how to kill ants in the garden naturally

how to kill ants in the garden naturally

Efficient Methods to Naturally Remove Ants From Your Backyard

Ants, similar to some other bugs and backyard organisms, are useful to mom nature. They assist aerate the soil, point out that your backyard has an aphid infestation, and might even assist with the pollination of sure vegetation. Ants assist management different pests by consuming them and assist in the decomposition of natural matter like leaves and grass clippings.

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In contrast to another pests, ants don’t immediately assault your vegetation. Nonetheless, they do ‘farm’ aphids so positively take motion in the event you discover the presence of each bugs!

More often than not, ants reside in a colony with their queen deep within the soil, they usually largely trigger no hurt to decorative vegetation.

They will even be a largely innocent addition to a veggie backyard, supplied you’re not rising one thing they’re liable to going after like:

  • Okra blossoms
  • Potato roots
  • Watermelon fruit
  • Another candy fruit, particularly in scorching climate

On account of their fast multiplication, these bugs would possibly grow to be too many so that you can handle, they usually would possibly unfold near the place you reside. Fireplace ants are particularly unhealthy about inflicting ache by biting you, your loved ones members, and even your pets.

The colony may additionally play a task in rising different backyard pests except for aphids like scale, whitefly, and mealybug, which additionally make candy secretions and are drawn to candy issues similar to ants are.

When it will get so far the place the ants are inflicting extra hurt than good, it’s greatest to do away with them. To successfully take away ants out of your backyard, use a technique that can have an effect on not solely the ants but additionally their queen.

There are a lot of methods to try this with out resorting to chemical pesticides or industrial ant killer, together with the next:

Borax Powder

This is without doubt one of the best methods to do away with ants in your backyard. Ants can’t odor or style borax, however analysis says that the majority ant species are drawn to candy issues.

The easiest way to do away with ants with this product is by mixing it with equal components of water and sugar or utilizing different candy merchandise like honey, maple syrup, peanut butter, or corn syrup. You’ll be able to then sprinkle the combination on the nests or smear it on an index card or cardboard and place it close to the nests or round your backyard.

The ants will eat it after which take it contained in the anthill to the remainder of the colony, together with the queen. After 2-3 days of the ants ingesting the borax combination, they may die as a result of it’s exhausting for them to digest borax.

Maintain monitoring the ants and in the event you nonetheless see traces of them round, think about using the combination once more. Borax is comprised of a pure boric compound, and it may be poisonous to your pets in the event that they ingest it, so make sure you solely sprinkle it in reasonable quantities inside areas out of attain to pets.

Meals Grade Diatomaceous Earth

That is one other pure but efficient product that you should use to do away with ants in your backyard and round your property. It’s comprised of diatoms, that are fossilized hard-shelled algae crushed right into a nice powder.

Even in powder type, the fossilized hard-shelled algae have sharp ends that pierce the ants and penetrate their our bodies, inflicting dehydration. Unfold the powder over the anthill or across the areas they go to most, and after about two weeks, the ants will die from dehydration. If it rains in any respect although, you’ll must reapply it as a result of it will get washed away shortly.

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Because it solely kills these ants that come into contact with it, do your greatest to get it contained in the nests the place many of the ants and the queen can be as a result of killing solely these on the bottom is not going to remedy the issue.

For optimum effectiveness with Meals grade diatomaceous earth, you must be sure that it stays fully dry. Additionally, watch out to not purchase a swimming pool diatomaceous earth because it is not going to be as efficient.

Meals grade diatomaceous earth isn’t dangerous to you, your loved ones members, or your pets if by chance ingested in small quantities, so that you wouldn’t have to fret about sprinkling it round your property.

Utilizing Common Chalk to Confuse and Repel Ants

This technique largely works by repelling as a substitute of killing the ants. A examine completed on ants says that they convey utilizing scents and following the opposite ants’ path. You’ll be able to crush classroom chalk and pour the powder across the space you do not need the ants to cross or just draw a line.

The chalk’s powdery texture will impression the ant’s sense of contact and trigger them to be confused as to which path was utilized by the opposite ants.

Some specialists say that chalk is comprised of the crushed shells of some marine animals, which makes it wealthy in calcium carbonate, a identified ant repellent.

One of many principal advantages of utilizing chalk is that it’s not dangerous both to the ants, you, or your pets, that means that you may preserve the ants in your backyard to assist with pollination and aerate the soil, and preserve them from your property to keep away from hurt to you, your loved ones and your pets.

