how to kill ants naturally in your garden

how to kill ants naturally in your garden

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Is your backyard overrun with ants? Are they burrowing into your vegetable backyard mattress or digging deep into the soil of potted crops? On this article, I’ll offer you some suggestions for eliminating ants within the backyard with out killing your crops.

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ants on a pink flower

The highest 6 methods to eliminate ants within the backyard naturally are:

  1. Borax and Sugar
  2. Diatomaceous Earth
  3. Brewed espresso grounds
  4. Baking Soda and Powdered Sugar (Equal Components)
  5. Get rid of Aphids
  6. Vinegar

Pure Ant Management Strategies

The strategies outlined under ought to offer you quite a lot of concepts to eradicate or management ants in your backyard naturally, with out using dangerous or harsh chemical substances.

1. Borax and Sugar

A 50/50 combination of borax and sugar will assist to manage ants. Sugar is what the ants are after they usually wont have the ability to inform it has been blended with Borax.

Ants will readily take the combination again to the subsequent and share it with others. Borax is toxic to ants and fairly quickly the ant colony shall be no extra.

2. Diatomaceous Earth

Diatomaceous Earth, generally referred to as “DE” is tremendous fantastic rock that has been crushed into powder. There are a lot of styles of it, together with meals grade diatomaceous earth which is usually secure to be consumed.

This makes DE an incredible choice for utilizing in a vegetable backyard significantly. However how does it assist with ants?

Take into consideration diatomaceous earth as tiny little razor blades that may lower by way of the exoskeleton of bugs.

A phrase of warning although. Utilizing diatomaceous earth will kill most backyard bugs, good and unhealthy. That signifies that it’s best to restrict its use to solely these areas with particular ant points.

DE is nice to make use of across the exterior of your home or different constructions in addition to backyard paths. You can too use it immediately on high of and round an ant hill do you have to be fortunate to seek out it.

3. Brewed Espresso Grounds

In case you are something like me, you take pleasure in a recent pot of espresso each morning. As an alternative of discarding your espresso grounds within the trash, strive utilizing them to discourage ants within the backyard.

Whereas espresso grounds aren’t poisonous to ants by any means, they appear to repel them based mostly on scent alone. Ants will are likely to keep away from areas with espresso grounds when given the selection.

Whereas not the simplest resolution on this checklist so far as eliminating ants, espresso grounds is usually a deterrent and are completely secure to make use of proper in your backyard beds.

4. Baking Powder and Sugar

For those who aren’t too eager on utilizing the borax and sugar methodology described above, think about using baking powder and sugar as a substitute.

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A 50/50 combination of baking powder and sugar can present an efficient technique to eliminate ants naturally. Merely mix and place in a jar lid or different shallow dish. The ants will take the combination again to the nest and it’s best to see a discount, and even full elimination, of ants inside a couple of days.

The very best factor about this combination is that you’re prone to have the components available in a pinch.

5. Aphid Management

ants taking care of aphids

Whereas not a technique to eradicate ants, controlling aphids can definitely assist scale back their numbers. Aphids secrete a substance generally known as “honeydew” which offers meals for ants.

The extra aphids your backyard has, the extra enticing it’s for ant colonies. To assist curb that attraction, merely eradicate the aphids. There are a lot of methods to perform this together with releasing pure aphid predators, resembling girl beetles, into the backyard.

6. Vinegar

Vinegar is a wonderful ant repellent. Merely combine vinegar and water 50/50 into a twig bottle and use wherever ants are a difficulty.

You should utilize plain white vinegar or apple cider vinegar, relying on what you have got available. Ants appear to be adversarial to sturdy smells and vinegar is one technique to encourage them to take up residence elsewhere.

Understand that vinegar might must be reapplied steadily to stay efficient.

Execs and Cons of Ants within the Backyard



Pure Soil Aerators

Anyone who has seen an “ant farm” package bought for youngsters is aware of that ants like to dig underground tunnels. These tunnels function pathways for an ant to maneuver from place to position.

