how to stop foxes digging up your garden

how to stop foxes digging up your garden

Foxes, a real nocturnal mammal that likes to play and feed within the shadows. Many individuals, particularly farmers think about foxes to be an actual nuisance and as city foxes have gotten increasingly widespread, they’re changing into an issue for the widespread gardener too.

Not solely will foxes dig lawns, however they’ve additionally been identified to dig in flower beds the place the soil is softer to bury extra meals to return again for later.

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We’re going to have a look at methods to cease foxes from digging in your backyard.

Why do Foxes Dig Lawns?

There are a number of causes that foxes will dig up your garden, largely they are going to have a purpose however typically it’s only for enjoyable.

Foxes usually dig shallow holes when they’re on the lookout for earthworms and different grubs to eat. Grubs and worms solely often come to the floor in wetter situations, so this injury is more likely to be seasonal and the holes are such as you would see if a canine had been digging.

On uncommon events, foxes have been identified to dig deeper holes and actually tear up lawns and this will often be attributed to using blood and bone fertiliser – the fox smells a corpse and is on the lookout for its subsequent meal. Yuk!

As we talked about, typically, foxes don’t even want a purpose to dig and that’s true particularly for fox cubs that may usually simply observe digging or dig for enjoyable.

Easy methods to Cease Foxes from Digging in Your Backyard

There are not any sure-fire methods to cease foxes digging in your garden and it’s usually thought of a greater choice to attempt to maintain them out of your backyard altogether. By holding foxes out of your backyard, you’re subsequently stopping them from digging up your garden.

Now we have put collectively a small listing of concepts to maintain foxes away, they might work individually however you could have to make use of a mix of two or 3 for finest outcomes.

1. Safety Lights

Foxes are nervous animals that just like the safety of darkness and they don’t like every sudden actions, flashing lights or loud noises.

Movement-activated safety lights (amazon hyperlink – opens in a brand new tab) are a fantastic deterrent for foxes as they are going to be perturbed by the sudden look of shiny lights on them.

The added bonus of getting safety lights put in in your backyard is that they are going to postpone potential burglars too!

2. Digital Fox Deterrents

There are a number of digital fox deterrents (amazon hyperlink – opens in a brand new tab) obtainable that emit a high-pitched noise that solely animals can hear.

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The high-pitched sound is focused in direction of the fox’s acute sense of listening to and they won’t just like the piercing noise hitting their eardrums.

The vary of those units is restricted so we suggest pointing these units on the entry factors to discourage the foxes from coming in.

3. Smells

Boil some chilli and garlic and mix them collectively to make a pleasant pure fox repellent that may be sprayed in your backyard. Foxes have a eager sense of scent and don’t prefer it, and this may maintain foxes away with none injury to the atmosphere or inflicting hurt to the fox.

As foxes are territorial animals, there are additionally fox repellent packages (amazon hyperlink – opens in a brand new tab) that you may purchase that mimic the scent of a extra dominant fox. The odour of a extra dominant fox will make your downside fox nervous and hopefully deter them from coming again.

4. Movement Activated Sprinklers

Sure, you may get motion-activated sprinklers (amazon hyperlink – opens in a brand new tab) that may certainly maintain the foxes from doing any injury in the event that they get into the backyard.

Movement-activated sprinklers work in a lot the identical method as motion-activated safety lights. When the sensor detects motion within the shadows, the sprinkler system will activate and with the fox on excessive alert, it’ll quickly run away.

These are an effective way to discourage foxes out of your backyard and when activated your garden will get a superb watering too.

What to Contemplate when Deterring Foxes from Your Backyard

Foxes usually are not true hunters; they’re opportunistic scavengers and can scavenge what is definitely obtainable and that’s the reason they are going to take defenceless chickens if they will get at them. They and are drawn to city society because of the quantity of tempting smelling garbage that’s thrown away.


Preserve garbage saved open air to a minimal. Foxes love nothing greater than to rifle by way of black luggage on the lookout for the hen carcass out of your Sunday roast.

The very best factor to do is to maintain any garbage that should go open air in a wheelie bin or bin cabinet away from the place the fox can entry.

Entry/ Exit Factors

The easiest way to forestall foxes from getting in your backyard is to cowl any apparent entry/ exit factors.

Block off any holes in or beneath fences, level digital units or safety lights at any routes you suppose the fox could also be taking.


As you’ll be able to see, there are a number of methods methods to cease foxes from digging in your backyard. The very best prevention is to restrict their entry to your backyard by preying on their nervousness with lights, sound, smells and movement.

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Moreover, if you wish to assure success, it’s best to attempt to use a mix of issues to make sure that there are numerous different locations which might be extra interesting to dig than in your garden.

Perhaps foxes usually are not your downside, try what else may very well be digging your backyard.

Backyard Physician Suggestions

“When you have pets and like to go away meals exterior, deliver it indoors at night-time to restrict the attraction of your backyard!”

“Cowl apparent entry factors with safety lights. The added bonus is that it’ll additionally deter criminals out of your property too!”

“If you happen to maintain chickens, guarantee that you’re vigilant and maintain them safely locked away at evening out of attain for hungry foxes!”

“If you happen to use blood and bone fertiliser and also you suppose that could be the explanation you’re visited by foxes, strive masking the scent with our chilli and garlic spray talked about above!”

Incessantly Requested Questions

How do you cease foxes from digging?

The easiest way to cease a fox from digging is to make your backyard as unappealing to foxes as doable to discourage them from being there within the first place.

There are various motion-activated choices obtainable to guard from fox visits similar to safety lights, sprinkler programs and high-pitched digital units.

What smells do foxes hate?

There are quite a few smells that foxes don’t like similar to chilli, pepper and garlic however they’re additionally extraordinarily nervous after they sense the scent of a extra dominant fox.

Scoot is a good fox deterrent because it mimics the scent of one other fox and gives the look that one other fox desires this territory!

Are foxes good at digging?

Foxes are extraordinarily good at digging. When foxes need to construct a brand new den, foxes can usually dig holes as a lot as 7-metres deep however in some locations, these have been identified to succeed in 17-metres!

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