how to level a raised garden bed

how to level a raised garden bed

leveling raised bed illoIS YOUR GARDEN ON THE LEVEL? THE SUBJECT OF RAISED BEDS retains arising within the Pressing Backyard Query Discussion board, and now the subject has turned to the ever-so-tricky side of how you can construct them on uneven floor. Been there, carried out that. I assumed it’d finest be answered in footage:

I’m a believer that every raised mattress, which I like created from 2-by-10’s, have to be a stage entity unto itself, however that every one the beds inside a plot don’t must match by way of how a lot they prolong out of the bottom. To make them match on my loopy terrain, you’d must construct the downhill-side partitions of the bottom ones a number of instances as excessive because the uphill sides of the best ones (for those who may even decode that sentence). Then you definately’d have to usher in about 10 truckloads of soil and shovel for a yr to fill them.

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Like I stated, it’s simpler to clarify in images, however first yet another thought: Try to have your pathways between beds, which needs to be simply broad sufficient for a wheelbarrow, find yourself on the extent, too. Nothing worse than uneven footing whereas working, or having a barrow-load of one thing topple.

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Click on the primary thumbnail to begin the slideshow, then toggle from picture to picture utilizing the arrows beside every caption. Take pleasure in.

Extra raised-bed particulars:

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  • I exploit no matter rot-resistant, untreated lumber is regionally out there as 2-by-10s for a great value (right here that’s locust).
  • I like my beds between 4 and 5 toes broad (wider is tough to succeed in throughout; even 5 is stretching it) and attempt to waste little lumber through the use of multiples or halves of frequent lengths like 8- and 10-footers.
  • Extra raised-bed dialogue is going on within the Pressing Backyard Query Discussion board, the place a prolonged thread on raised beds (supplies, how-to, and many others.), began right here, and now the topic of leveling them (or not) continues at this hyperlink.