how to keep garden snails as pets

how to keep garden snails as pets

Protecting snails as pets have change into fashionable in recent times. The pattern gained huge momentum with the current pandemic and the quarantine that got here with it. Snails are what you possibly can think about simple pets. They don’t want quite a lot of caring and watching them slithering on their means is pleasant. It’s most likely a lot simpler to handle them evaluating to different conventional pets like cats, canines, fish, birds, and so forth. However you continue to must keep in mind that it is a residing creature. Subsequently, it requires some consideration to maintain it secure and extra necessary, to maintain the proprietor (you) secure.

8 prime the explanation why you’ll need to preserve pet snails

Earlier than stepping into which snail species to get, tips on how to discover it and tips on how to handle it, you may surprise why do you have to get a pet snail within the first place. Properly, snails have quite a lot of qualities that make them a better option. This may evaluating to different pets or evaluating to no pets in any respect.

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Straightforward to maintain

Land snails adapt very properly in numerous circumstances. You may preserve them in only a plastic container, make their very own habitat by your self or purchase a glass terrarium from a pet retailer. It’s going to all be the identical to them and you’ll not hear them complain.

Little upkeep

Caring for pet snails could be very easy. You may feed them as soon as a day or each couple of days. Don’t fear about them consuming an excessive amount of. As quickly as they’re full, they’ll cease consuming. You don’t have to offer them with contemporary water. They’ll get water from their meals and from the humidity within the air. You may clear their residing terrarium as soon as a in couple of week.

No want for a stroll

Snails spend more often than not on their very own. Some snail house owners may deliver their snails to the gardens for a change of surroundings. Others may take them to events and different gatherings. Nonetheless, it’s completely high-quality to go away your pet snails inside its residing terrarium on a regular basis.

Attention-grabbing to watch

Watching a snail does what he normally do may be very enjoyable and fascinating. They’re slowly gliding from one place to a different. A lot of the instances, they defy gravity by sticking to a vertical wall and even the other way up. They’re going out and in of their shell residence and utilizing their two units of tentacles. Different prompts like consuming, mating, laying eggs, are a real spectacular.

Cheap passion

You may get snails for free of charge by selecting a backyard snail. If you’re , you should purchase unique snails at pet sellers at affordable costs. The snail’s meals is left-over veggies out of your fridge. They don’t truly must be taken to the vet for periodic checking. Principally, the most important expense for preserve a snail as pet is the terrarium. Which like we mentioned, may be DIY terrarium.

Nice for youths

Youngsters can handle pet snails with little supervision from the adults. As soon as they learn to preserve themselves, they’re just about set. That is mainly sums as much as washing fingers with cleaning soap earlier than and after they maintain the snails. They must be thought the precise option to choose up the snail and that’s just about every part. The snail life cycle isn’t solely fascinating to them, however it may well train them quite a lot of issues.

a child hold roman snail

No noise

One other good cause to have pet snails is as a result of they’re very quiet. They won’t trouble your neighbors with barking. They won’t wake you up early within the morning or late at evening. They’ll slowly and quietly glide so nobody can be bothered by them.

Nice for busy schedule

Usually, you’ll need to handle your snail a minimum of as soon as a day. That care will normally be present him contemporary meals, spray the terrarium with some water and usually examine on him and its residing situation. Nonetheless, with a correct setup you possibly can depart them unattended for a couple of month. They should have sufficient contemporary air, fixed excessive degree of humidity and a few meals that can’t rot. Having mentioned that, this isn’t normally really useful.

Finest kinds of snails for a pet

There are a lot of issues to contemplate when choosing the proper snail for you as the brand new pet. Most individuals will resolve based mostly on the way it seems. That is positively an element however in relation to snails, there may be one other, extra necessary issue to contemplate. Some kinds of snails can switch ailments that may harm the atmosphere or people. Additionally, Some species of snail are thought of very invasive. In actual fact, the checklist of the 100 of the World’s Worst Invasive Species has not one however three species of snails.

Having mentioned that, it is rather necessary that you don’t import snails from completely different international locations or state earlier than you affirm it’s authorized to take action. Even for those who acquired a snail from outdoors your property, it can be crucial that you’ll make sure that it’s a snail the native to this space in case you might be planning to launch it again to the wild.

