how to stop midges in garden

how to stop midges in garden

Midge Management: Tips on how to Get Rid of Midges

This web page is an skilled information on eliminating Midges utilizing the merchandise and strategies urged by our skilled pest management specialists. Observe this information and we assure you may be profitable in eliminating Midges from your house.

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In case you are noticing a flying insect round your house that resembles a mosquito, it could as a substitute be a Midge. There are numerous species of midges, some a minor nuisance, whereas others will be extra dangerous. They’re identified by many names together with punkies, sand flies, and no see ums.

Among the many worst Midges are biting Midges. Biting Midges pierce into the pores and skin of people to suck blood that may trigger irritation and allergic reactions.

Biting Midges thrive in the course of the Spring and Summertime and could be a significantly massive downside should you reside close to massive our bodies of water like close to lakes, rivers, and seashores.

If in case you have a big infestation of those pests in your property, you could take motion to cease the invasion. Observe the skilled information beneath to study extra about Midges and what merchandise greatest management and stop Midges in your property.


Earlier than transferring ahead with pesticide functions, you want to first correctly establish Midges so you understand whether or not or not you are coping with them. Misidentification can result in selecting the flawed merchandise for management, leading to wasted money and time.

  • Midges naked an in depth resemblance to mosquitoes and are sometimes mistaken for them.
  • Midge species are divided into two teams: biting midges, and non-biting midges
  • Non-biting midges vary between 1/16 to 1/2 inch lengthy. They’ve one pair of wings, lengthy legs and males have feathered antennae.
  • Biting midges are significantly smaller at about an 1/eighth of an inch lengthy. They’re grey in coloration and the feminine midges have saw-like mouthparts for biting. Males don’t chew.
  • Midges have fragile our bodies that are reddish-colored six legs and clear wings which have distinctive spots and patterns on them.
  • Male midges have antennae which are lined with little hairs giving it a bushy look.
  • Midge larvae are present in stagnant water and are often called “blood worms” for his or her pink coloration.


Use the picture and outline above that can assist you to find out what Midges appear to be and when you have them. In case you are not utterly positive, contact us and we are going to attempt to help with identification.


After getting confirmed that you’re encountering Midges, you’ll be able to then proceed with an inspection. You have to to pinpoint the place the Midges are concentrated, and what could possibly be attracting them to the world. This can even enable you in figuring out the place to focus your pesticide functions.

The place To Look

Midges like to collect round aquatic environments like marshes. Search areas round your house the place there’s a water physique or accumulation of water. If in case you have an space the place there may be sand, moist mud, a pond, swimming swimming pools, a slow-moving stream, or one thing related, it’s possible you’ll probably discover Midges there.

Midge inspect

What To Look For

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Search for areas the place there are Midges are flying round. You can too search for Midge larvae and eggs which are often laid close to vegetation or a water supply.


After getting confirmed Midges and famous the new spots the place they’re lively, you’ll be able to transfer ahead with remedy.

Keep in mind to learn all product labels and observe the appliance directions on these labels and keep protected by carrying private protecting gear (PPE).

To eliminate Midges, we advocate spraying a combination of Reclaim IT Insecticide and Tekko Professional IGR as a barrier remedy round your house perimeter and for spraying surfaces.

Outdoor, we advocate making use of Flex 10-10 with an computerized misting system or mist blower to manage Midges round yard timber, ponds, and ornamentals.

Step 1 – Take away Standing Water Sources

noseeums preparation biting midges

Earlier than making use of any pesticides, you want to first eliminate Midge breeding grounds. Throughout this step, you’re going to get rid of any standing water and repair any moisture points across the residence.

Take away any gathered moisture exterior and close to your house, since these are prime areas Midges will reside. Discard all stagnant water from inside the home.

Take away water from birdbaths; cowl the swimming pool with plastic sheets. Empty buckets of water and tires stuffed with stagnant water. Be certain all moisture is eliminated.

Your garden soil shouldn’t be too damp. Whether it is, you want to tackle drainage points in your yard. By eradicating all sources of water the midges won’t be able to breed and it’ll assist in curbing the inhabitants of the midges.

Step 1 – Outside Therapy with Reclaim IT and Tekko Professional IGR

Midge Barrier Treatment

Reclaim IT is a broad-spectrum insecticide focus labeled for controlling Midges and might stay efficient for as much as 90 days. Tekko Professional is an insect development regulator (IGR) and works by disrupting the reproductive and improvement cycle so Midges are sterilized and never in a position to multiply their inhabitants.

