how to preserve tomatoes from the garden

how to preserve tomatoes from the garden

After you’ve celebrated your first ripe tomatoes with drippy sandwiches and bowls of gazpacho, it’s time to get busy preserving the harvest. Don’t bounce to the conclusion that you could can your entire darlings in jars, as a result of that is probably not one of the best use in your tomatoes. Relying on kind, you can be higher off preserving sure tomatoes by drying, freezing, or pickling.

Best Ways to Preserve Tomatoes
Freezing is the simplest to technique to protect cherry tomatoes

Preserving Cherry Tomatoes

Prolific cherry tomatoes are sometimes your first preservation problem. As tomatoes go, cherries are seedy little berries with skinny flesh, in order that they produce unacceptably skinny, typically bitter juices or sauces. Complete cherry tomatoes make nice fridge pickles when left to marinate in a vinegar and sugar brine, and bigger ones will be minimize in half and dehydrated into tomato “raisins.” As a result of they nonetheless have some moisture left in them, cherry tomatoes which are dried to the chewy stage ought to be saved within the freezer.

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The very best and best technique to protect cherry tomatoes is to freeze them by including handfuls to re-closable freezer luggage. Wash and pat dry the fruits earlier than freezing to allow them to be added to cooked dishes straight from the bag. Freezing and thawing softens cherry tomatoes, which isn’t a foul factor when they’re popped into pasta dishes on the final minute.

Best Ways to Preserve Tomatoes
Drying preserves the colours and flavors of juicy heirloom varieties

Preserving Slicing Tomatoes

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Lots of best-tasting tomatoes are bursting with juice, each from the flesh and from the gel that surrounds the seeds. That is what you need in a contemporary consuming tomato, however all that liquid can develop into a legal responsibility when you may them. Whereas I do embrace heirlooms grown for his or her colours and flavors in a few of my canning tasks, my favourite technique to protect them is by drying them. Dehydration concentrates the flavors, and since tomatoes are dried uncooked, with their skins intact, dried tomatoes are a minimally processed meals. Yearly I discover myself drying extra tomatoes as a result of they’re so versatile within the kitchen. Any dish that cooks for greater than half-hour, which incorporates all winter soups and stews, will be enriched with dried tomatoes. Some folks use a spice grinder to pulverize dried tomatoes into powders used to spice up the flavour and diet of sauces and broths.

Preserving Salad Tomatoes

Yearly I develop ‘Roma’ or a small-fruited saladette selection like ‘Juliet’ to make into half-dried tomatoes, which I then freeze for long-term storage. I attempt to accumulate a great retailer of those delights, as a result of they’re one of the best low season substitute for contemporary tomatoes in salads and sandwiches. Frozen half-dried tomatoes thaw into flavorful, chewy tomatoes due to their diminished water content material.

Best Ways to Preserve Tomatoes
Partially dehydrated and frozen half-dried tomatoes can be utilized like contemporary ones

Ideally, you’ll begin by utilizing a dehydrator to take away about half of the moisture from minimize tomato halves, however it may be achieved in an oven that’s warmed no increased than 150°F (65°C), and ventilated, over a interval of many hours. After 4 to 5 hours in a dehydrator or 12 to 18 hours in a monitored heat oven, the tomatoes collapse. I then freeze the half-dried tomatoes on cookie sheets and retailer the frozen tomatoes in plastic luggage.

Canning Backyard Tomatoes

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The very best tomatoes for canning have thick flesh and little or no juice, in order that they naturally keep chunky in salsa or maintain collectively as canned diced tomatoes. I develop a number of vegetation of a dry-fleshed tomato selection like ‘Plum Regal’ only for canning, however you may definitely use a mixture of tomatoes to make tomato sauce, marinara sauce, or salsa. If a lot of the batch is juicy heirlooms, place a few of the minimize tomatoes in a strainer for a couple of minutes to take away a few of the clear juice.

Tomato canning is an artwork that takes observe, and within the pursuits of security it’s at all times sensible to acidify canned tomato merchandise with vinegar, lemon juice or citric acid. You should utilize a water tub or steam canner for tomato merchandise, however a strain canner is quicker and simpler.

Best Ways to Preserve Tomatoes
The tanginess of inexperienced tomatoes is finest preserved in chutney

Preserving Inexperienced Tomatoes

Storm harm, rampaging animals or the arrival of chilly climate can go away you with a amount of inexperienced tomatoes that are good for making the thick, candy and bitter relishes we name chutneys. Small batches of inexperienced tomato chutney achieved up in little jars make great items, should you can convey your self to half with them.

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