Backyard Snail

In all probability the preferred snails to have as pet is the backyard snails. It’s a dark-brown land snail kind that you could simply get with none price. Furthermore, taking good care of this small snail is easy. If you don’t want to maintain it for a very long time, you possibly can simply put it again to nature. It’s round 1.5 inches in measurement (about 4 cm) and has brown coloration.

a garden snail in the grass

Roman Snail

Other than the overall attributes of pet snails, Roman snails are extensively utilized in biology lecture rooms for enriching scholar’s observations. Their life span may be as much as 20 years for those who preserve it correctly. Though this species is a authorized pet snail within the US, they’re protected in IUCN Crimson Listing. Killing or commercializing them is prohibited within the UK.

Big African Land Snail

Big African Land Snails are simple to handle. As their identify implies, their measurement is large because the adults may be as huge as your palms. Probably the greatest components about this land snail you won’t know: the Big African Land Snails have a superb sense of odor, that helps them to acknowledge the proprietor. Nonetheless, this species is prohibited to have as pet within the US and in another international locations as they’re very damaging to the corps.

Apple Snail

If you’re on the lookout for a freshwater snail, the apple snail might be the only option. They’re extremely popular, enticing of their look in each coloration and measurement. The most well-liked apple snail is the spike-topped apple snail, which has completely different colours like: blue, yellow, pink, brown, and so forth..

You may simply discover apple snails in any aquarium pet store at an inexpensive value.

The place to get pet snails

The best option to get a pet snail is by trying round your backyard. In all probability you will discover a backyard snail or a roman snail tucking below leaves or plant pots. You could find them in lots of components of the character. So for those who didn’t discover one in your backyard, you possibly can attempt to search for them in wooded areas round your neighborhood. Some recommendations on discovering them within the nature is on the lookout for them after a wet day or in the course of the night. They’re much tougher to seek out throughout a sizzling day.

If you would like them instantly, there are pet snails on the market on quite a lot of aquarium and pet outlets. These are these days promoting varied snails (from grownup snails to child snails). You may simply pay a go to to a type of outlets and convey one residence.

Another choice is to get your pet snails delivered to your door. You should purchase pet snail on-line from eBay, Amazon, and so forth. There are additionally quite a lot of on-line shops that can provide you in just some clicks.

What number of snails do you have to get

The common snail is small in measurement so that you may ask your self what number of do you have to get and preserve. There a few factors to contemplate earlier than you resolve.

First, most individuals usually are not conscious however snails are literally social creatures. Many researches show that when given the chance, a snail will want to eat subsequent to a different snail. For instance, if you’ll supply a number of snails some items of lettuce, you will note a minimum of a pair going to the identical piece. As well as, when there are a number of snails, they’ll normally sleep shut to one another which additionally point out that they take pleasure in companionship.

a group of snails hanging out together

So for those who imagine your new pet can be lonely and need to get him a buddy, you may get a pair and put them collectively. The distinction in house is minimal and it’ll not require that rather more effort from you.

In the event you do resolve to get multiple, make it possible for each (or all) of them are from the identical species. Protecting completely different species may be dangerous as a result of some snails have deseases that may be dangerous to different species.

Then again, most snails are hermaphrodite. Which means each snail has each the female and male reprodactive organ. Every can produce the sperm and the egg. So each two snails from the identical species can reproduce and make snail infants.

In case your thoughts is ready on getting greater than two snails in a single terrarium, you additionally must resolve whether or not or not you might be planning to breed them. Since they can provide delivery to a whole lot of eggs in a single time and reproduce a number of instances annually, you may end up in an issue actually quick.

The best way snails reproduce is fascinating and there are a number of procedures to use when you’re going to go that route. In all probability crucial one is to maintain away the snails eggs away from the grownup snails to stop them from consuming the eggs. Reproducing snail for a revenue known as Heliciculture and there are recognized technics to attain that. You may learn extra about it in our snail farming part.

