how to keep possums out of the garden

how to keep possums out of the garden

Opossums may cause a whole lot of bother for folks. In the event that they discover a good meals supply they will and can break in to get it. They’ll make a multitude out of your yard and likewise tear holes into your roof, attic, and underneath your deck. So how do you eliminate these pests as soon as they’ve moved in and the way do you deter them from coming onto your property? Listed below are just a few concepts.

  • Take Away Their Meals Supply
  • Select Good Fencing
  • Use Movement Sensor Lights
  • Use Movement Sensor Sprinklers
  • Cat Or Canine Hair
  • Use Unhealthy Smells
  • Chemical Repellents
  • Lure The Invaders

Let’s take a look at every of those individually and discover out the professionals and cons (if any) of every.

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How to keep possoms out of your garden
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Take Away Their Meals Supply

When you’ve got pets be sure to’re bringing of their meals at night time and cleansing up any spills that will have occurred. Additionally, be sure that your pet meals is in a decent container that isn’t simply opened.

Ensure that rubbish cans have a decent lid. If the opossum smells one thing in your rubbish they’ll scatter the contents in all places with a purpose to get at it. Preserving a decent lid on it retains the scent inside and makes it more durable for the pests to open and get inside.

In the event you develop a backyard or have fruit timber shield them with fencing and hold fallen fruit picked up. Fruit and veggies are straightforward meals for possums so discover a technique to hold them out or you might not benefit from the fruits of your labor.

Putting in A Fence

Putting in a fence might be one in all your finest defenses. Be sure to select a fabric that’s laborious to climb akin to metallic. You want your fence to be a minimum of just a few ft excessive to allow them to’t be jumped by a decided opossum and also you’ll wish to bury it a minimum of twelve inches within the floor for the reason that little critters can dig.

Some advocate utilizing rooster wire and bending the highest at an angle away out of your backyard. The angle makes it harder for them to climb excessive.

Use Movement Sensor Lights

Opossums are nocturnal and hate the sunshine! Place movement sensor lights that may detect animals round your own home and close to locations opossums could frequent.

When the lights activate the opossums ought to run again into the darkness.

Use Movement Sensor Sprinklers

Not solely can this be good to your yard nevertheless it’s additionally an important deterrent. Place them the place the opossums frequent and anyplace else you wish to hold them away from.

As soon as the movement sensor goes off the pests will get sprayed. Hopefully, they’ll be taught rapidly and steer clear of the realm.

This might not be a everlasting answer, nonetheless. Opossums can get used to the water so you might want to maneuver the sprinkler round in order that they don’t get used to it in a single place.

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Picture Credit score: Flickr Donald Hobern

Cat or Canine Hair

Having cats and canines may also help deter possums away out of your property. However don’t fear for those who don’t have any. You don’t really must have a cat or canine, all you really want is their hair or fur.

Discover a buddy or neighbor or probably ask a neighborhood pet retailer or vet for any fur or hair they could accumulate after grooming the animals.

Sprinkle it across the areas frequented by the opossums and likewise round areas you wish to hold them out of akin to a backyard.

The thought is to make the opossums assume there’s a predator close by in order that they keep away. You will want to switch the fur continuously so it doesn’t its scent or get blown away.

Utilizing Unhealthy Smells

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Opossums have an important sense of scent. This may be each dangerous and good.

The rationale it’s dangerous is as a result of they will scent rubbish, compost, pet meals, and many others from a distance and they’ll come seeking a fast, straightforward meal.

You possibly can, nonetheless, use it in opposition to them as effectively. Similar to being attracted by good smells they can be repelled by dangerous ones.

Smells like mothballs, ammonia, and garlic may also help repel the pests. When utilizing these choices be sure to additionally perceive the dangers to your atmosphere.

