how to stop dogs peeing on garden

how to stop dogs peeing on garden

Have the neighborhood canines turned your grass right into a splotchy spectacle? In case you put a number of effort and time into your garden, pooch pee is usually a supply of appreciable frustration.

However don’t fear — we’re right here to assist!

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Beneath, we’ll share some useful methods to place a cease to the pooch pee-pee downside and reply a few widespread questions on canines tinkling in your garden.

Stopping Canines from Peeing on Your Garden: Key Takeaways

  • Whereas the occasional sprinkle in your grass might not trigger big issues, repeated visits might result in useless spots in your garden.
  • Methods to assist preserve canines from urinating in your yard consists of easy signage, putting in motion-operated sprinklers, and extra.

13 Methods to Cease Spot from Sprinkling

In case you’ve been questioning how one can cease the neighbor’s canine from peeing in your yard, look no additional.

Whereas not each technique mentioned under will work with each canine, a mixture of the following pointers ought to on the very least, shield your garden to a better diploma.

Determining what works greatest to your yard and neighborhood is usually a technique of trial and error, so don’t be discouraged if the primary methodology doesn’t yield speedy outcomes.

You may as well strive experimenting with multiple of those methods at a time.

1. Ask Properly

In case you’ve seen the identical canine tinkling in your yard a number of instances, it is likely to be value taking the time to clarify your state of affairs with the proprietor.

You’ll simply have to make use of your judgement to determine the very best strategy — you don’t need to find yourself in a heated confrontation.

Talk to owners about dogs peeing

In some instances, it could be greatest to catch the offender within the second — particularly for those who don’t have any method to contact the proprietor later. Simply be well mannered, and level out the issue the pooch’s pee-pee is inflicting your garden.

In different instances, it could be greatest to easily wait to talk with the proprietor later. This will likely yield higher leads to many instances, because the proprietor gained’t be distracted by his or her canine.

Assuming that it’s somebody you acknowledge, choose a time on the weekend to politely knock on the proprietor’s door and clarify the state of affairs as evenly as potential. It’s seemingly that the canine proprietor merely doesn’t discover the issue his or her pooch is creating and could have no hassle avoiding your property sooner or later.

Needless to say sidewalks close to your property are seemingly public property. Subsequently, you might not be capable of deter canine house owners from strolling their canines close to the perimeter of your property.

2. Set up a Signal

One of many best methods to discourage canine house owners from strolling close to your property is to put in an indication that will get the purpose throughout with a fast look.

You’ll be able to choose up a easy and well mannered signal or one thing a bit extra to the purpose.

Signs to stop dogs from peeing

Word that this gained’t essentially cease canines from eliminating in your garden but it surely ought to make it clear to your neighbors that it’s not one thing you need.

3. Present A Higher Different

How do you cease a canine from peeing on a sure spot?

A method is to supply a greater, extra handy different.

For instance, in case your garden is off-limits, you can present a pleasant patch of grass (or maybe a single piece of sod) on the curb that’s canine pleasant. Make it clear to house owners that their canine needs to be right here – and never over there!

A wonderful instance of selling an alternate canine potty spot!

This fashion canines nonetheless have a spot to alleviate themselves if the urge strikes whereas passing by your own home.

You may as well embody a poop bag dispenser in your property in order that passersby have every part they should preserve pooch poo off of your garden.

This additionally would possibly make it simpler to speak your needs along with your neighbors. For instance, you can say, “I’d choose if Fido didn’t eradicate on the garden, however I’ve a patch of grass on the curb that he’s completely welcome to!”

That manner, the canine house owners gained’t have to modify up their stroll routine whereas nonetheless preserving your garden in nice situation.

4. Apply A Canine Urine Repellent

Canine urine repellents work by giving off scents which can be disagreeable to canines. Repellents additionally masks the odor of preexisting urine which is essential, since canines are likely to eradicate the place different canines have beforehand finished so.

dog urine repellents

Typically talking, these merchandise are a bit hit-or-miss; they work in some instances, however fail to have any impact in others. However, listed here are a number of of the best-rated urine repellents available on the market:

Liquid Fence

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About: Liquid Fence for canines solely must be reapplied each 4 to five day and covers as much as 500 sq. toes.


