how to stop possums eating my garden

how to stop possums eating my garden

In Australia, we’ve a love-hate relationship with our native possums.

We love to look at them scramble up a tree on a summer season’s night and admire their agility as they skitter throughout energy strains. However we threaten violence when subjected to the incessant scratching, and odor, once they squat in our roof cavities.

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Australians have a love-hate relationship with their native possums. Image: Shutterstock

Then there are the long-suffering gardeners who exit on a stupendous summer season morning to admire their rosebush, or to select contemporary lettuce for lunch, and discover the rosebush stripped naked or the lettuce clipped to the bottom.

For gardeners there may be now an answer that enables them to reside in concord with possums. And it’s due to a developmental biologist from the College of Melbourne with a ardour for citrus and a mind for invention.

Defending our thirsty city bushes from extra harsh summers

Professor Lynne Selwood AO has created a twig that deters possums through the use of a naturally occurring insecticide present in some chrysanthemum flowers.

Professor Selwood has labored within the UK ,USA and Australia the place she has achieved analysis on mammalian replica, specializing in marsupial developmental biology, captive breeding and fertility management of native marsupials.

In 2013, she was elected the primary feminine president of the Royal Society of Victoria and in 2017 she was made an Officer of the Order of Australia.

She moved to Melbourne within the mid Seventies and through her analysis and instructing profession, Professor Selwood all the time made time for her backyard.

However, possums had been an issue and so she started engaged on an answer in her kitchen.

Professor Selwood wasn’t thinking about controlling possum numbers, simply in discouraging them from consuming her valuable vegetation. And as with a number of her analysis, she began with primary remark.

Possums have an excellent reminiscence for what they don’t prefer to eat. Image: Shutterstock

“I famous what they did and didn’t eat. Even inside specific plant sorts, there’s just some that they like,” she says.

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“One of many defences of vegetation is to have numerous toxins within the leaves as a defence towards browsers. The shopping animals have a superb sense of odor in order that they will detect them, or they take a tiny nibble and in the event that they don’t prefer it, they don’t return. They’ve an excellent reminiscence for what they don’t like.”

What occurs to wildlife in a metropolis that by no means sleeps?

Her plan was to make extracts of vegetation that possums averted to see if these could possibly be sprayed on different vegetation as a deterrent. Jasmine initially appeared a good selection.

“However after I Googled jasmine, I discovered it had a toxin referred to as gelsimine and I don’t wish to spray round a toxin if I can keep away from it,” says Professor Selwood.

The primary breakthrough got here whereas Professor Selwood was making an attempt to regulate one other pest.

“I had an issue with bugs on my lemon tree; I’m very eager on rising citrus bushes,” she says.

She turned to pyrethrum, a naturally occurring insecticide present in some chrysanthemum flowers. As anticipated, it helped management the bugs and Professor Selwood observed one other profit.

“The possums tended to keep away from these bushes after I used pyrethrum and I knew from a few of my work within the College that they didn’t just like the odor of pyrethrum,” she says.

Professor Selwood trialed a number of mixtures earlier than discovering one which deterred possum shopping. Image: Shutterstock

So she sprayed pyrethrum on different vegetation, and it labored – the possums averted them. However pyrethrum by itself had some main downsides.

“Whereas it’s extremely regarded as a result of it’s an natural substance and other people really feel comfy utilizing it, in contrast to different pesticides, it’s delicate to daylight and so it degrades after publicity to daylight. And it’s readily washed off,” says Professor Selwood.

The threatened species in our city jungle

“I requested myself whether or not there was one thing I might adsorb it onto in order that it will stick onto the leaf.”

Professor Selwood trialled a number of mixtures.

“I examined it in my backyard and in mates’ gardens. It was exhausting,” she says.

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And as with every field-based analysis, the outcomes didn’t all the time go as deliberate.

“Within the early 2000s, the Highly effective Owls began shifting into Melbourne in massive numbers,” she says.

“In the future, I used to be doing checks on a buddy’s backyard and the outcomes had been a shambles and I assumed, what’s happening?

“Then I felt one thing watching me and thought it was anyone in the home. I appeared above my head and there was a Highly effective Owl me, as if saying ‘what are you doing?’”

“They’re a pure predator of possums and rodents, so an owl watching over the backyard, would actually intrude with possum shopping.

A typical brushtail possum in an Australian backyard. Picture: Getty

Professor Selwood introduced her invention to the College of Melbourne, who labored along with her to patent the product.

Gardening provide model Yates then licensed the invention and labored with the College and Professor Selwood to commercialise the product, releasing Yates Possum Repellent Spray in Bunnings shops round Australia.

She donated the patent rights and a proportion of the royalty and commercialisation charges to the College.

Though Professor Selwood has been controlling possum grazing in her backyard for years, she continues to be eager to maintain her possum neighbours, so leaves some vegetation spray-free for them to graze on.

“I’ve a coverage of not spraying on the high of a tree,” she says.

“I’m not very tall, so I in all probability spray to about two-and-a-half metres, and the possums simply eat the highest. Fairly handy actually.”

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