For individuals who usually are not trying into expending their snails inhabitants, it is usually suggested to take away the eggs as rapidly as doable. This needs to be performed earlier than they hatch. They need to be disposed in an environmentally secure means. In the event you would simply throw them out as they could hatch outdoors and change into a problem.

Protecting and caring for pet snails

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As we beforehand mentioned, snail care is straightforward. There are a number of issues to concentrate to to be able to preserve the snail well-being and the security of its proprietor. These issues are very low price and don’t require a lot effort. The beneath complete snail care information will reply most questions a snail pet proprietor might need.


Relying on how lengthy you need to preserve the snails, you might take a plastic field to make the house to your pets (for those who simply need to observe for a couple of weeks). In any other case, a glass terrarium with a becoming lid would be the higher possibility. Make a DIY snail terrarium can be doable with out an excessive amount of effort.

Don’t use paper or cardboard containers as a tank. Consider it or not, they will eat the partitions and escape.

The dimensions of the terrarium to your snails is calculated based mostly on two foremost elements. The dimensions of the snail and the quantity of pet snails you might be planning to maintain. You may go into particular consideration however typically talking, one gallon per snail needs to be adequate generally.

Nonetheless, even when you’ll get a comparatively giant tank of 10 gallons for one snail, it isn’t actually too house consuming.

In any case, you could clear the house earlier than you begin getting ready it to your new tenants. The terrarium must be completely cleaned utilizing cleaning soap. You then want to wash the cleaning soap actually good to take away all leftovers as this may be hurtful to your snail.

Cleansing the tank after the snail resides there may be additionally simple. Merely take the snail into a short lived place. Take away any meals leftovers earlier than they go dangerous and wipe the tank partitions with moist fabric or paper.

Listed here are some nice choices for snail terrarium:

Zilla Micro Terrarium

The Zilla Micro Terrarium is a clear acrylic terrarium that’s simple to assemble. It’s clear with the intention to take pleasure in a 360-degree view of your pet snail. Moreover, it comes within the excellent measurement to your pet, and so they include a latch that makes them additional safe. Moreover these options, this terrarium can be leak-proof due to its molded base.

REPTI ZOO Mini Glass Terrarium

This mini glass terrarium from REPTI ZOO is the popular selection of most snail house owners. Other than having the most effective viewing to your pet snail, it’s additionally appropriate for damp and humid circumstances. This glass terrarium can be simple to wash and includes a handy feeding gap for simple feeding.

biOrb AIR 60 LED Terrarium

BiOrb is a producer of fashionable acrylic aquariums, terrariums and different equipment associated to that subject. For terrarium they provide a 16 gallons (60 liters) tank in a globe form. The terrarium is sort of utterly self-sustained. With its led lighting, it means that you can simulate a full 24 hours day. You may schedule the evening and day in addition to the nightfall and daybreak. It’s also possible to program it to your required humidity degree and fan velocity.

Two-Pack Acrylic Reptile Terrarium

This terrarium set is manufactured from high-quality supplies which can be secure to your pet snails. Moreover, this set options two items of acrylic housing with a sliding and magnetic lock, making it a safe residence for your loved one snails.


The substrates for snails is what you place within the backside of the terrarium. It may be many issues like planting soil, coir (which is a pure fiber extracted from the outer shell of coconuts), humus, turf, and so forth. The substrate needs to be about 1-2 inches thick (3-6 cm). It is very important remember that the snails will most likely need to dig into this substrate so it isn’t really useful to make use of something like stones, pebbles, sand or something that can make them tougher to dig in.

It doesn’t matter what sort of substrate you find yourself selecting, you must take note of two crucial factors. The fabric must be freed from chemical and freed from pests. Particularly for those who resolve to make use of soil and filth you discover outdoors. Chemical compounds and pesticides, can clearly kill your snails. However unseen pests may cause a extreme injury as properly.

Some folks undergo the difficulty of sterilizing the soil by placing it in very excessive or very low temperatures. For instance placing it within the oven or within the freezer. Nonetheless, that isn’t wanted generally.

The pH degree of the soil if additionally necessary. It ought to have a pH degree of above 6. Decrease than which means the soil may be too acid for the little man and we wish an wholesome snail. Soil testers are very low cost and you may simply purchase it in lots of shops or on-line.

