How you can Shield Your Backyard From Squirrels – Tiny Backyard Behavior

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We actively help wildlife in our backyard and encourage it on the allotment too. My pals assume that’s as a result of I’ve received a comfortable spot for the little critters, and so they’re not improper, however there’s additionally a deceitfully calculated cause for my wildlife-friendly strategy; bribery.

Properly-fed squirrels don’t eat my tomatoes. So, we bribe them with nuts and have wild areas full of berries completely for birds and squirrels. Nevertheless, in recent times, our cute squirrel household has grown bored of blackberries and strayed into the greenhouse, the place they are often seen watching, ready, pining, for the primary ripe fruit of the season.

Squirrels are fantastic creatures, however they’re additionally a gardener’s worst nightmare. On this article, we’re going to share every thing we do to guard our crops and flowers from these irritating however cute little monsters. And, very like my endurance, they’re all very tried, and very examined.

Do you might have a squirrel drawback?

Squirrels are a fantastic indication that your backyard is offering a haven for wildlife, and might even be fairly pleasant. The issue comes once they begin to intervene along with your decorative crops and greens and begin digging up your garden. 

In addition to digging up lawns, consuming bulbs and ravaging your hard-earned crops, squirrels can snap branches on younger timber, and scare off different wildlife.

How you can squirrel-proof your backyard

Defending your backyard from squirrels is de facto fairly easy, however it’s value understanding why they exhibit such harmful conduct, as there are many nature-friendly methods to discourage them, moderately than do away with them altogether.

In every part beneath, we’ll have a look at a particular backyard drawback attributable to squirrels, why they do it, and how you can forestall it.

How you can shield lawns from squirrels

The commonest squirrel drawback is digging. Squirrels bury meals as a result of they don’t hibernate. Regardless of being much less energetic by way of winter, squirrels nonetheless want a reserve of summer season produce from forage spots to maintain them going. Within the wild, squirrels will bury nuts on the base of timber, however in city settings they select gardens with open lawns, to remind them the place they left issues.

There’s actually just one option to cease squirrels from digging up your garden, and that’s to supply another. Keep in mind, they instinctively retailer meals, so both give them meals that’s recent in winter or present an area for digging that’s much less obtrusive.

  • Depart areas of open soil across the base of timber and shrubs. Squirrels desire to cache in recognizable locations, so lawns are a final resort. It is going to take a yr for them to vary their habits, however it’s higher for everybody in the long term.
  • Plant winter fruiting shrubs. Squirrels in your backyard will bury much less meals in the event that they know there can be extra accessible by way of the colder months. Once more, this takes time because the squirrels and their offspring might want to be taught new habits, however finally, they are going to go to crops like ivy, crab apples, or shrub roses, which maintain sugary and protein-rich berries late into winter.
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How you can shield fruit and veg from squirrels

People have at all times taken cues from nature on the subject of discovering edible produce, so it is sensible that the issues we eat are additionally secure and, in lots of circumstances, good for, squirrels and different wildlife. That makes our crops susceptible to theft by hungry squirrels. 

Fortunately, there are numerous methods to guard your veg patch from squirrels, so we’ve put collectively a fool-proof listing of squirrel blocking hacks on your backyard beneath:

1. Fruit cages & Mesh

Conventional fruit cages, constituted of sturdy metallic or timber framework and coated in advantageous cloth or metal netting, are a good way to guard your crops. Nevertheless, in contrast to rabbits and rats, squirrels are extremely persistent. Different small mammals will rapidly bore of fruit cages and netting, however squirrels will proceed digging and tearing by way of defenses to get in.

For fruit bushes, you’ll want a full-size fruit cage, large enough to present house to develop, and so that you can stroll in and harvest. Use a advantageous metallic mesh, buried a minimum of 6” deep to maintain squirrels away from prized fruit.

2. Block greenhouse doorways, home windows, and vents

Mid-late summer season is probably the most irritating time within the backyard if you happen to’ve received a squirrel drawback. As fruit and veg start to ripen, squirrels will watch and wait, choosing off something they’ll earlier than you beat them to it.

A greenhouse stuffed with candy, sugary tomatoes, is the right goal for hungry squirrels, so shield home windows, doorways, and vents. Fly curtains work nicely as a easy barrier, however will want weighting right down to the ground. Alternatively, safe rooster wire to open home windows or vents to supply airflow, and preserve squirrels out. 

3. Chili sprays or flakes

Squirrels completely hate sizzling pepper. They will’t stand the burning sensation attributable to capsicum, the compound that creates the spicy warmth in all good chilies. You’ll be able to combine your individual chili spray by mixing recent sizzling chilies with water (together with seeds).

To make a squirrel-proofing chili spray, you have to:

  • 1L spray bottle
  • 950ml chilly water
  • 25g grated hand cleaning soap
  • 100g recent sizzling chili peppers (the warmer the higher)
  • Muslin fabric
  • Blender


  1. Mix the chilies and cleaning soap to a pulp utilizing a hand blender, or meals processor
  2. Add slightly below 1 liter of chilly water
  3. Combine completely, then depart to steep for six hours or in a single day
  4. Pressure the combination by way of a muslin fabric 
  5. Pour into a twig bottle, and also you’re good to go

To guard root greens, it’s even simpler, merely sprinkle dried chili flakes and floor peppercorns over the soil round your crops. It received’t hurt your greens however will cease squirrels from digging up potatoes, onions, garlic, and different root greens.

Word: There’s a variety of recommendation on-line to make use of garlic to cease squirrels. In our expertise, garlic really attracts squirrels, so keep away from it in any respect prices.

