how to stop cats using your garden as a toilet

how to stop cats using your garden as a toilet

That is our full information on cease cats from pooping within the backyard as soon as and for all. It’s essentially the most complete and in depth information you’ll discover for coping with cats and their bathroom habits.

It may be massively disheartening spending hours in your backyard, making it look stunning, solely to seek out it coated in cat poop the next day.

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We’ve coated figuring out cat poop, cope with it after which the majority of the article covers strategies for eliminating cats. Under you possibly can view a breakdown of this text and might skip via to the part that you simply want:

Let’s get into cease cats from pooping all in your backyard by first confirming that it’s a cat you might have a problem with:

The best way to Establish Cat Poop

Earlier than you contemplate methods to cease cats pooping in your backyard, you must ensure that the animal you’re coping with is a cat. It could possibly be a cat however it is also a fox, deer, squirrel or badger.

Have You Seen a Cat?

Step one in figuring out whether or not or not it’s cat poop is to find out whether or not or not you’ve seen a cat in your backyard. Cats will make themselves recognized. They’ll seem within the day patrolling your garden and flower beds.

Should you haven’t seen a cat then, likelihood is, you’re not coping with a cat and also you would possibly want to contemplate what different animals could possibly be accessing your backyard.

What Does Cat Poop Look Like?

Typically talking, cat poop will likely be a deep brown in color and have a barely tougher consistency than canine poop however it received’t be rock stable both.

A stable consistency that’s malleable however isn’t too mushy is mostly what most cat poop appears like.

It’s this consistency that’s just like modelling clay that’s typically the issue to gardeners! It could possibly really feel sticky when crushed and as soon as in your garments or pores and skin, it feels sticky and troublesome to take away. The healthiest cats shouldn’t have poop that smells too disgusting however some odour is to be anticipated.

What Does Cat Poop Look Like

The best way to Take care of Cat Poop

Earlier than you begin eliminating cats and deterring them out of your backyard, you must know appropriately and safely cope with what they go away littered all through your beds and legislation – their poop!

Use Gloves

You’ll want to purchase high-quality, thick gardening gloves that you simply maintain solely for clearing cat poop out of your backyard. This may stop you from spreading know cat poop illnesses akin to Toxoplasma Gondii.

Should you discover you’re clearing cat poop out of your backyard each day then shopping for a field of disposable rubber gloves is the opposite choice to take. You possibly can maintain the field apart solely for clearing the mess that cats go away. All you must do is throw the gloves out with the poop each time you clear it.

Buy Devoted Instruments

Like gloves, you also needs to have devoted instruments for scooping up the poop. You don’t wish to take away poop out of your vegetable patch after which use the identical instruments to dig up your potatoes. You possibly can see the massive challenge right here!

All you must do is purchase an affordable trowel that you simply use solely to select up any cat poop out of your backyard. Make sure you label it clearly so you realize which trowel is which.

Take away Surrounding Soil

If the offending cat has buried their poop in your flower mattress then make sure you dig up each the poop and the world surrounding the poop – roughly an inch across the poop.

Toxoplasma Gondii can survive for 18 months so though you’ve eliminated the poop out of your backyard, the illness should be residing in your soil.

Wash Your Arms

This could go with out saying however washing your arms after coping with any animal’s faeces is significant. Even in the event you put on gloves, use a trowel and go nowhere close to the offending poop, it’s not definitely worth the threat.

When you’ve disposed of any poop, get inside and provides your arms a very good scrub with cleaning soap beneath heat water.

The best way to Get Rid of Cats

Now you know the way to cope with cat poop, you possibly can transfer to discourage them out of your backyard within the first place. The easiest way to cease cats from pooping in your backyard is to cease them from coming into your backyard within the first place.

Use an Ultrasonic Cat Scarer

That is in all probability the go-to methodology with regards to attempting to cease cats pooping in your backyard. As quickly as most individuals spot a cat trespassing on their property, they head out to their native DIY retailer and choose up an ultrasonic cat scarer.