  • Answer is pre-mixed so you should utilize it instantly
  • Might be sprayed on lawns, flower beds, shrubs, and bushes
  • 1 Bottle covers as much as 500 sq. toes
  • Received’t hurt most crops or flowers

NaturVet OFF Limits

About: Off Limits by NaturVet is a non-staining pet deterrent, excellent for preserving canines away from desired areas.


  • To be used on flower beds, lawns, patio furnishings, and rubbish cans
  • Non-offensive, citrus-like odor
  • Secure for canines and puppies
  • Made within the USA
  • Included a reimbursement assure

Ortho Canine and Cat B Gon

About: Ortho Canine and Cat B Gon repellent is a four-footer deterrent that solely must be reapplied about as soon as a month, making it tremendous handy for busy householders.


  • Gives 750 sq. toes of protection
  • Lasts as much as 30 days with a single utility
  • Can be utilized indoors and outdoor
  • Prepared-to-use out of the bottle

5. DIY Canine Repellent

In case you’re in search of a straightforward, cost-effective method to cease neighbor’s canines from marking your garden, why not strive your hand at a do-it-yourself canine urine repellent?

DIY dog repellent

These two recipes are tremendous easy to make and embody components that you simply most likely have already got readily available.

Possibility #1

Mix one cup white vinegar with two cups of apple cider vinegar. Place it in a sprig bottle and mist any desired areas. Word that vinegar might hurt crops, so use warning round your favourite ornamentals.

Possibility #2

Combine up some citrus-scented water and spray on crops. You’ll be able to simply reduce up items of citrus and place them within the water, or use juice from citrus crops. This may make your yard odor nice and can deter some canines and cats from eliminating within the handled spot.

Identical to commercially produced repellents, there isn’t any assure that these options will deter all canines from eliminating in an undesirable space.

Some canines are extra delicate to robust smells than others, however you’ll be able to experiment with combining this methodology with among the different recognizing prevention methods.

6. Set up A Fence

If nothing else appears to be working, a small fence may be sufficient to maintain canines and house owners away out of your garden. You don’t want a full-sized dog-proof fence, both — even a brief plastic fence that’s a foot or two excessive will often be sufficient.

Prioritize fencing the perimeter of your property. That manner, will probably be clear to passers by what areas are off limits.

fences can keep dogs out of yard

Alternatively, you can set up a collection of pathway lights if a fence isn’t your type. This is likely to be sufficient of a visible sign to maintain canines and house owners off of the garden.

7. Scatter Used Espresso Grounds

Espresso grounds aren’t simply nice for fertilizing your crops, they’ll additionally deter canines and cats from peeing in a sure space on account of their robust odor.

Nonetheless, this methodology needs to be used with warning. The caffeine in espresso is poisonous for canines and cats — even in small quantities.

coffee grounds can deter dogs

Whereas it’s the proprietor’s accountability to verify their canine isn’t consuming issues off the road (and few canines are prone to discover the scent of used espresso grounds appetizing), it’s most likely wisest to combine within the espresso grounds into the filth to maintain the neighborhood pups protected whereas additionally discouraging them from sprinkling in your garden.

You may additionally need to set up an indication warning house owners that you simply’ve used espresso grounds in your garden.

Whereas it’s unlikely that canines will come close to your espresso adorned garden, it’s higher to be protected than sorry if that is your methodology of selection.

8. Go away Citrus Peels On The Floor

The odor of tangy citrus could also be interesting to us, however to some canines and cats, the odor is especially pungent.

Accordingly, you should utilize peels of lemon, lime, orange or grapefruit to maintain Fido out of your yard. Needless to say this gained’t essentially deter all canines.

citrus peels may repel dogs

For the very best outcomes, combine within the peels along with your soil. This may assist the peels break down over time and forestall the peels from unintentionally attracting bugs.

You’ll be able to even double-up your strategy by making a soil combination that comprises each citrus peels and leftover espresso grounds.