It’s also available and low-cost. All you must do is be sure that it’s not blown away by the wind and whether it is, preserve including extra of the powder. If you happen to run out of chalk, you should use child powder too.

If you happen to use this technique, it’s key that you don’t confuse classroom chalk with ant chalk, which is a chemical insecticide and might trigger hurt to your loved ones members or pets.

Fastidiously Use Boiling Water

This is without doubt one of the most tedious strategies, contemplating that ants make their houses stand up to rain and flood, nevertheless it has confirmed to be efficient in a pinch. To make use of this technique, you must know the place the ant nests are, and it’s best to use boiling water when the nests are nonetheless recent.

Recent nests aren’t constructed as deep down into the soil as outdated nests, which makes their destruction simpler. It’s a must to use loads of water to make sure that it will get to the queen and guarantee it’s scorching sufficient; in any other case, the queen will survive, and the ants will preserve reappearing.

Specialists say that 1-2 gallons of boiling water has a 60% success price in killing ants in new mounds. Analysis completed by the College of Florida says that scalding water, which is 190F- 212F, additionally has a 20-60% success price in eliminating ants.

Pour your water slowly into the anthills, being cautious to not burn your self or your vegetation. It’s a must to do that just a few instances earlier than all of the ants are lifeless, as a small disturbance to the mound causes the ants to maneuver their queen even deeper, making it tougher so that you can attain her.

Develop Ant Repelling Crops

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For extra effectiveness, you possibly can add just a few drops of liquid dishwashing cleaning soap to the water. The cleaning soap will suffocate the ants and rapture their cells, lowering their possibilities of survival.

As we noticed earlier, ants primarily talk utilizing scent. Analysis says that peppermint is without doubt one of the best methods to disrupt that communication due to its sturdy odor. You’ll be able to attempt to develop just a few peppermint bushes round your property or backyard to make sure that ants don’t cross over.

Whether it is too late so that you can develop the peppermint, you possibly can think about shopping for just a few leaves from the market, grind them and blend them with water.

You too can boil them or combine ten drops of peppermint important oil with water and spray the combination across the areas you do not need the ants to succeed in round your property, on the doorsteps, and in window frames.

For sooner removing, spray that combination immediately onto a path of shifting ants. Another ant repelling vegetation you should use embrace the next:

  • Spearmint
  • Sage
  • Pennyroyal
  • Catnip

This technique isn’t dangerous to the ants, your crops, you and your loved ones, or your pets; as a substitute, it would enable you add some magnificence round your property.


Cinnamon is one other nice technique to make use of in the event you solely wish to repel the ants and never kill them. Ants are drawn to candy issues like sugar, and cinnamon isn’t on the checklist of candy issues.

To make use of it, you possibly can select to unfold the cinnamon powder across the areas you do not need the ants to succeed in, like your backyard or your property. You probably have potted vegetation, you too can unfold the powder round these vegetation.

Contemplate additionally sprinkling the powder across the anthill to stop the employee ants from returning to it. That may trigger the opposite ants to search for one other solution to get out of the nests seeking meals, to maintain them and the queen from ravenous to loss of life.

Whereas cinnamon could be a bit costly, it’s efficient and won’t hurt your crops, pets, you, or members of the family. You should utilize cinnamon along with synthetic sweeteners, the place you unfold the sweeteners within the areas or path you need the ants to observe.

Another strategies you possibly can think about using embrace the next widespread home items:

  • Vinegar
  • Cornmeal
  • Orange Guard
  • Baking Soda
  • Espresso Grounds
  • Rubbing Alcohol
  • Tea Tree Oil
  • Garlic
  • Cucumber Peels
  • Cayenne Pepper

You too can think about masking your backyard with nets, particularly in case you have a raised backyard. These nets ought to have very tiny holes however be sufficient to go daylight, air, and moisture to your vegetation.

You must also be sure that there are not any holes within the nets large enough for ants to go by.

With all these strategies, you must watch out to not hurt the vegetation, introduce undesirable chemical compounds within the soil, and be sure that your pets don’t ingest the dangerous chemical compounds. If you happen to nonetheless need assistance maintaining ants off your property after attempting just a few of those strategies, make sure to contact an area pest management knowledgeable or the county extension workplace for extra assist.

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