However do they actually work?

In accordance with the advertising materials of most moderately priced cat scares, you’ll be able to shield an space of round 100sqm utilizing one machine. The concept is that they play a excessive pitched tone that’s an irritant to cats and that can’t be heard by people.

The issue, nevertheless, is that like people, not all cats are created equally. Some have better listening to sensitivity than different cats. It’s additionally why in some uncommon instances people can hear these ultrasonic pest scarers.

Actually, scientists have performed laboratory checks which have proven that almost all of those ultrasonic gadgets don’t truly work – false promoting or what!

The opposite drawback, after all, is that these excessive pitched tones should not tuned in to have an effect on cats solely however will have an effect on different animals – together with canines.

So with regards to answering whether or not or not ultrasonic scarers work for stopping cats utilizing your backyard as a bathroom, it’s an annoying reply: They could work and also you’ll want to provide it a attempt to decide whether or not or not it’s an appropriate deterrent for the cat you’re coping with.

Set up a Movement-Activated Sprinkler

That is essentially the most excessive methodology on the checklist! Should you don’t wish to fall out along with your cat-owning neighbour then it would even be value avoiding this methodology as it may annoy cats homeowners who suppose you’re attempting to injure their beloved pet.

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Basically, a motion-activated sprinkler will squirt cats with a burst of water in the event that they enter your backyard. It’s some of the efficient methods to cease cats pooping in your backyard. It’s fully innocent too however many cat homeowners will see you soaking their cherished pet and see it as an outright assault.

The very last thing you wish to do is antagonise your neighbours. Even when it does work to cease cats pooping throughout your backyard additionally it is one of many tougher to implement for quite a lot of causes:

EnergyA few of these motion-activated sprinklers require an influence supply. You’ll find battery-operated variations however they do are usually much less highly effective with a small radius of vary and a much less violent burst of water.

WaterYou need to get the water from someplace and that typically requires a continuing feed from a hose pipe or water pump. Until you don’t thoughts completely operating a hose round your backyard to feed the squirter then keep away from it.

Harmless TargetsMotional-activated sprinklers aren’t superior sufficient but to detect people. So in the event you occur to unintentionally stroll into its detection zone you’ll end up getting soaked too. This additionally means if in case you have pets of your individual then they may even get attacked.

There’s, after all, one other cheaper answer… Purchase a water gun.

Get snug by a window with a mug of tea and prepare to shoot the cat with a sprig of water your self. No, this isn’t one of the best use of your time however it definitely works.

The novelty will put on off in a matter of hours although and it’s definitely not a long-term answer to cease cats pooping in your backyard.

Water Pistol Get Rid of Cats

Season Your Backyard with Spices

There are many spices that deter cats from utilizing your backyard as their very own private bathrooms akin to paprika and cinnamon.

Nonetheless, like most residing mammals, cats are people and have their very own particular person tastes so with regards to utilizing spices to discourage cats you’ll have to go along with trial and error.

However listed here are our prime 5 spices that we’ve got discovered to be only when attempting to stop cats from coming into your backyard:

Citrus FruitsAdmittedly not a spice, citrus fruit, nevertheless, could be some of the efficient methods of deterring cats from coming anyplace close to your personal property. Gather any citrus peels then shed the peel into small items (or use a blender) and sprinkle in your flowerbeds.

CinnamonCinnamon might be some of the nice smelling spices for people, simply consider what number of candles with the scent are offered! However, for no matter purpose, cats are averse to the scent that cinnamon produces.

Chilli Powder or PaprikaCat homeowners will in all probability hate us for mentioning this one as many see it as merciless, however chilli powder actually can work wonders with regards to stopping cats from coming into your backyard. First, cats hate the odor like many spices. Secondly, cats will get the powder of their paws which might act as an irritant.

Curry PowderOne other spice that has a pungent odor to discourage cats. The problem right here, after all, is that it’ll flip your floor yellow and might go away the faint trace of curry within the air which in all probability isn’t what you need when enjoyable within the backyard?