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This makes for a deadly mixture that controls the Midge inhabitants whereas being protected to use on turf and ornamentals.

Earlier than making use of the merchandise, ensure you first calculate the sq. footage of your yard to find out how a lot product you want. You are able to do this by measuring the world size and width and multiplying the 2 values (size x width = sq. footage).

Mixing 1 oz. of Reclaim IT with 1 fl. oz. of Tekko Professional IGR with a gallon of water will deal with 1,500 sq. toes.

Use a handpump gallon sprayer and go across the perimeter of your house to deal with exterior partitions, home windows, lighting fixtures, doorways and different areas the place Midges have been seen resting. Spray your basis 3 toes up and three toes out.

Proceed to use this software each 10 to 14 days till the inhabitants is below management.

Step 2 – Outside Misting Therapy with Flex 10-10

Fogging Flex 10-10 with a ULV Fogger

For Midges which are congregating open air, we advocate making use of Flex 10-10. Flex 10-10 is an artificial pyrethroid insecticide and can be utilized each indoors and open air, however is superb to make use of as an outside remedy in your yard ornamentals the place midges generally relaxation.

Flex 10-10 is specifically formulated for use in Computerized Misting Programs, mist blowers or different accepted misting gear. Below regular circumstances, dilute between 3.2 fl. oz. to six.4 fl. oz. of Flex 10-10 per gallon relying on the severity of the Midge infestation.

Disperse the Flex 10-10 misting resolution out in your yard, spot treating mulch beds, flower beds, shrubs, ornamentals, backyard areas, round timber and different areas, particularly in areas the place there may be moist soil, and the place standing water accumulates.

When making use of round ponds or lakes, make sure that the mist would not immediately contact the water floor. After misting, make sure that to maintain out of the handled areas till the area has correctly ventilated.


After getting used our skilled remedy merchandise to take away Midges, you’ll need to verify the pests do not make a return. Listed here are some preventative measures we advise:

  • Proceed Addressing Stagnant Water PointsSince midges require standing water to breed, tackle standing water and drain fowl baths and different stagnant water areas. Trim again tree branches to scale back shades in addition to rake, dethatch and aerate your garden to advertise air circulation in your soil.
  • Shielding the Home from the MidgesDisplay the home windows and doorways correctly. Use mesh wire and different materials to display screen any openings close to the plumbing pipes and electrical wires. Use silicone foam to seal all of the gaps, cracks and crevices to forestall midges from getting into your house. Canopies and nets can be utilized over the mattress to forestall the midges from biting if you are sleeping.

  • Taking Care of Outside LightingUse dim lights or take away them from close by doorways. Midges and different bugs are drawn to lights. Yellow sodium vapor lights are higher fitted to open air, to maintain the midges away from your house. Relocate lighting away from all entry level and hold them additional away from the doorway. Tinted pink and orange coloration lights are additionally useful.

  • Quarterly Reapplications of Reclaim IT and Tekko IGRMaking use of Reclaim IT and Pivot 10 IGR functions will hold Midges away for as much as 90 days so should you apply each three months you’re going to get year-long management from not solely Midges however numerous different pests. These are simply a few of the pure treatments that may kill fowl mites. Since these are small bugs, eliminating them is tougher. Nevertheless, by conserving your own home clear and blocking the entry factors equivalent to door and home windows, you’ll be able to stop an infestation.

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Key Takeaways

What are Midges?

  • Midges will be an irritating pest in yards and houses, particularly should you depart near our bodies of water.
  • Midges are tiny and seem in swarms by the 1000’s close to water and might cowl your automobile, your own home and your physique in seconds.

How To Get Rid of Midges

  • To eliminate Midges, a mix of Reclaim IT and Pivot 10 IGR is very beneficial.
  • Apply the Reclaim IT/Tekko Professional 10 mixture as a fringe barrier across the residence construction and on any surfaces, you’ve been seeing Midges relaxation.
  • Outdoor, apply Flex 10-10 utilizing an Computerized misting system or a mist blower over shrubs, ornamentals, in addition to round ponds or lakesides

Stopping Midge Reinfestation

  • Stop the return of Midges by sealing up factors of entry, addressing standing water points the place potential and reapplying Reclaim IT and Tekko Professional IGR quarterly.