how to keep possums out of veggie garden

how to keep possums out of veggie garden

In keeping with our data, “ possum-proof a backyard” is a extremely fashionable web search. You’ve in all probability landed right here since you’re having possum points and have turned to Google for assist.

Possum populations have exploded previously decade or so, as these furry marsupials discover themselves well-suited to suburban life. With their agility and adaptableness, they can get nearly in all places to dine out in our gardens, even reaching vegetation on upper-storey balconies.

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Varieties of possum

There are two species of possums that feed in gardens. Brushtails are the massive possums with black furry tails and a ghoulish grunt. A mature brushtail can weigh as much as 2.4kg, which is why they achieve this a lot injury within the backyard. They’re very territorial and should dwell in roof areas, in hollows in bushes or in hedges.

A lot smaller and extra delicate are ringtails. These candy possums are a lot smaller than the brushtails (800g in weight) with a fragile, curled, naked tail (ringtail) that helps them negotiate the backyard. They dwell in houses referred to as ‘drays’ made up of a unfastened and messy assortment of twigs, usually tucked into shrubs. Whereas they’re smaller and sweeter than brushtails, in addition they eat backyard vegetation. Nevertheless, they don’t all the time trigger as a lot injury on the large brushtails, and are sometimes tolerated in gardens.

Defending your backyard

There are lots of people treatments thought to discourage possums from gardens. A few of these embrace utilizing spotlights, hanging CDs, lapsang souchong tea and blood & bone. None of those options have an enduring or dependable impact.

There are two principal strategies to efficiently defend vegetation from possums. A very powerful is to erect bodily boundaries, that are then backed up with deterrent sprays.


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Bodily boundaries can vary from possum-proof fencing across the perimeter of a property to using covers for particular person vegetation. Possum-proof fencing is made by developing a 2.5m-high wire fence that’s topped with a size of floppy wire that makes it not possible for possums to climb into the property. The wire flops outwards, making it arduous for the possum to recover from it.

This works effectively for these in rural or semi-rural areas establishing a brand new backyard. The fence line must be saved away from bushes and overhanging branches that would present one other entry route.

Present fences that supply a ready-made possum freeway may be made tough to entry with spikes fitted to the highest of the fence. Once more, you have to to maintain overhanging branches away from the fence lest you unwittingly make it simpler for possums to entry your vegetation!

If a possum-proof fence isn’t doable, contemplate rising productive vegetation comparable to fruit bushes and shrubs inside purpose-built wire fruit cages. These may even defend crops in opposition to birds and bats, which may additionally trigger injury.

Defend giant, freestanding bushes by encasing a number of metres of the decrease trunk in steel or plastic sleeving. Sleeves stop the possum from climbing into the tree from the bottom. For it to be efficient, the tree must be away from different bushes, fences or partitions that would enable a possum to leap into the branches. This treatment may be very profitable for bushes comparable to maples or magnolias which might be very interesting to possums. Look at tree trunks for scratch marks to see which bushes they’re accessing.

Smaller vegetation may be protected with their very own purpose-made covers. This system is right for vegetation grown in containers or younger vegetation. Covers may be created from shadecloth or wire and positioned over the vegetation at evening, then eliminated within the morning. A wire waste paper basket may also be a really helpful in a single day barrier. This evening cowl is a helpful strategy to defend edible vegetation comparable to herbs, dwarf citrus bushes and strawberries together with roses, as possums are nocturnal so feed at evening.

For vegetable rising, put money into elevated backyard beds with a wire, plastic or shadecloth cowl that may be lowered to guard the crop in a single day. Any such lidded rising system additionally protects from different pests.

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To guard a brand new plant within the backyard, make a semi-permanent wire cowl round and over the plant. It must be sturdy sufficient to face up to a possum climbing onto it within the hope it may possibly attain the plant by the wire. As soon as the plant begins to develop, the duvet will should be eliminated. By this stage the plant ought to hopefully be mature sufficient to keep away from being broken.

Protecting sprays

Repeated feeding by possums causes quite a lot of injury to vegetation and may even kill them, particularly when the brand new development is continually eaten off. On this scenario, protecting sprays might help. There are a number of business merchandise out there together with D-Ter and Poss-Off, that are utilized to development (comparable to new shoots, buds, leaves).

These are a deterrent and never a poison, so they aren’t dangerous to the vegetation, the possums or pets. They should be utilized steadily as they are often diluted or washed off throughout rain, watering and even after heavy dew. As soon as the brand new development has matured or the bud has opened, it ought to now not be interesting to the possum so the spray may be discontinued till the subsequent flush of development happens.

Planting in opposition to possums

Whereas there are vegetation that possums love – particularly roses, maples and magnolias – they are going to eat absolutely anything. Sometimes a plant will seem like possum-proof as it’s ignored by possums, usually for years, however it could be eaten when a brand new possum comes into the world or the animals are further hungry. However, in case you uncover some vegetation that they ignore that develop effectively, plant extra of them! Vegetation that aren’t touched in my backyard embrace acanthus, agapanthus, field and lavender.

One helpful method is to incorporate some sacrificial vegetation within the backyard. Coppiced gum bushes, for instance, present a continuing provide of latest foliage for the possums to browse. To coppice a tree, simply reduce it again to its base and let the brand new development come up as a multi-branched shrub. Because it turns into too tall, reduce the tree again once more.

Possum removing

Many gardeners recurrently clear up their possum drawback by trapping and eradicating the animal. There are restrictions round trapping and relocating possums, so it is very important maintain inside native pointers. Typically one other possum merely strikes in, so removed from fixing the issue, it could make it worse.

It might sound counter-intuitive, however a greater strategy is to tolerate the possum you may have. You would even construct it a possum field in a tall tree. As possums are territorial, it can maintain away different possums, and also you already know its consuming habits!

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