantity of vitamins, particularly alpha- and beta-carotene and nutritional vitamins A, Ok, and B6.

This information will educate you the way to efficiently develop carrots in pots and the way to use and protect your root veggies after you’ve harvested them.

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A pile of small, bright orange carrots with green leaves

develop carrots in pots

Good for starting gardeners, carrots aren’t difficult vegetation to develop, however they do have particular care necessities.

Like most different greens, carrots require a full solar location that receives a minimum of 6 to eight hours of vivid gentle each day. 

Soil needs to be wealthy and well-draining, and mixing in a little bit of compost earlier than you plant your carrots can encourage their progress. 

After sowing, carrots have reasonable watering wants and will obtain about 1” of water per week.

Do carrots develop effectively in containers?

Carrots usually are not very massive vegetation, to allow them to simply be grown in containers. Nonetheless, as a result of they’ve lengthy faucet roots, containers needs to be a minimum of 12” deep. You could possibly develop carrots in shallower pots too, however if you wish to do that you must search for shorter carrot varieties, like ‘Parisian’ and ‘Scarlet Nantes.’

develop carrots from seed

In the event you’re new to rising carrots, you might have a number of questions. Do carrots develop higher from seed or are you able to develop them from transplants? And precisely what number of carrots develop from one seed?

Carrots are cool climate greens that develop greatest in spring and autumn, though you’ll be able to succession plant them each 4 weeks by way of mid-summer for a steady harvest. Simply needless to say carrots grown through the warmth of summer time might not fill out as effectively and should develop a extra bitter taste.

For optimum style and progress, straight sow your carrot seeds outside in your containers in early spring, about 2 to three weeks earlier than your final frost date.

Seeds needs to be sown about 1/4” deep and spaced about 2 to three” aside. In the event you’re training sq. foot gardening in your planters, you’ll be able to sow 16 to 18 carrot seeds per sq. foot. 

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What number of carrots develop from one seed?

Just one carrot will develop per seed, so remember to plant sufficient seeds to your functions! Contemplating seed germination charges are by no means 100%, you might wish to plant 2 to three carrot seeds per planting gap after which skinny out your carrots after they produce true leaves.

Finest potting soil for carrots

Make sure to at all times use potting soil in containers, by no means backyard soil. Backyard soil can include pests and doesn’t have the fitting composition to retain moisture such as you want in a container. To be taught extra, try my Potting Soil 101 submit!

There are a lot of varieties on the market, and I’ve tried a bunch of them! I’ve had one of the best outcomes with the outdated standby Miracle-Gro, in order that’s what I personally use.

Finest kinds of carrots for containers

  • Carnival mix carrots — attractive number of colours, excessive in vitamins, excellent for harvesting connoisseur child carrots
  • Little Finger Carrots — 3″ true child carrots (the sort you purchase within the retailer are literally reduce from full-size carrots!), glorious for pickling or canning
Orange carrots partially covered with dirt with green stems, with overlay text "how to grow carrots in containers"

develop carrots from seedlings

Carrots develop greatest when straight sown outside, and transplanting is usually not really useful as a result of taproots may be delicate to disruption. Fortunately, since carrots are chilly hardy and quick rising, there’s hardly ever a necessity to start out these veggies indoors. 

In the event you do have to transplant carrot seedlings, make sure you replant the roots in order that they’re as straight as potential. Twisted seedling roots will produce twisted and deformed carrots.

develop carrots from carrot tops

As soon as you narrow away a carrot’s faucet root, it’s inconceivable to regrow a full carrot from simply the highest.  Nonetheless, you’ll be able to regrow extra carrot greens and produce seeds simply from the scraps of your carrots.

To regrow carrot greens:

  • Lower off the highest of your carrot, leaving about 1” of carrot root connected to the highest. 
  • Trim away nearly all of the greens so that you solely have about 1” of greens remaining. 
  • Place the reduce carrot prime in a shallow dish with a little bit of water till delicate roots start to type.  
  • Then rigorously transplant the carrot prime to a container with moist, wealthy soil.

When carrot tops are stored on this method, they may proceed to develop contemporary greens and finally flower and produce seeds. Carrot tops may be eaten contemporary or cooked, and so they make a pleasant substitute for parsley in any dish.

Six bright orange carrots with dark green leafy stems on a wooden surface

Finest containers for rising carrots

Because of their small measurement, carrots are notably nice for container gardening. But it surely’s essential to decide on the fitting pot if you wish to get a big harvest of well-formed carrots.

Any pot you select needs to be well-draining. Material develop baggage are a few of the greatest selections since they preserve moisture stability and are much less more likely to trigger root rot. Terracotta pots are additionally acceptable for rising carrots, however be certain they’ve drainage holes.

To help the expansion of your carrots, pots needs to be a minimum of 12” deep. Since carrots are compact vegetation, the diameter of your container doesn’t matter as a lot, however a container that’s a minimum of 1’ sq. is really useful.

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Develop baggage are my favorites and a staple in my container backyard, for each veggies and herbs. They’re versatile, reusable, straightforward to maneuver, and do an superior job sustaining simply the fitting moisture degree.

Rising carrots in containers outside

After planting your carrots, you must start to see sprouts inside 2 to three weeks.