On prime of the substrate it’s endorsed to have sphagnum moss. The moss will make your snail glad and likewise assist holding the humidity excessive which is essential.

Really helpful gadgets:

Galápagos Terrarium Sphagnum Moss

Sphagnum Moss is a go-to substrate for a lot of snail house owners. It’s extremely absorbent and sustainable because it’s ecologically harvested. Moreover, it helps management the terrarium’s humidity, which is necessary to maintain your snails secure.

Critters Consolation Habitat Substrate

The Critters Consolation substrate is an all-natural materials that is freed from odor, chemical substances, and fertilizers. As well as, it additionally resists fungal and mildew development and permits your pet to maneuver simply and freely. Not solely does it present the most secure and healthiest habitat to your pet snail, however the jar additionally makes a super residence!

Air air flow

Like many residing creatures, snails take up oxygen (O2) and launch carbon dioxide (CO2). It can be crucial the the home of the pet snail will all the time get contemporary air. In the event you purchase your terrarium from a retailer, you most likely have already got some sort of opening within the lids. Ensure they’re smaller than your snail or it would run out (or glide very slowly out). If you’re making your personal residence for the snail, make a couple of holes within the field so air can transfer out and in.

The lid of the terrarium have to be securely closed with no gaps. Snail are delicate however they will raise dozen instances their very own weight. In the event you cowl the field with a small cardboard you may get up one morning to seek out an empty residence.

Temperature and humidity

Snails are fairly versatile in some ways together with their most well-liked temperature. There are snails species that dwell within the deserts whereas others dwell within the snow. Nonetheless, for the frequent backyard snail pet, an acceptable temperature may be between 65-85 F (18-30 C). When it’s too sizzling for them they’ll go inside their shell to relaxation and watch for a cooler time. When it will get too chilly, they’ll attempt to dig into the soil and can shut the lid of their shell till it’s hotter.

The terrarium have to be evaded a direct daylight as it may well change into too sizzling for the snail. And not using a option to discover a cooler place, the snail may die.

If your property (or wherever you retain your pet) is colder than 65 levels, you most likely ought to equip the terrarium with a heating pad. You may warmth solely a part of the terrarium and by that permitting the snail to seek out its personal candy spot.

Humidity is essential for snails. The optimum humidity for snail development is round 75%-90%, and it may be simply achieved by utilizing a small spraying bottle. You may spray some water contained in the habitat as soon as a day or each couple of days depends upon how humid the room is.

Getting a temperature and humidity meter is one thing that may be purchased for very low cost. It’s going to make the supervision of the circumstances a lot simpler.

Really helpful Gadgets:

Tikaton Reptile Beneath-tank Warmth Pad

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This under-tank warmth pad is designed to maintain your pet’s snail heat within the chilly with out harming them or disturbing their sleep. It’s simple to wash, handy to make use of, and requires little vitality. Plus, the mat is manufactured from high-quality PVC materials that’s comfortable to the contact.

iPower Warmth Pad

The iPower heating pad is an under-tank hotter that is available in varied sizes, permitting you to decide on what’s perfect to your tank. This tools is water and moisture-proof with the intention to use it in a variety of environments. Not solely that, however it additionally comes with a powerful adhesive, permitting it to stay to any floor.

Terrarium Warmth Pad with LCD Digital Thermometer

This under-tank warmth pad comes with a digital thermometer for handy monitoring. It includes a temperature vary of 0-35℃, 0-95°F, which imply you will discover the best temperature to your pet snail.

Thermometer and Hygrometer Suggestions:

GXS TWU Tank Hygrometer and Thermometer

This useful tools means that you can monitor the temperature and humidity of your tank always. It includes a digital display screen so you possibly can simply monitor your terrarium’s circumstances. Moreover, you possibly can show the temperature in Celsius and Fahrenheit, making it a handy addition to your snail’s residence.

REPTI ZOO Terrarium Analog Thermometer and Hygrometer

The REPTI ZOO analog thermo-hygrometer gauge is a two-in-one tools that options color-coded segments for simple studying. What’s good about this analog software is it doesn’t require any batteries. It additionally comes with an adhesive again, so it’s simple to connect to your pet’s terrarium.