9. Apply Vinegar & Lime Juice to Espresso Filters

Vinegar’s robust odor naturally deters canines. The added lime juice helps to scale back the general odor for folks, whereas nonetheless working as a citrus doggy deterrent.

Lime juice repels dogs


Espresso filters often degrade over time which makes this methodology appropriate for direct use on a flower mattress or garden. You may as well discover biodegradable filters that break down even sooner for those who like.

Soak your espresso filters in white vinegar and a bit of little bit of lime juice. As soon as the filters dry, reduce them into strips and place across the space you need to preserve canines away from.

This methodology is protected for crops, and shouldn’t current any hurt to doggos both.

10. Set up a Digicam

Disgrace is usually a useful gizmo to change human conduct. And, if house owners know they’re being watched, they could keep away from your yard altogether. So, think about putting in a safety digicam in your property.

Cameras will even enable you to monitor whether or not or not your different methods are working. Having a digicam makes it simple so that you can see what’s working, what’s not, and how one can alter your technique to guard your garden correctly.

keep dogs away with camera

If potential, attempt to mount the digicam in a conspicuous location,so native canine walkers are positive to identify it.

Even a pretend digicam might suffice, and it’ll be cheaper than a real digicam.

11. Use A “Scarecrow”

Halloween is simply across the nook, which makes this the right time to place this methodology to the check. Skittish canines could also be deterred by numerous kinds of “scarecrows.”

Now, we don’t imply a literal scarecrow — canines are unlikely to care (and even discover). As an alternative, we imply different kinds of issues that’ll probably frighten away canines, like this spooky, motion-detecting, solar-powered owl.

scarecrows may repel dogs

On the very least, this “scarecrow” might startle the canine proprietor, if not the canine. This owl will also be used to maintain out mice, squirrels, and birds, although customers be aware various levels of success.

12. Set up Movement-Operated Sprinklers

Trying to find a method to preserve your garden wanting pristine whereas concurrently deterring canines? Movement operated sprinklers will do the trick.

Whereas these motion-activated sprinklers may not make you common with the neighbors, they’re positive to maintain canines, cats, coyotes, and different wildlife away out of your garden in any respect hours.

use sprinklers to keep dogs away

You’ll be able to alter the sprinkler’s line of sight to focus on totally different areas of the yard. Plus, you get the additional advantage of robotically watering your garden.

13. Use Ultrasonic Deterrents

Ultrasonic pest deterrents produce loud (however inaudible to people) sounds to maintain out totally different animals. These deterrents may additionally repel wildlife, and a few have totally different settings designed to repel various kinds of critters.

Ultrasonic pet and pest repellent

Needless to say canines would possibly adapt to ultrasonic deterrents over time. As well as, make sure you store rigorously, as some “ultrasonic” deterrents really make noises folks can hear.

You may as well get ultrasonic deterrents with embedded lights to keep off canines and different animals. There are many these units with embedded solar energy so that you simply don’t need to consistently cost your system.

Equally – whereas it’s a bit of imply – you can plant some canine repellant crops that canines might not be massive followers of.

In fact you don’t need to plant something to purposely damage a canine or make them sick, however some dense shrubs or shrubs with thorns could also be sufficient to discourage canines in search of a handy potty spot.

Don’t Use Doubtlessly Dangerous Deterrents

As irritating as misplaced canine waste could also be, you don’t need to hurt the canine — it isn’t his fault.

He’s a superb boy, who simply must tinkle!

Additionally, you might be held accountable (probably criminally so) for those who do one thing to hurt the canine. Keep on with dog-safe deterrents to forestall Fido from eliminating in your garden.

Don’t use components like cayenne pepper, chilli pepper, garlic, or ammonia. These brokers may be dangerous for canines and result in sickness or harm.

FAQs: How To Cease Canines From Peeing On The Garden

Beneath, we’ll reply among the commonest inquiries to cease canine garden recognizing.


Damaging pet waste may be extremely irritating. Hopefully, one in every of these methods will enable you to cease canine garden recognizing for good!

Have you ever had any success with these strategies? How do you retain your garden pet waste free? We’d love to listen to all about it within the feedback under!

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