how to keep snails out of vegetable garden

how to keep snails out of vegetable garden

When snails or slugs invade your backyard and begin consuming your vegetation, you may be prepared to do absolutely anything to maintain slugs out of the backyard. You may be tempted to select up a industrial snail repellent or the primary slug-killing concoction you will discover at your native backyard retailer. Business merchandise are normally efficient, which is the principle cause they’re so interesting, however they can be costly, dangerous to useful bugs and animals, or unnecessarily poisonous. So, earlier than you go for dearer, deadly, or poisonous strategies, strive these pure, non-toxic, and (principally) non-lethal residence treatments to maintain snails and slugs out of gardens.

15 Non-Poisonous, Pure Strategies to Defend Your Backyard from Snails + Slugs

How to Keep Snails Slugs Out of Your Garden

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1. Take away them by hand.

Eradicating snails out of your backyard by hand requires no merchandise or particular tips; nonetheless, it does take time, will not be a everlasting answer, and requires that you’re okay with touching snails. You probably have the time and persistence to make use of this methodology, you’ll need to often examine your backyard for snails and, once you discover a number of, you’ll need to select them off of your vegetation and transfer them a minimum of 20 toes away from vegetation that you do not need them to eat.

This methodology is free and fully pure, so it’s value attempting when you have the time and are okay with touching snails and slugs.

2. Add a layer of gravel, bark or wooden chips to your backyard beds.

Slugs and snails have a harder time attending to your vegetation if they’re surrounded by floor covers that aren’t simple to slip over. Due to this fact, for those who add a layer of wooden chips, gravel, or bark to your backyard beds, it will assist repel snails and slugs naturally. Including a floor cowl with a texture that’s disagreeable to snails is a pure backyard pest repellent that may assist cut back the possibility of your vegetation being eaten by slugs or snails.

3. Water your backyard within the morning.

We all know that snails do most of their backyard destruction at evening. We additionally know that snails have extra issue getting round on dry soil than they do on moist soil. So, if we put these two items of data collectively, we have now one other solution to preserve snails and slugs out of your backyard: watering early within the morning. This provides the highest layer of soil extra time to dry out earlier than dusk, which makes it harder for snails and slugs to get to your vegetation.

4. Add copper.

When snails contact copper, their slime reacts in a means that they obtain an uncomfortable electrical shock that may rapidly encourage them to show round and discover someplace else to dine. Adhesive copper tape is obtainable at residence enchancment shops, backyard facilities, or on-line and is essentially the most handy solution to thrust back slugs and snails with copper. If you happen to go the adhesive copper tape route, you possibly can merely run the tape alongside the sides of your backyard beds to maintain snails from coming into.

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If you do not need to buy copper tape or simply occur to have a jar of copper pennies mendacity round, it’s also possible to use pennies to guard your backyard. When utilizing pennies, you possibly can glue them to your backyard mattress to maintain them in place and can need to ensure they’re very shut collectively so you don’t depart pathways for smaller snails and slugs to sneak by way of.

5. Entice birds to your backyard.

There are many species of birds that eat snails and slugs. This implies you can cut back your snail and slug inhabitants by taking steps to draw extra birds to your yard. This methodology is deadly for the snails, however it’s alongside the traces of encouraging nature to take its course and doesn’t require introducing chemical substances into your backyard. Additionally it is a faster dying than they might expertise with snail poison or drowning strategies.

How to Keep Slugs Out of Your Garden

6. Get rescue chickens.

Yard chickens are nice in your backyard. They supply manure for composting, lay eggs for meals, flip the soil, and assist management undesirable backyard pests and bugs. Snails, slugs, and their eggs are included within the backyard pests that chickens like to dine on, which suggests including a hen coop to your yard may be the right answer to your snail downside. You may at all times buy chicks at an area feed retailer, however you’re going to get extra karma factors for adopting rescue chickens that want residence.

If you happen to dwell in a extra rural space and have the house, geese or geese are additionally choices.

7. Sprinkle damaged eggshells round your backyard.

The sharp edges of damaged eggshells are an incredible deterrent to maintain slugs out of backyard and snails away out of your vegetation. The damaged edges are painful for them to journey over, which is why that is efficient as a pure repellent. If you happen to opted for the yard chickens talked about above, you should utilize the shells from their eggs for this function. If not, you should utilize the eggshells left over out of your breakfast. Break the shells into small items and unfold them all through your backyard beds and round your vegetation. Finally, the shells will biodegrade and add vitamins to your soil, so that’s an added advantage of utilizing this methodology.

8. Sprinkle espresso grounds.

You might already unfold espresso grounds in your backyard so as to add vitamins to the soil. One other advantage of sprinkling espresso grounds round your vegetation is that they assist preserve slugs and snails out of your backyard.

9. Spray with do-it-yourself snail and slug repellent.

There are two generally used choices for making a do-it-yourself snail repellent. One choice is to easily pour chilly espresso into a twig bottle, after which spray the espresso on and round your vegetation. If you happen to select this feature, watch out to not spray the espresso instantly onto the slugs or snails, since it would kill them. To make use of it as a non-lethal deterrent, spray it simply on and round your vegetation. The second choice is to combine garlic and water in a twig bottle, after which spray the combination on and round your vegetation.

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How to Keep Snails Out of Your Garden

10. Plant sacrificial vegetation

Sacrificial vegetation, also called lure vegetation, assist shield your backyard from pests by attracting the pests elsewhere. For instance, in case you are attempting to guard a decorative backyard mattress from snails, you possibly can plant some lettuce within the again or in less-conspicuous spots. Snails just like the style of lettuces higher than most decorative vegetation, so they may extra possible dine in your lettuce leaves than your fairly vegetation.

11. Deter with herbs.

Lavender, sage, rosemary, parsley, creeping thyme, and mint are all good additions to an herb backyard that additionally occur to discourage snails. If you happen to had been planning on planting a few of these anyhow, plant them across the border of your backyard or between weak vegetation to assist thrust back these midnight marauders. Particularly, they aren’t keen on vegetation with a powerful perfume, so choosing lavender is an efficient selection.

12. Unfold salt or baking soda.

This can be a deadly choice, so, in case you are attempting to naturally deter snails with out killing them, this isn’t the choice to decide on. Baking soda and salt dry out snails and slugs, which can kill them. That is extremely painful for them and isn’t a pleasant solution to kill them, however, since it’s such a generally used methodology, we did need to point out it right here. So, it’s an choice, however it will be higher to strive different choices on this checklist first.

How to Naturally Keep Slugs Out of Your Garden

13. Bait snails and slugs with beer.

That is one other deadly choice and may solely be used in case your purpose is to kill the snails. Place a shallow dish or pan of beer in your backyard. The snails and slugs might be attracted by the yeast and can crawl into the beer the place they may drown and die. Once more, this kills the snails as a substitute of simply warding them off, so that you may need to strive a number of the different choices first.

14. Set citrus traps.

Save your lemon, lime, orange, and grapefruit peels to scatter round the other way up in your backyard earlier than dusk. Within the morning, you’ll possible discover a good portion of your slug and snail inhabitants has discovered their solution to these tasty treats. Acquire them and transfer the snails and slugs someplace far out of your backyard or, for those who choose, set them out within the open the place birds and different predators will eat them.

15. Plant marigolds – however away out of your backyard.

Marigolds are a mainstay on this planet of pure pest management strategies; nonetheless, we’re normally planting them close to our gardens to thrust back a wide range of pests. Snails are literally drawn to marigolds, so if snails are the issue you are attempting to repair, you’ll need to plant your marigolds away out of your backyard, moderately than close to it.

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