Ant tunnels have a constructive profit on your backyard. They permit oxygen to maneuver by way of the soil, aerating it for wholesome crops and roots.

Get rid of Caterpillars

Many species of ants will eat the very caterpillars that wreak havoc in your backyard. This “professional” may be a con although.

Whereas most gardeners would agree, we’d favor to not have any bugs consuming the leaves of our crops, typically the caterpillars are useful as effectively.

In response to Science within the Classroom, the ants penchant for consuming caterpillars is definitely a detriment to some butterfly species.

So this one is usually a commerce off. When you have unhealthy caterpillars, ants are a constructive factor in your backyard. If you would like your backyard to be house to butterflies, the ants are a destructive factor to have in your backyard.


They Chunk

red ants on a leaf

All ant species can chew however that chew is extra painful from some than others. Rising up in Southern California we realized that black ants have been “good” and crimson ants have been “imply”.

As an grownup, I understand that basically isn’t the case. Black or crimson, ants can chew and it may well harm! Compound that by getting a number of bites and you may completely see why somebody would need to eradicate ants from being within the backyard.

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For most individuals, an ant chew causes redness, irritation and itchiness. For some, relying on the species of ant, a chew could be deadly. One among my cousins in Arizona should carry an Epipen with him in all places he goes. For him, a single chew from a single ant is sufficient to trigger a probably deadly allergic response.

Generally, although, ants thoughts their very own enterprise. As long as you don’t unintentionally step into an ant hill, or resolve to sit down in your backyard proper within the path of some busy ants, you shouldn’t have to fret an excessive amount of about getting bit.

Ants Can Transfer Into the Home

This downside is precise two fold. Some ant species may enterprise into the home searching for extra meals. When you have by no means woken as much as ants within the kitchen, take into account your self fortunate!

Ants are opportunistic and even when they’ve a pure provide of meals in your backyard, having them close by signifies that scouts usually tend to enterprise into your property searching for extra meals.

In the event that they discover something, they’ll shortly head again and seize reinforcements. One muffin left on the counter high is all that’s wanted. Fairly quickly they’re into the whole lot. They’ll even chew by way of plastic baggage and cardboard packing containers.

Ants Encourage Aphid Development

ants with aphids

Do you know that ants are farmers too? Everyone knows they love sugar. It’s what sustains them and these intelligent little bugs have discovered a technique to farm it.

They achieve this by milking aphids. They appear to keep up aphids like a farmer may keep his sheep. Aphids secret a substance referred to as “honeydew”. Excessive in sugar, ants will “milk” aphids to get to this candy extract after which take it again to the queen.

Ants have even been seen choosing up aphids and transferring them from plant to plant to allow them to get extra diet. Whereas a profit of getting ants round is their assist with controlling caterpillars, a drawback is their affinity for aphids!

Do you know ants will truly defend aphids from different bugs, like ladybugs? Simply as a farmer would defend his flock from a coyote or different predator, ants will defend their aphids in opposition to predators.

Know Your Ant Species

ant hill

The massive factor to recollect is that it’s positively essential to know what sort of ant you might be coping with earlier than making a blanket choice about whether or not they need to be eradicated.

Your typical backyard ant is helpful in some ways and isn’t an insect it’s best to sometimes have to fret about. You could strive aphid management to assist scale back their numbers, however total they shouldn’t be an issue.

Carpenter ants and hearth ants, then again, may cause points. Carpenter ants will burrow into any wooden they’ll discover inflicting harm and destruction. Hearth ants chew, and it hurts BAD.

When you have hearth ants or carpenter ants, you’ll positively need to begin using strategies to eradicate them as quickly as doable. However what when you aren’t certain what sort of ant you have got?

The excellent news is, your native agriculture school or college ought to have an entomologist available. Typically its as straightforward as emailing in an image. Different methods to assist get an ant id is by posting an image on any of quite a lot of on-line social platforms like Fb.

Many skilled gardeners are sometimes keen to assist not solely with identification of your specific ant but additionally with their very own experiences with the species.

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