Out of doors temperatures will affect how shortly your carrots germinate. Temperatures between 55 and 65°F are greatest for germination, however carrots can sprout so long as temperatures are above 40 and beneath 85°F.

As soon as your carrot seeds are within the soil, present them with common water and fertilizer till you’re prepared to reap.

How usually to water carrots

Constantly watered carrots will develop bigger and have a greater taste. Typically talking, carrots ought to obtain about 1” of water per week.

How usually you’ll want to water your carrots will rely on your container and the ambient temperature. Containers dry out faster than backyard beds, so you have to to water your carrots often, about on daily basis or two, to get 1” per week.

Soil needs to be stored moist, however not soggy.

Fertilizer for carrots in pots

Amending your soil previous to planting with a high quality natural compost or slow-release fertilizer pellets (Jobe’s Organics is my favourite model) will give your carrots numerous vitamins to help their progress.

In the course of the rising season, carrots needs to be fertilized roughly each 3 to 4 weeks with compost tea or an natural, liquid fertilizer. Fox Farm Develop Massive is a extremely rated liquid fertilizer constructed from earthworm castings, kelp, and micronutrients.

Make sure to select a balanced or low-nitrogen fertilizer, as an excessive amount of nitrogen will lead to lush, leafy progress and poor root improvement. To be taught extra about soil vitamins, try my Fertilizer 101 submit!

Frequent pests for carrots

Carrots’ candy taste and excessive nutrient content material make them enticing treats to a number of backyard pests. A number of the commonest issues you might encounter when rising carrots embrace:

Wireworms are the larval stage of click on beetles, and so they look rather a lot like mealworms. These voracious eaters love munching on root greens, together with carrots, and might riddle your veggies with holes. Container-grown carrots are a lot much less more likely to be attacked by wireworms, particularly for those who use a high quality potting soil from a dependable supply.              

You typically gained’t know your carrots have been focused by carrot flies till you harvest your roots. Affected vegetation might have holes or tunnels of their flesh and broken areas can turn out to be mushy or rust coloured. Companion planting with dill, marigolds or onions and rotating your crops can hold these pests from turning into a problem.

Like wireworms, voles are much less more likely to trigger issues in container greens.  Nonetheless, these hungry little rodents can chew by way of container bottoms and decimate root greens. They’ll gobble up whole carrots, leaving simply the leaves behind. To maintain voles away, select sturdy containers or place your material develop baggage on prime of {hardware} material to stop burrowing.

Pile of bright orange carrots with green stems clipped close to the root

Finest companion vegetation for carrots

Choosing the proper companion vegetation can stop pests and profit your carrots in different methods.  Whereas there are different glorious vegetation to attempt, listed here are just a few of one of the best companions for carrots:

Dry soil can develop a crust on it, which might make it troublesome for younger carrots to germinate. Interplanting your carrots with radishes prevents soil crusting and might help your carrots develop.

Garlic, onions, chives and different members of the allium household have sturdy scents that hold many backyard pests away. Attempt sowing your carrots with alliums to stop rust flies and different points.

Nasturtium are enticing vegetation which are glorious for repelling all kinds of pests.  In the event you’re maintaining a container backyard, search for mounding (slightly than vining) nasturtium, as they may keep smaller. Examine nasturtium and different edible flowers in my submit 21 greatest edible flowers for container gardens.

Carrot rising phases

Carrots are most frequently grown from seed, which may be planted in containers in early spring or in mid-summer for an autumn harvest.

Relying on the carrot selection you’re rising and the temperature, carrots will germinate in about 2 to three weeks and will probably be prepared to reap about 55 to 80 days after planting.

If carrots are allowed to go to flower, they will even finally produce seeds, which may be saved for future gardening.

harvest carrots

Carrots will probably be prepared to reap about 2 months after planting.

It may be troublesome to know after they’re able to dig, so really feel round on the base of your vegetation. Smaller carrots are likely to have higher taste than bigger carrots, so that you would possibly wish to pull up your carrots when they’re in regards to the measurement of your thumb or a minimum of ½” diameter.

Since carrots usually don’t mature unexpectedly, you might want to select your carrots in phases. Spring-planted carrots needs to be harvested earlier than temperatures get too sizzling. Fall-planted carrots, alternatively, can have a greater taste for those who pull them up after a lightweight frost.

Younger carrots can often be simply lifted from the soil by their leaves, however bigger carrots might must be dug out with a hand trowel.

For even sooner harvesting, you may also merely dump out your rising containers onto a tarp and select your carrots.

retailer carrots

When you’ve picked your carrots, clip away all however ½” of their greens and scrub the roots effectively to take away dust.

Then pack your dried carrots in plastic baggage and retailer them within the fridge, in order that they don’t get limp.  When packaged this fashion, carrots will keep contemporary for about 3 to 4 weeks.

For longer storage, carrots can be dehydrated or canned.

Carrots additionally freeze effectively, and so they don’t must be blanched earlier than freezing. In the event you occur to have a cool root cellar, carrots may be saved in damp sand for as much as 5 months.

Pile of orange carrots with green leaves on a wooden surface

Carrot recipes

Extra container gardening ideas and veggie concepts

Rising carrots in pots is an effective way to have contemporary veggies, even in small areas. Now that you understand how to develop carrots in containers, tell us the way it goes within the feedback!