how to stop magpies in your garden

how to stop magpies in your garden

It may be a really irritating expertise once you come out to your backyard and discover the bottom has been dug up with no signal of who or what did it. Magpies are infamous for digging in gardens, particularly throughout nesting season. Nonetheless, there are methods by which you’ll cease magpies from digging up your backyard! Right here we’ll discover a few of these strategies with the intention to get on with having fun with your backyard once more.

Magpie nests may be discovered throughout UK gardens – from timber close to water sources equivalent to rivers to bushes and round lawns – something with sufficient area inside it turns into an possibility actually!

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What are Magpies?

Magpies are probably the most recognisable chicken’s native to the UK. They’re a member of the Corvidae household, which additionally consists of crows and ravens. Magpies have black feathers with white patches on their wings that make them simple to determine in flight or at relaxation close to your backyard!

Magpies eat quite a lot of issues and lots of of them may be present in your backyard; they may eat bugs, small mammals like mice or rats as properly. Magpies additionally get pleasure from consuming fruit from timber in your backyard!

The magpie is a chicken that may be discovered all around the UK, however they have an inclination to dwell close to water sources equivalent to rivers and lakes. Magpies are a protected species within the UK, which implies that they can’t be harmed or killed with out permission from Pure England (the federal government company chargeable for defending wildlife). They will additionally not have their eggs taken away!

Why do Magpies Dig Holes?

Magpies dig holes when they’re searching for meals or nesting materials. Magpies will usually dig holes in your garden simply after rainfall when the bottom is tender and moist when they’re searching for a tasty meal equivalent to worms or bugs!

They’re very intelligent and may work out the place the meals is by listening to it transferring round underground, so you could not even know that there’s something down under till magpie begins digging up all these scrumptious bugs for themselves…yum yum!

You possibly can inform if it’s a magpie that has been digging in your backyard due to the form of the holes. Magpies will dig a gap that’s about three inches deep after which they may make one other one subsequent to it.

It’s not simply magpie holes although, different birds like crows can be chargeable for digging up your backyard!

The right way to Cease Magpies Digging up Your Backyard

Magpies are a dominant and outstanding species, however they do far much less harm to gardens than many individuals consider because the perpetrator is commonly one other member of the animal kingdom.

If, nonetheless, your drawback is being attributable to Magpies, remember that they’re tough to discourage though there are some things that you are able to do to stop them from digging.

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First, it is advisable to discover out what’s attracting them into your backyard within the first place; this may assist decide what’s greatest for deterring these birds as some strategies work higher than others relying on their motivation or motive behind being there in any respect!

Meals Supply

If it’s a meals supply that has attracted Magpies, then strive eradicating any fruit from timber close by that could be tempting them into your backyard. You must also take away some other vegetation with berries and depart a gorgeous birdfeeder for them to make use of so they don’t discover what’s underneath your garden probably the most interesting.

Movement Activated Sprinklers

Movement-activated sprinkler (amazon hyperlink – opens in a brand new tab) methods are an incredible deterrent to all sorts of wildlife which will need to go to your backyard. They work precisely as they’re named; they sense movement and on comes a sprinkler system that can undoubtedly scare the birds away.

Ultrasonic Scarers

One other nice system for maintaining the wildlife away (together with Magpies) is an ultrasonic scarer (amazon hyperlink – opens in a brand new tab). These units emit a high-pitched sound that people can’t hear however animals discover very disagreeable and can hold them away out of your backyard for good!

Different Sound

Dangle a bell in your washing line or cling wind chimes exterior to discourage them from coming near your backyard. Magpies are extraordinarily delicate to sound and can keep away from any space that’s noisy.

Dummy Predators

Dummy predators equivalent to pretend owls (amazon hyperlink – opens in a brand new tab) could make nice deterrents and hold Magpies away by performing on their pure struggle or flight intuition. Though Magpies may be predatory, they won’t tangle with animals like cats, foxes, and owls.

Shiny Object

Dangle a shiny object (amazon hyperlink – opens in a brand new tab) within the backyard equivalent to a mirror or an aluminium pie plate. Magpies are very curious and might be drawn to those objects, however they won’t keep for lengthy due to their concern of predators like cats that may see them simply with reflective surfaces.

Garden Well being

One factor that you could be not pay attention to is that though earthworms are a gardener’s buddy, there are different bugs and grubs in your garden that aren’t conducive to garden well being and can entice Magpies to your backyard.

An ideal pure technique to hold management of those grubs is to introduce some nematodes which is able to predate these grubs with out damaging your garden.


Magpies is usually a actual nuisance, extra so in case your garden is already unhealthy. We’ve coated a number of methods to discourage Magpies out of your backyard, and none of them are sure-fire fixes however one among them or a mix of two or 3 ought to cease the Magpies from digging up your backyard.

From sounds and sprinklers to easy scarers, give them a attempt to see what works for you.

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If all else fails, the most suitable choice is to place up netting round your backyard which is able to hold them out and in addition cease different birds from getting in too!

Backyard Physician Suggestions

“The important thing to maintaining Magpies off your garden is to maintain it wholesome. Introduce some nematodes!”

“Give your garden a drink concurrently maintaining the birds away with movement activated sprinklers – WIN-WIN!”

“A well-stocked chicken feeder will hold the Magpies off your garden!”

“Use netting to guard any freshly sown seed or any berries that you simply need to hold for your self!”

Regularly Requested Questions

Why are magpies digging in my backyard?

Magpies wish to dig lawns as a result of they search for worms, bugs and grubs.

If you’re having Magpies digging in your garden, it could possibly be a sign that your garden just isn’t as wholesome as it could appear.

How do I cease birds from tearing up my garden?

You will want to take a look at the foundation trigger. Magpies are searching in your garden for tasty grubs to eat. If there are extra magpies than typical, possibly you have got an infestation of leatherjackets slightly below the floor.

What do Magpies eat?

With the current inflow of magpies in my yard, I’ve been questioning what they eat. They’re all the time on the market, searching for meals and sometimes taking a break to preen their feathers. The truth is, magpies are omnivores and can eat absolutely anything and in line with Cornell Lab of Ornithology’s web site: “A Magpie’s urge for food is gigantic; it has a really large eating regimen that features small snakes, fish, frogs and mice.”

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