how to keep cats out of vegetable garden

how to keep cats out of vegetable garden

My cat likes to dig within the comfortable grime, particularly after I’ve planted some tender seedlings, and simply the considered cat poop within the vegetable beds makes me nauseous. Not solely disgusting, it may well harbor many dangerous pathogens and parasites.


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Kitty Boy Floyd, my furry buddy, within the backyard.

  • Wire – Freshly turned soil could be very interesting as a litter field so now we have discovered that laying down hen wire, plastic fencing, and even chook netting on prime of the soil retains him from digging. He received’t even stroll on it. It’s simpler to do it earlier than planting and simply clip the wire to make bigger holes for the crops. It may be lined with mulch to make it look extra pleasing.


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After catching Kitty Boy Floyd digging up my newly planted onions, we lined the mattress with plastic fencing.

  • Row Covers – We use loads of row covers on our crops and have discovered that if they’re nicely anchored he stays out of these beds in any other case we frequently discover him taking a catnap within the heat protected, surroundings the covers supply.
  • Mulch – Cats dislike stepping on tough or prickly surfaces so strive scattering pinecones, brush or twigs over the floor of the soil. Thorny clippings from roses, holly, or raspberries are particularly efficient however will prick you as nicely so put on gloves. Tough mulches like coarse wooden chips or stones are arduous for them to dig in.
  • Water – Cats like dry soil so hold yours moist to make it much less inviting. Or go one step farther and squirt them with a hose for those who catch them within the act. If neighborhood cats are sneaking in at evening, strive a movement activated sprinkler. They’ll quickly get the message!
  • Fences – It’s arduous to fence cats out. The fence must be very tall with a floppy prime to allow them to’t land on it. It additionally must buried on the backside to allow them to’t sneak below. It may be an costly however efficient resolution.
  • Repellents – Cats have delicate noses and robust smells can act as deterrents. Citrus shouldn’t be a feline favourite so subsequent time you eat an orange or squeeze a lemon, minimize up the peels and unfold them across the space you need the cats to keep away from. Sprays comprised of citrus, citronella, lavender, peppermint, lemongrass, or rosemary oil blended with water will be utilized to these areas as nicely. Vinegar, scorching pepper, or garlic sprays might have some impact too. Don’t use mothballs as a result of they’re poisonous to you and the cats. Urine deterrents needs to be prevented since they simply provoke male cats into spraying over them to mark their territory.
  • Crops – As an alternative of creating sprays you’ll be able to develop some cat-repelling crops comparable to rosemary, lemon thyme, rue, lavender, or Russian sage. Or you’ll be able to sprinkle the dried leaves of those crops across the spots you are attempting to guard. Crops with prickly leaves like sea holly or globe thistle might deter them too. Search for Coleus canina, known as the scaredy cat plant; it’s mentioned to be very efficient at holding cats away.
  • Bait & Swap – To maintain kitty out of the flowerbed why not strive giving him a spot of his personal – ideally on the opposite facet of the yard, away out of your valuable crops. Cats will likely be drawn to catnip or valerian crops. When you assemble an outside litter field full of dry sand for them to dig in, they simply may make use of it and go away your backyard alone.

We hope this helps! Do you have got any furry mates inflicting chaos within the backyard? Please share your experiences.

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