Find out how to Put LED Lights Behind Your TV

Placing LED lights behind your TV is an effective way to boost the lighting in your front room whereas additionally lowering eye pressure. It’s a enjoyable mission!

At first, putting in LED lights behind your TV can appear daunting, however when you perceive the fundamentals, it’s a fairly simple course of.

On this article, I’ll break down every step for you. I put in some LED lights on my TV and needed to share the expertise with you.

Find out how to Put LED Lights Behind Your TV

  1. Measure the perimeter of your TV (Multiply the size and width of your TV and multiply by two).
  2. Buy an LED strip that’s lengthy sufficient to wrap round all the perimeters of your show.
  3. Wipe down the rear panel of the TV to take away any mud
  4. Take away the 3M adhesives and fasten the LED strip to the perimeters of your TV. Use extra two-sided tape if essential.
  5. For the correct angles, both create a loop or curve with the LED strips
  6. Plug the LED strip into an outlet and management the colors with the distant or app

It’s as much as you to determine the right way to align the LED mild strips in your TV. Most individuals will select to run the LED strips round all sides of the TV’s panel.

Nevertheless, in case your TV is on a stand, it could be higher to solely connect LED strips to the edges and prime of the TV.

Most LED mild strips will let you lower sections as wanted.

Coping with 90-Diploma Angles

The tough a part of LED mild strips is 90-degree angles. Most LED mild strips are pretty versatile, however bending them an excessive amount of can harm them.

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In the event you break one part of the sunshine strip, not one of the lights additional down the road will work.

You additionally want to contemplate the form of the strip; is it a flat and skinny cable or a round wire form?

The sunshine strips that use a round cable are usually simpler to put in however they’re not as frequent (and a bit costlier).

With regards to putting in LED mild strips, there are a couple of other ways to deal with 90-degree angles.

Notice: Most LED strips embody directions too!

Make a Loop

The best strategy to set up LED mild strips at a 90-degree angle is to easily create a ribbon loop with the cable.

LED Mild strip loop as seen on Jumper Man Tech

Most individuals will go for this technique as a result of it’s the best. The draw back is that the sunshine level in uneven instructions, which may be noticeable if the strip is especially brilliant.

You may also discover the loop protruding from behind the corners of your TV which may be distracting while you’re watching films.

Use an L-Formed Angle Connector

These are small attachments that create a pointy 90-degree angle that may use for every nook of your show. I like to recommend shopping for a solderless snap-down equipment. These 4-pin L-shape connectors are a superb choice.

Make sure that to purchase a connector that matches the variety of pins in your LED strip (2-pin, 4-pin, and so forth).

You possibly can normally inform what number of pins the lights use by wanting on the strip and counting the copper factors. If the strip helps a lot of colors, it should almost certainly use 4 pins.

Putting in the connector is fairly simple. Study your LED mild strips and be aware of any cuttable sections. Most strips can have a scissor icon with a dashed border to point the place to chop.

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The sections also needs to have optimistic and adverse symbols. Match the symbols of the strip to the identical pins on the L-shaped connector snap down the clip, and connect the opposite part of the strip to the opposite facet of the connector.

In the event you accurately aligned the pins, the LED strip on the opposite facet ought to work. Repeat the method for all 4 corners of your TV.

Utilizing L-shaped connectors to your LED lights requires extra effort in your half, nevertheless it seems to be significantly better.

LED Strip Size for TV Sizes

It may be tough determining the LED strip size wanted to your TV as a result of every TV has barely completely different dimensions.

Your finest wager is to measure the perimeter of your TV (or a minimum of the edges you wish to set up LED mild strips on).

Additionally, take note this doesn’t must be a precise science since you gained’t be putting in the LED strips on the precise edges of your show.

The sunshine strip will probably be positioned a couple of inches under all sides of the show.

It’s all the time higher to have leftover LED strips than not sufficient!

32-Inch TV

For a 32-Inch TV, a LED strip that’s 92 inches lengthy (233 cm, 2.33 meters) ought to cowl all sides of the TV.

43-Inch TV

For a 43-Inch TV, you want an LED strip that’s 117 inches in size (297 cm, 2.97 meters) for all sides of the show.


To cowl all sides of a 55-inch TV with LED mild strips you want an LED strip that’s 149 inches (378 cm, 3.78 meters) in size.

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To cowl all sides of a 65-inch TV with LED backlight strips you want an LED mild strip that’s 177 inches (449 cm, 4.49 meters) in size.

Listed below are some fast suggestions:

Controlling the Lights

Each LED strip will include its personal controller, both a dial, buttons, distant, or an app.

I like to recommend the LED strips that use an app to manage the lights as a result of you’ll be able to create customized color themes.

LED Strip Lights Falling Down

In case your LED mild strips hold falling down, it’s probably as a result of the adhesive was not sturdy sufficient. Think about using two-way tape to safe the lights to the body of your TV.

Why Put Mild Strips Behind a TV?

Placing mild strips behind a TV improves the ambient mild within the room, reduces eye pressure, and enhances the visuals on a show. It may be an incredible mood-setter too. LED lights can even act as night time lights for youngsters who’re petrified of the darkish.

The Backside Line

To summarize, placing LED lights behind a TV is a simple course of. Most LED mild strips are designed to be put in with as few problems as attainable. For proper angles, both create a loop with the strip or use an L-shaped connector.

In the end, it’s as much as you to determine the right way to set up the sunshine strips behind your TV. It’s a enjoyable, straightforward, and protected mission that improves the ambient lighting in your house.

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