4. Hen wire

Freshly planted root greens are a straightforward goal for squirrels, so cowl the bottom with rooster wire and peg it in firmly. As veg begins to sprout you’ll be able to take away the rooster wire, however for many, it would present an ongoing deterrent and is greatest left in place. Onions, Jerusalem artichokes, garlic, potatoes, and beets must be protected with rooster wire till they’re prepared to reap.

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How you can squirrel-proof chicken feeders and wildlife stations

Wildlife feeding stations are actually tough to guard from squirrels as a result of they’ll soar 9ft horizontally (farther from up excessive) and over 5ft vertically from the bottom. Fortunately, spinning baffles and comes can forestall them from gripping and climbing.

Spinning squirrel baffles are the most effective measure for free-standing chicken feeders as they create an ungainly angle that squirrels cans soar round, and battle to climb over. A good DIY technique although is to hold springs round poles, which squirrels actually battle to climb over because the spring is weighed down and falls with their weight.

How you can shield bulbs from squirrels

Bulbs, together with greens, however principally spring bulbs, planted in late fall or early winter, are Birthdays and Christmas rolled into one for a squirrel. 

We let our guard down final yr after planting our tulips. We crammed pots with tulip bulbs, layered up, able to burst into life in spring, however forgot to purchase further rooster wire to guard them by way of winter. We popped straight to the DIY retailer and had been again in ten minutes. Alas. Not quick sufficient. The squirrels had dug up just about each bulb.

You probably have a squirrel drawback in your backyard, be sure to’ve received loads of rooster wire, and prep it upfront of planting any spring bulbs. When you’ve planted bulbs, cowl them with a double layer of rooster wire, wrapped securely across the rim of every pot.

Plant squirrel-proof crops

There are fairly a couple of crops that may deter squirrels and some that squirrels are sensible sufficient to keep away from. 

  • Marigolds
  • Geraniums
  • Peppermint
  • Fritillaries 
  • Daffodils
  • Hyacinths
  • Snowdrops 

Marigolds, Geraniums, and Peppermint can deter squirrels from digging up different crops close by as their odor is especially offensive. They aren’t 100% efficient, however work together with different measures to cease squirrels digging up lawns, or bulbs in summer season.

Fritillaries, daffodils, snowdrops, and hyacinths work in comparable methods throughout spring when their scent is powerful sufficient to discourage squirrels, however they’re equally efficient in fall and winter too as they’re extremely poisonous to squirrels and rodents alike. Squirrels are intelligent sufficient to go away them alone too, so in case your tulips are consistently getting eaten, contemplate switching to daffodils or hyacinths for the same brilliant spring show. 

How you can deter squirrels

And one final notice on squirrel deterrents: Persist with pure defenses. Most squirrels will be taught the distinction between an actual instinctive menace, and a faux one inside 24 hours or much less. Then there’s the electrical defenses. The ultrasonic noise emitters which might be generally offered to discourage rodents and squirrels work. Nevertheless, they’ll additionally deter most different wildlife.

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A backyard with out wildlife can battle to draw pollinators, birds and different useful creatures that you just want for an efficient ecosystem, so solely use electrical deterrents as a final resort.

Pure deterrents towards squirrels can embrace predator dropping. If you may get maintain of fox droppings, owl poo, and even cat poo, and often refresh it, squirrels can be far more cautious, and infrequently come out into the open.

After which there’s the nuclear choice… get a cat. Cats are ruthless squirrel hunters. They not often catch them, however squirrels know a menace once they see one and can keep nicely away from open lawns or flower beds in the event that they know there’s a resident feline.


As I wrap up this text, I’m gleefully watching out of my workplace window as the largest squirrel from our native household is baffled by a rooster wire mesh over this yr’s artichokes. We’ll dig them up in a couple of weeks, understanding that this yr, for as soon as, we’ve crushed them!

All joking apart, squirrels is usually a huge drawback for gardeners, however they’re stunning, pleasant, and humorous creatures that must be cherished. Simply attempt to encourage them to seek out meals that isn’t yours.

Try these must-have gardening merchandise

You don’t want a lot to start out gardening, however some instruments and merchandise will make a distinction in how comfy and efficient gardening will be for you. Listed below are my favorites:

  • Backyard Trowel.  backyard trowel will final you a few years. I really like how sturdy this hand trowel from WOLF-Garten is, the metallic doesn’t bend and it has a pleasant grip.
  • Trimming Scissors. I take advantage of them for delicate pruning and harvesting all summer season lengthy, and so they’re tremendous useful. These Teflon Trimming Scissors are further good as a result of they don’t rust as simply.
  • Dutch Hoe. Dutch hoes could seem old school, however there’s nothing like a fast sweep by way of the topsoil to do away with small weeds – no bending required. I really like WOLF-Garten’s choice: this dutch hoe coupled with their common deal with.
  • Develop Lights. These develop lights from Mars Hydro are tremendous robust, but dimmable, so that they match each stage of progress. They don’t put out an excessive amount of warmth and are very economical.
  • Seedling Trays. There’s an artwork to selecting the most effective measurement for seedling trays in order that it holds the right quantity of water and provides the roots sufficient room to develop. These germination plugs are excellent when coupled with 1020 backside trays. 
  • Liquid Fertilizer. You’ll must feed your crops from the seedling stage, all the best way to fruiting. This natural fish & seaweed mix is a really versatile choice. Use it half-strength for younger crops and full-strength for established crops.

Browse our listing of instruments, fertilizers & pesticides, indoor rising merchandise and seed store suggestions – we hope you discover our choice helpful and it saves you a while!