Black PepperBlack pepper is the marginally much less intrusive model of curry powder. It’ll deter cats however received’t go away your backyard smelling. Once more, there are some ethical questions that have to be requested with regards to utilizing black pepper and the way it might have an effect on cats.

Get a Canine

Maybe seen by most as an excessive methodology however it all comes all the way down to how a lot you wish to rid your backyard of cat faeces. Nothing scares cats away fairly in addition to a raging canine. Cats are usually petrified of canines as a result of most canines don’t communicate cat very effectively, unsurprisingly.

Canine with excessive prey drives – breeds akin to hounds – take a look at cats like they do another animal: Potential prey. Their preliminary response is to pounce.

There are after all pitfalls to getting a canine for the only purpose of profitable the battle and stopping cats from coming into your backyard.

It’s CostlyFirstly, it’s a expensive and long run endeavour. You’ll truly have to wish to personal a canine.

Cats Would possibly Not be ThreatenedSecondly, there’s a threat that the cat has grown up round a canine and subsequently isn’t threatened by the presence of a canine. You received’t discover out till you try to if it doesn’t work then it’s too late.

Should you’ve been umming and aahing about getting a canine and now wish to know cease cats pooping in your backyard then you will have simply discovered the right excuse to get a canine. If having a canine has by no means been a consideration for you and your loved ones then skip over this step.

Lay Down Hen Wire

Very like how a cattle grid works to include sheep, hen wire works to maintain cats out of your backyard just because they discover strolling on it extremely uncomfortable. They hate the sensation of the tough wire on their comfortable paws.

Purchase your self a roll of hen wire and lay it down on the bottom the place you discover cats typically enter. They’ll solely make the error of strolling on it as soon as!

Additionally, you will discover that it really works as a terrific deterrent towards digging. Should you discover cats not solely go away a multitude in your backyard but additionally dig it up, then this deterrent can work wonders. You possibly can in all probability think about simply how troublesome it might be to dig a gap via hen wire.

After all, it’s not all the time sensible, particularly if in case you have a well-established backyard stuffed with crops and little floor you possibly can entry.

The opposite drawback is that if the cat you’re having hassle with climbs over the fence and might leap over your rigorously positioned hen wire then your hen wire goes to be fairly redundant in your combat to cease cats utilizing your backyard as their private litter tray.

Add Sharp Gravel

Gravel is infamous for attracting cats to poop in your backyard however that’s provided that you get the gravel measurement flawed. If the gravel you might have chosen to your backyard is just like a cat’s litter tray then they’ll immediately assume they’re allowed to make use of it as a bathroom.

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However in the event you go for jagged-edged slate or sharp gravel then this may be uncomfortable for a cat to stroll on so that they’re more likely to keep away from happening the world. This works very similar to the hen wire methodology from above.

Plant Coleus Canina

Don’t fear, this isn’t a Latin lesson! Coleus Canina, a herb within the mint household, truly has the nickname ‘scaredy-cat’.

Though a little bit of a dodgy advertising ploy, it’s reported to work at repelling almost 7 in 10 cats. It originated in Germany the place some intelligent clogs biologist determined to create a hybrid plant with one objective: To maintain cats away.

Though the plant is a part of the mint household, you definitely don’t wish to make tea from it or throw it in along with your peas because the odor is pungent with some saying it truly provides off the odor of urine if you brush by it.

That is why it really works so effectively although as you in all probability know already that cats use urine to mark their territory. Coleus Canina isn’t the one plant that may work wonders as a deterrent to cats. Different crops that may deter cats embrace:

  1. Ruta Graveolens or Rue
  2. Curry Plant
  3. Lemon Balm
  4. Lavender
  5. Rosemary

Sprinkle Function-Made Pellets

After all, there are additionally purpose-made cat repellents which you’ll sprinkle throughout your backyard to discourage cats. You need to repeatedly reapply the repellents to your backyard till the cat will get the message and you may lastly cease utilizing them.