REPTI ZOO Suction Terrarium Thermometer and Hygrometer (Digital)

One other thermo-hygrometer advice is the REPTI ZOO suction thermo-hygrometer. Its digital show and easy-to-read LCD display screen make it simple to make use of even in low mild. It’s also possible to simply connect it to glass and different surfaces as a result of it has two completely different suction cup attachments.

Making it a house

The habitat is sort of prepared. Simply earlier than you might be placing the snail in, the final step can be to make this terrarium into a house.

Snails take pleasure in hiding, climbing and gliding throughout. Place some plant pots, small tree branches, piece of bark or something like that to maintain the snail entertained.

The house ornament needs to be one thing that doesn’t rotten or can injury the little man. Many gadgets that work for different pets like lizards, iguanas, and so forth. will do exactly high-quality. For instance cork bark, leaf, and so forth.

a snail climbing on a branch

How you can feed pet snails

Most snails are vegetarian (or extra appropriately, herbivores). They’re simply fed with apples, carrots, cucumber, and leafy greens. Offering them a dish of those veggies as soon as a day is adequate. You don’t have to fret about giving them an excessive amount of meals. In contrast to like many different pets, they’ll cease consuming when they’re full and choose up later when they’re able to eat once more.

The meals doesn’t must be positioned in a meals bowl. However be sure to is not going to have rotten meals and take away it earlier than it will get dangerous. The meals needs to be cleaned to take away any pesticides or residue. Natural vegatables and fruits are most well-liked however they must be washed as properly.

A key ingredient within the snail food plan is a supply of calcium. The calcium is essential for the snail’s shell. It makes it stronger and larger. There are a lot of methods to offer calcium to your pet. You may crush empty eggshells, chalk, and so forth. Nonetheless, most likely the most effective and easiest method is simply throw cuttlefish bones within the tank. A cuttlefish bone is one thing you will discover in any pets retailer.

In any case, don’t feed your new pet with any citrus meals and by no means put salt of their tank.

It isn’t obligatory to place water in your grownup snail terrarium. They normally get their water from the humidity within the air and from their meals. If you’re , you possibly can place a shallow dish of water contained in the tank. Don’t put something deep as they will simply drown.

Really helpful meals choices:

Fruit Flavored Pet Land Snail Meals

If you’re hesitant of feeding your pet land snail contemporary vegatables and fruits, you possibly can merely buy this bag. It comprises a mix of natural fruits, seeds and calcium that your small pet will love.

How you can maintain pet snails

Earlier than you maintain your snail pet, wash your fingers completely with cleaning soap and water. Wash away all cleaning soap residue and dry your fingers. Subsequent, get your fingers a bit of moist. The best option to do it’s by utilizing your water spray bottle.

Now for selecting up the little man. By no means choose it from its physique along with your fingers. Additionally it is not really useful to select up your snail from its shell. Particularly if it hangs on tightly to no matter floor it’s on. Power choose up in such means can break his shell or harm the half that join the shell to the physique.

One of the best ways to select it up is to ask it to crawl onto your fingers. It’s also possible to encourage it to go on a leaf you place in entrance of it and choose up the leaf.

The snail may take pleasure in gliding in your fingers and fingers for a couple of minutes. However he’ll most likely really feel extra comfy in its tank so strive to not maintain it for durations of time longer than 10 minutes.

After you end taking part in along with your pet, place it gently again in its residence. Then wash your hand once more very completely with cleaning soap and water.

Though they are often cute pet, they will also be a supply for ailments so sanitary is essential.


Protecting snails is an effective way for connecting with nature and likewise serving to many people to cut back stress on this busy world. Hopefully, this final pet snail information helped you perceive how thrilling it may be to change into a snail pet house owners.

What subsequent?

Identify your pet. Would you like a humorous identify like: Speedy, Crusher, Hercules, Rocket, and so forth. Or possibly a traditional individual identify like: Jack, Phil, Myra, and so forth.

Open an Instagram account and get some cute photos.

cute picture of a snail pet


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