  • Garlic is protected to make use of round your own home and property. For finest outcomes smash the garlic to make it stronger and put it in areas you wish to hold possums away from. The despatched will fade so that you’ll have to replenish the garlic typically.
  • You possibly can spray ammonia round your home and on rubbish cans however the scent may also drive buddies and neighbors away so select your places fastidiously.
  • Mothballs can be used and is an affordable choice, nonetheless, mothballs are additionally poisonous. Be very cautious when utilizing mothballs. If pets and different animals ingest them they may die. The fumes are additionally poisonous and a whole lot of publicity to it may have adverse results on people.

When utilizing these choices be sure to learn labels and warnings. Solely use in accordance with the instructions.

Chemical Repellents

In most residence enchancment or {hardware} shops, yow will discover chemical repellents. Many of those repellents embody some type of predator urine.

They’ve had some success however, sadly, generally this selection is non permanent.

Opossums will finally determine you’re tricking them and are available again. Chemical repellents may very well be an excellent choice nonetheless for those who use it whereas making a extra everlasting deterrent akin to putting in a fence and patching holes.

Setting Traps

If your own home has already develop into residence to an opossum, you might need to lure them to eliminate them.

Earlier than going out and shopping for a lure be sure that it’s authorized in your space by contacting your native recreation fee.

When trapping a possum use one thing very fragrant akin to fish, apples, and even canned pet meals. Unfold the scent not solely within the lure however on it and round it as effectively. It will assist be sure that the opossums catch the scent.

In case you are additionally allowed to launch the opossum be sure to launch it a minimum of 10 miles from your own home so it doesn’t discover its means again.

Name Your Native Sport Fee

One other technique to eliminate opossums is to name your native recreation fee to come back and take away them.

That is the simplest and most secure technique to eliminate them.

What Are Opossums

Opossums are the one marsupial that lives in North America and are nocturnal. They’ve lengthy tails, tiny legs, a sharp snout, and are concerning the measurement of a home cat.

When they’re startled or threatened they’ve an involuntary response to play and act useless. That is the place the phrase “play possum” comes from.

Opossums have an important sense of scent and are fairly smelly themselves. They’re nice climbers and swimmers. They’ve opposable rear thumbs that they use to assist them climb.

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They don’t construct their very own dens as an alternative they use deserted animal dens, burrows, woodpiles, hole timber and logs, and even attics, sheds, and different man-made buildings.

Opossums can provide start to 4-8 joeys at a time and may have round 2 litters per yr. As soon as the joeys are born, they’ll spend just below 2 months inside their mom’s pouch. From there they’ll transfer to their mom’s again earlier than heading out on their very own.

What Do Possums Eat

Opossums are omnivores. Their favourite meals embody useless animals, crops, and bugs. They can even hunt small animals akin to chicks and different small birds.

However, they don’t seem to be choosy eaters.

They are going to search by means of trash cans, eat pet meals, and assist themselves to the rest that’s fast and simple to get.

How Do You Know You Have Opossums

Opossums may cause a whole lot of issues in your property. Some methods to inform if the injury is from an opossum are:

  • Their tracks
  • Opossum droppings
  • Scattered materials from trash cans, compost, or fowl feeders
  • Holes in attics, sheds, and different man-made buildings
  • Torn drywall, ductwork or insulation
  • The scent.

Associated Questions

How do possums get into your home?

Opossums are good climbers and may simply discover entry into your own home. They’ll climb timber to stand up to your roof. If there are any holes the possums could make the outlet bigger and get in.

They’ll additionally burrow and dig so entering into the crawl areas beneath your home can be potential.

How harmful is a possum

Opossums are not often harmful. Nonetheless, in the event that they really feel threatened they’ve been identified to assault.

Some excellent news nonetheless, is that they not often get rabies since their physique temperature is just too low for the virus to thrive.

The dangerous information is they will carry illnesses akin to tuberculosis and noticed fever amongst others.

Can a possum climb a brick wall

Opossums are excellent climbers. If they will get a foothold they will climb, even with infants on their backs.

Brick partitions aren’t any completely different, opossums can climb up and down them very simply.

Picture credit score: Flickr Fraser Mummery

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