The most typical of those is lion poo which could be bought on Amazon. The draw back right here is that it may get expensive as you will have fairly a big provide of the repellent.

The opposite draw back, as with many strategies, is that success is blended with many victims claiming that the majority purpose-made cat repellents are rubbish and fail to make any distinction.

Attempting to eliminate cats in your backyard is a problem. However it may be completed. You do have to spend time trialling totally different deterrents as one deterrent could be efficient at deterring one cat however it could not work for an additional cat.

Work your manner via this checklist and see which do and don’t work at repelling the actual cat you’re attempting to stop from coming into your backyard.

How NOT to Get Rid of Cats

There are a number of cat deterrents that folks suppose will work to eliminate cats in gardens however that ought to, actually, be prevented. We’ve outlined them under:


This could go with out saying however utilizing violence or inflicting hurt to cats as a result of they’re pooping in your backyard is unacceptable. It’s irritating. You wish to cease them from coming into your backyard. However violence shouldn’t be an strategy you need to even contemplate.

We’ve listed 7 widespread deterrents to attempt that are protected and sometimes low-cost to attempt (OK, possibly shopping for and proudly owning a canine isn’t low-cost). Work your manner via these deterrents and see which works for the cat you’re coping with.

Jeyes Fluid and Bleach

Should you’ve ever learn the warnings on a tin of Jeyes Fluid, you’ll know the way harmful it’s for people not to mention animals!

Animals could be inquisitive. You would possibly know that Jeyes Fluid is harmful however a cat won’t and there’s a threat they’ll unintentionally ingest some which might make them unwell.

It could possibly even be deadly! Will Jeyes Fluid deter cats? Presumably. However it would additionally trigger hurt to them and injury crops and different wildlife. It’s not a threat value taking!

The identical could be mentioned for bleach. Though bleach might efficiently deter cats, it’s not one thing we might use as it may trigger long run hurt each to the cat and different wildlife you’re attempting to guard within the backyard.

Rat Poison

Positive – poison will work at deterring a cat. You’ll in all probability kill it in spite of everything.

However is homicide actually an strategy you wish to take when attempting to cease a cat from coming into your backyard? Utilizing rat (or one other animal) poison shouldn’t be one thing we are able to condone. It’s harmful and immoral so keep away from doing so.

Rat Poison to Deter Cats

Upturned Nails and Damaged Glass

Making an space of your backyard unappealing and uncomfortable to stroll on is a good cat deterrent. It’s why we advise utilizing hen wire. Should you can work out the place a cat is coming into your backyard then laying hen wire can work wonders.

However utilizing upturned nails, damaged glass, spikes or shards is taking this deterrent too far. Not solely will likely be uncomfortable for a cat to stroll on however it may trigger long-lasting and irreversible injury.

Any deterrent that may hurt a cat ought to all the time be prevented.

Though cats generally is a nuisance, it’s not value killing over. When utilizing any deterrents within the backyard, you need to all the time contemplate whether or not that deterrent could cause hurt to the cat, different animals, different people or crops.

If there’s a threat to any life or an opportunity of inflicting injury on the surroundings then you need to keep away from that exact methodology. There are many pure and protected cat deterrents value attempting so give these a go, as an alternative.


From figuring out and coping with cat poop to deterring cats out of your backyard within the first place, we’ve coated all of it on this final information on eliminate cats.

When you’ve recognized that it’s cat poop you must cope with it, coping with cat poop is a messy (and harmful) enterprise. You might want to take precautions. Devoted instruments, gloves and washing your arms totally are all key components of the method.

When you’ve handled the poop, you possibly can eliminate cats in your backyard as soon as and for all. There’s a vary of deterrents to attempt together with ultrasonic cat repellers, motion-activated spray, coleus canina and hen wire.

What may fit for one cat, received’t work for an additional. It is going to be a case of trial-and-error to find what’s efficient for the actual are you able to’re combating towards.

If in case you have any success (or failures) with regards to eliminating cats in your backyard then tell us within the feedback part under:

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