how to make a low maintenance garden

how to make a low maintenance garden

9. Select sturdy crops

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All the time use sturdy, wholesome crops and be cautious of fast-spreading and invasive perennials that could be tougher to take care of.

Black-eyed Susan is taken into account an invasive plant as a result of it reseeds. Nonetheless, you possibly can preserve its seeds from sprouting by utilizing a pre-emergent herbicide comparable to Preen.

10. Hold a Journal or scrapbook with tags

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Hold a folder with all of your plant tags, and the place you’ve put them in your backyard. The tags are very helpful and can turn out to be useful for future reference.

Write down details about every of the crops in your backyard. Set up watering and fertilizing schedules. Hold a calendar with dates for pruning. Common upkeep of your garden- just a little bit at a time – and it’ll in the end require much less upkeep total.

The entire above suggestions got here from English Gardens’ free seminar: Low-Upkeep Gardening Ideas. To study extra and attend certainly one of our upcoming free seminars, click on right here to take a look at the schedule.

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